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News.Temple of Aminishi Elite Dungeo

The first Elite Dungeon is finally here! Discover what schemes and foes sit behind the great doors on the Temple of the Aminishi, since you delve into its halls and corridors. You might even be ready be able to meet the Azure Serpent itself! Cheap rs gold for Sale, 24/7 Online Support, Enough Stock! Order now - get instantly.

The only requirement for you to participate in The Temple of Aminishi Elite Dungeon could be the completion of the Port Sarim quest‘Impressing the Locals'. You can team up with approximately two other players by using the grouping system or maybe attempt to solo the content instantly for more lucrative loot.

There are actually five sections inside the temple, each of these packed out using factions, minibosses and, in the process you'll run into challenging companies blocking the way to the final encounter.

Should you fail, not to fear! Your progress will be ended up saving so you can head back in along with continue where you left off of, skipping to any unlocked checkpoints.

Summer 29th - 16: 00 UTC: Patch Notes Teasers
Join Mod Shauny for the Patch Notes Teasers, a stream where they covers the main update for week, as well as showcases many of the patches you can look forward to for the reason that update!

July 1st - 18: 00 UTC - Temple of Aminishi: Normal Mode with Mod Lee
Mod Lee is usually back to the first of the Elite Dungeons, Temple of Aminishi, this time playing in Normal Mode for some good old PvM, elite style.

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