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News.News.what bosses in Runescape offer you the best GPH?


Magistar - newest


This is a really new boss and the 115 Slayer kills some people,Your gear will need to be about 90 plus, but if your Slayer is already high enough, we do not see that being an issue for you. It can take around 600 kills before you make any profit, but pay attention,that profit can be as much as 15 million GP per hour!


Telos - hardest


Telos is the hardest solo boss as you will need a lot and to take down other monstrous enemies first!  There is a little bit of luck (as well as skill) but it can be very worth,because Telos can give 20-25 million GP per hour!


Angel Of Death - leader


take the Angel Of Death, you will have to team up with other players (usually 7) and as a leader of the team. You do need to be max combat with 95 Prayer, 96 Summoning, and 96 Herblore to find a good team to play with. You can buy some huge runescape gold from, as then you can make as much as 30 million GP per hour!


Now, of course, these are very high level bosses, but with these bosses, the rewards are absolutely huge and can really make all the difference in your Runescape journey! buy cheap rs gold first,it will help you get what you need to take down some of these bosses!



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