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News.The New Community Event RuneScape Slime is of The Essence?

It’s revealed the RS team will bring 4 new things in game this week, two of which are DXP Weekend and Mining & Smithing beta for sure. And some guess the third is Needle Skips, but will the fourth one be the new community event RuneScape Slime is of the Essence? Let us look forward to it.

4 new Things coming to game soon

According to the official twitter of RuneScape, we have knowed that there are FOUR new things coming to game during the week, which definitely include Double XP Weekend (November 16 to November 19) and Mining & Smithing open beta for RS members (starting from November 13 and lasting 4 weeks).
Many players are really wondering what the other two things are. Some think the new murder mystery style quest Needle Skips should be coming this week too. And we just believe another one is the event - Slime is of the Essence. From this you can win the Slime Hunter armour and pet.

Slime is of the Essence lasting for 5 days

The new community event will be running for 5 days, focusing on the use of different skills, during which you have to work together for handling the new slimy menace. And it can be started by popping down to Rimmington or by using daily teleport tools directly taken there.  After completing the event, you will be able to grab the slime Hunter armor and a cute-but-gross Slime pet.

All in all, let's have a fantastic week. And please hold the pickaxe, stop up on potions and be ready for a skilling frenzy with Cheap RS 07 gold from our site.


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