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News.Team Structure Improvements

Old School RuneScape has flourished since its release, clearly visible with the increase in player numbers also ever-expanding list of Mods that can be found at the bottom of blogs and news. One of the most important things with regards to Old School RuneScape is the community. Here are the more details and don't forget buy runescape gold cheap from us.

To put it simply, the Old School team now consists of smaller teams. Each team has a obvious focus which will guide their efforts. The aim is to make sure the team have got different types of content being developed all the time, now that they've got enough staff to complete more than we could before.

A single team will be responsible for delivering the larger content updates you might have grown to love. To give you an idea of the sort of content that it team will be delivering, think: the Inferno, Fossil Island, Dragon Slayer II, and the Theatre of Blood.

Another team will be responsible for getting your suggestions, quality of life changes, and smaller updates handled. They would like to start giving you more in-game polls, with a more consistent focus on community-suggested content. This is the team that will be taking your suggestions from the Old School forums, Reddit, Discord, and the Q&As, and making them a reality. Think of it as the team which will be delivering the typical every week update, but with the resource to do lots more of things you're asking for.

Another team will be focusing on competitive gaming. Their responsibility is to experiment and innovate in order to revitalize the PvP community. They will mainly be focused on bigger scale elements of PvP, such as Deadman, Bounty Hunter, and Last Man Standing. In addition to this, they will also be exploring the potential for competing PvM and Skilling.

Finally there is a team responsible for the in-game content development of Old School Mobile, and everything else that does not quite fit into the above. Essentially this now means the team have more time and dedicated resource to do more for you.

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