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News.News.Sliske's Endgame RuneScape change and details about Framed RuneScape

Sliske's Endgame RuneScape has been in game for around a year,besides the replayable ability for it early next year,It will have many changes, Let's learn the changes now.

The change of the Sliske's Endgame RuneScape

The changes include:Past choices on non-canon playthroughs will be adjusted,It can be played through a second time,The clickout bug will be fixed to make players have the ability to see whether they miss interactions,“lore maze” will be added for non-canon playthroughs. And then players can go directly to the maze, skip solving it and only do the interaction parts. What’s more, players can choose what interactions they will have in what order,Dialogues in final secene and for Zaros will be adjusted,Akrisae will be added to the final scene and Skiske will be updated to have the staff at the stone scene.

The details about Framed RuneScape

As a RuneSape player, Framed has been making YouTube videos and playing RuneScape on Twitch via the "iskiml0ot" channel. In addition, he is famous for luring and selling. However, he did a video saying he would not go back and seduce on October 24, 2015. Now he only plays the old RuneScape and Deadman.

He did a charity for Yogscast Jingle Jam, a series of live events that have been held every December and January since 2011 to fund charity. So far this year, more than $ 4 million has been donated to charities during live broadcasts.

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