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News.The Storyline of the RS World Events & Lores

For fans of the RuneScape game, what attracts them into playing this game is not just the fun they get, but also the fascinating stories behind the lores, events and quests. There are so far 3 World Events in the RS game: The Battle of Lumbridge, The Bird and the Beast, and Tuska Comes. But how does these stories comes?

The outcomes of these world events were determined by player actions in stead of the team’s design. And the results of them will shape the RS world. In the The Battle of Lumbridge, the team expected Zamorak to win, but instead his opponent Saradomin won. If their expectation came true, maybe Zamorak would be in control of human now.

There are different lores and quests in the RS world. Both of them can influence the outcome of World Events. Sometimes, they also need alterations to be more compatible with the outcomes of World Events.

The quests may be a headache for the team. The tone should not be too silly nor too serious. They need to mix the lores perfectly with the storyline of a quest. So it will look reasonable in the game world. But things don’t always go smoothly. For instance, Death of Chivalry was rewritten 3 times to fit the characterization of Saradomin. The RS team are always trying to create more lores in this game and apply them into quests, and make the outcomes as reasonable as possible.

All in all, the world of RuneScape never comes easy. There are a lot more unknown stories behind the quests, lores and World Events. You also have a role to play in the forming of RS world. So you can get RS 07 gold cheap here and make your contribution to it.


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