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News.News.interesting things like this is to see

Here is,you family online site,our main goal is to give you a good chance to buy RS Gold online. But we as great fans so we spend more time on Runescape Forums and Runescape Reddit page. We always like interesting things like this is to see how the community communicates.


Today we will share you is that asks you ten basic questions about your financial situation in Runescape. Although it's made fun, you can give you the answers and then talk to them with other players on the Reddit page. We got some questions from the man who made this ask very interesting.


For example, one of the questions was about whether Jagex should add another kind of money to the game? We are sure this can not slow down and Runescape's convenience is one of its main appeals. Another interesting question was about Jagex changing the currency route. Although interesting theory, we hear that in the launch of the Runescape Mobile get closer and closer,For your convenience, runescape gold mobile selling is available now,Jagex will not be aggressive with gold anyway as it works right now and they do not want to implement bigger changes as new players will appear.


We know this type of thing is not for everyone and even if you do not share in the questionnaire, it's important to watch the discussion that is happening. if you would like share what you think,welcome discuss with me at facebook right now!



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