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News.Spectacular Summer Skill-Off!

RS Summer Skill Off  During this event, collect Skill Off tokens, enjoy more experience and gain the big event mystery box, snack yak pet and more!
Summer Skill Off event  is  is a new community event offering skilling activities and extra experience, allowing you to collect Skill Off tokens RuneScape in exchange for mystery boxes, the unique Snack yak, Blightreaver and so on. What do need to know about this summer event?

Join in RS Summer Skill Off

A new community event RuneScape Summer Skill Off has started on 29 July 2019 and will end on 5 August.
During the Summer Skill Off event, you can earn Skill Off tokens anywhere in Gielinor which can be converted to mystery boxes or used at one of the skilling stations in Lumbridge Crater for extra experience and to progress in the event.

Participate in Skilling activities

At the start of the event, all activities were available to participate in, awarding a set amount of base experience. Every day, the activity with the fewest votes would be "eliminated", while the remaining activities would receive a 10% increase to their base experience. Following elimination, a skill station may still be trained at, however the experience gained will remain the same as it was before its elimination.
There is a 10% experience boost in Lumbridge Crater during the event. This affects all skilling done in the area. Furthermore, while using the skill activities still in the competition, there is an option to use the Skill Off tokens while training. This makes every experience drop consume five tokens, increasing the base experience gained by a static amount. 100 spent tokens count for a vote towards that skill.
All activities except Hunter provide continuous experience at 3-second intervals until the activity is interrupted. Hunter is a bit more random; whenever the player catches a wolpertinger, there is an additional 1.2-second delay between experience gains.

Rewards in RS  Summer Skill Off

500 or 1000 tokens could be converted into an event mystery box or big event mystery box respectively. Right-clicking the Skill Off tokens gives a 'Convert' option.
2,500 Skill Off tokens - Big event mystery box (Summer Skill Off)
7,500 Skill Off tokens - Blightreaver
10,000 Skill Off tokens - Big event mystery box (Summer Skill Off)
15,000 Skill Off tokens - Snack yak

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