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News.News.a new series of videos about RuneScape stats

Recently,a new series of videos about RuneScape stats,Jagex collected the stats of players you want to know, many players ever say that they want to study the RuneScape drop rate fervently. Now Jagex has just clarified the plan to do. Therefore, let's study about the 10 highest steaks on the dry steaks they showed first.


Jagex has announced that he will be writing a blog post in the future to explain the plan for priority drops rates and how to issue a more secure rate. And then will get the poll players and see what is listed above, according to which will determine what level of compliance the players want to see first.


While still small, RuneScape is celebrating its very first anniversary, Jagex is sharing RuneScape's new statute in the new video series - 10 of the longest dry tracks in XP, Crabbe (pet thumbs) have ever taken players 160.1 million XP To get, is 830,861 devil gods, no more, and number 1 - pet invention (Malcom) has bounced two 200m XP players or more to get. Would you prefer to see these stats?


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