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News.News.start the whole Menaphos event

As we all know, Menaphos is here and most of us can not be happy anymore.Yes, a huge part of the upcoming expansion is Shifting Tombs, which is exactly what we want to talk about today. But before we do that, we have to tell you about the special deals and low prices we have for Runescape Gold right now, so check it out. Buy the way, there is cheap RuneScape Gold for sale on

What we like about the sound of this is that it relies more on exploration than fighting and we think it is pretty cool as many Runescape players have been eager to have a good look around Menaphos. And see what this secret has.

By committing to loyalty to a certain god, you can gain experience in a number of different skills. Agility, Thieving, Dungeoneering, and Construction are the four main skills that you can choose from. But once you really get into the tomb, you can also gain experience in a secondary type like Runecrafting, Divination, Crafting, and Prayer. The main game will revolve around working with other players (though you can do it yourself) to perform different missions where you have to do things like open the chest. It should be noted that you can choose to take loot and coins instead of XP. Also, Skilling Pets can get here as well as we think is pretty cool.

At about five minutes, Shifting Tombs is the kind of small game that you will be able to have just so much fun with and without too much of your time. We think this is a great way to actually start the whole Menaphos event. Just make sure if you are running low on Runescape Gold right now, check out the great deals and special offers that we are continuing.don’t forget cheap RuneScape Gold for sale on,we have 5% more gold code for you:cheaprs5,the more you buy,the bigger discount.

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