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News.The Genie's Gift details and buy cheap 07 Rs Gold

The Genie’s Gift is come now,Whicn is a new RuneScape Treasure Hunter promotion ,Now, Let's read the following details.

How long it will last?

It start from today 00:00 on Thursday 12th April through to 23:59 on Monday 16th April.

On the Treasure Hunter Genie’s Gift there will be 6 old types of lamps available ,You can win the following items :

1.Prismatic Lamps

2.Hydra Lamps

3.Smouldering Lamps:The smouldering lamp grants the same amount of experience as a medium prismatic lamp, but if a skill is chosen that has bonus experience.

4.Celebration Lamps

5.Bright Lamps: It functions like a normal prismatic lamp but grants an extra 20-70% experience.

6.Dark Lamps:The dark lamp initially yields 10% more experience than a medium prismatic lamp when rubbed.

You have to remember that some of the lamps in this promotion had larger effectiveness over time in the past. For this promotion they will give XP at their full strength.

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