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News.News.share the highlights from Runefest celebration

Recently,Jagex held their annual Runefest celebration in the UK. The ultimate party is going to for all Runescape players. Well, one part of this celebration was a Q&A for the fans and all people who want to kown more about runescape. today we'd like to share with you some of the highlights of this Q&A.


Runescape Clue Scroll Outfit


in this Q&A ,they go into more depth about it. We think it sounds very interesting and it sounds like this is going to be something they really develop as the game goes forward with a ton of things that can be added to the outfit.


Dimension Of The Damned


sounds really cool ! it is a time limited survival mode that is going to be coming on October 16th and it will last for two weeks. The idea of the mode is that there is a ton of zombies outside of Falador and you need to survive. Last player standing after the zombie horde is the winner.


News On Combat Pets


you must love Runescape pets ! during this Q&A they did give mention that Sifu, Wallace, Morty, Newton have now all been animated and they are still working on animating Kangalo. Shamini, Ghostly, and Sparky will be the next three who are animated.


This is just one part of the , but other things that are worth checking out in this Q&A are the talk about, Group Iron Man Mode, Clans 2018, Deep Sea Fishing, Safe Cracking and Solak just to name a few.


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