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News.Some new quality of life improvements and OSRS Mobile beta details

Now,Let's see some details about the quality of life improvements,focus on here.

The Khopesh of Tumeken & Elidinis, Wand of the praesul and Imperium core now have the ability to be dyed with Barrows, Blood, Shadow or Third Age dye.

The Lady Deathknell's tutorial has had a significant improvement,Combat and UI system has evolved.

on top of this the setup action bar feature has now been updated to use Revolution++ ability rotations for optimal damage per second.

some visual improvements have been made to some interfaces across the game, the most significant one of which involves the Make-X interface which now looks like this.

A larger scale OSRS Mobile Android beta than the former one is planned by the team before the next iOS beta begins, instead of a cross-platform beta as the next step.

It may be good news for Android users. If you are iOS players and aren’t involved in the iOS beta this time, don’t be frustrated as the team will communicate the next course of action as soon as they’re able.

In the recent official news post we learn what we see next with OSRS Mobile will be other Android beta, and the exact dates are unknown.

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