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News.Some Unpolled Changes and The Zodiac Festival details

Today, Some latest Runescape news has updated,Let's see all details now,Please pay close attention to it.

Unpolled Important Changes

World 318 is the deadly bounty hunter player to kill the mini-game world. When a player enters the wilderness of this world, the Bounty Hunter target system will track a player close to their combat level and target both of them against each other. Often, when the player is on the lower level of the wilderness, the system assigns a goal deep in the wilderness. In these situations, lower-level players in the wilderness often skip their goals. If you skip too many targets, you are penalized and the player will not be able to achieve the new goal in about half an hour. When you exceed 5 wilderness level, penalties for skipping goals will be greatly reduced.

In PvP worlds, certain dangerous hotspot areas are near teleport locations. Players are able to repeatedly cast teleports to these locations, preventing them from taking any damage. There will be a 10 second cooldown applied to same spot spellbook teleports on PvP worlds. The cooldown will not apply to jewellery teleports,Mud cake can reduce the player's exercise energy. Because they do no harm, you can stack multiple mudcakes on the same target, reducing their operating energy to 0% in a single game, even for a single combat zone.

If you die in PvP and have a black chinchompas in your inventory, they'll drop it along with a stack of looting items your opponent will usually get. However, it is possible to release these things before your death, which means you have not only lost them, but also your opponents have not received anything. We want to eliminate the ability to release black chinchompas in combat. This will work for PvM and PvP battle.

The important change we'd like to make is to the Looting bag,preventing the items inside it from dropping to the floor. We'll be changing the Looting bag so all of the contents inside it get dropped to the floor if it's destroyed in the Wilderness. The items will become visible to the player that would have got the loot, if there is one, else the items will become visible to anyone at all instantly.

Zodiac Festival details

In Zodiac Festival, Each day you will have a new task to complete within three days in exchange for Zodiac Talismans, which you can cash in for mystery boxes (filled with XP and Zodiac costumes) and the occasional unique reward: the Zodiac Shield Override, the Tea Service Resting Animation or maybe even Foo the Foo Lion pet.

Please remember that before go to the Events tab to get started, To hand in your Zodiac Talismans, as many as you like, no cap - to Yinteng.

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