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News.The Summer Season Details and Guide for Pieces of Hate RuneScape

Now,The Summer Season is live! let's enjoy it!

The Summer Season will run until 19th April 2018, and the Summer Finals concluding on 30th June 2018.

Some changes has made,even better than before,let's see what they are:

1.whenever you start,You need 30 minutes of immunity

2.Starter packs to get you going and straight into the action.

3.Increased resources from a unique Deadman drop table, plus a rare Deadman drop table too!

For more changes, you can check Old School homepage.

Don't forget to on Twitch as well as on YouTube,you'll find tons of The Deadman Summer Season exciting content.

Some Guides for Pieces of Hate RuneScape

For the Pieces of Hate quest, you need to prepare 2 leather, gold bar, the blurberry special, the drunk dragon and chocolate Saturday.

1.2 Leather: Made by giving a cowhide a tanner, or using the Make Leather spell with Magic 83.

2.Gold bar: Created by using a gold ore with a furnace at level 40 Smithing, or casting the Superheat item spell on gold ore.

3.Blurberry special: can be made at level 37 Cooking. It requires knife and cocktail shaker (as utensils), and Vodka, Gin, Brandy, Equa leaves, 2 orange, 3 lemon, lime and cocktail glass (as ingredients).

4.Drunk dragon RuneScape: can be made at level 32 Cooking. The required ingredients include Vodka, Gin, dwellberries, pot of cream, pineapple and cocktail glass, with the same utensils as the blurberry special.

5.Chocolate saturday (Premade works): Made at level 33 Cooking and heals 200 to 600 life points.

The rewards can you get upon completion of the quest:

2 quest points
50,000 Agility XP lamp
50,000 Construction XP lamp
50,000 Firemaking XP lamp
50,000 Thieving XP lamp
5 Black pearl (Zogoth)
Rabid Jack hat, sword and off-hand variant cosmetic overrides
Big Book o’ Piracy
Improved pirate impling loot
An improved chance at master clues from the Skeletal horror
RuneScape Holy wrench prayer regain boost when using Dungeoneering necklaces/ectoplasmator and prayer potions
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