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News.Return of the Pack In Runescape

From 00:00 game time on the 23rd August through to 23:59 on the 28th August, open up Treasure Hunter to receive the new skilling backpack for free. Note that this will replace your current skilling backpack if you already have one. Wear your backpack while training, and you have chances at finding random drops of skilling supplies, ready to combine with the double xp weekend, which will coming on 31st August. Find items like prismatic stars and lamps, notepaper and pulse cores, as well new additions of Protean items and skilling dummies, and more! 

Each item drop will also activate a 10% xp boost for 10 minutes, which stacks with the double xp weekend, and will use up a charge from your backpack. Win more power packs for charges through Treasure Hunter until Monday 23rd.

If you know what prizes you want to get from your new backpack you can attune the pack so you get more of what you’re looking for, excluding the drops you’re not interested in.

This time, we’ve also guaranteed prizes of backpack charges on Treasure Hunter. At 2, 5, 15 and 30 keys used you will win an additional bundle of backpack charges on top of your normal key prize. That’s in addition to any you win normally! And ready to soup up your Double XP Weekend gains!

The skilling backpack is your tool for getting ready for Double XP weekend, so get going with it quick! And don't forget prepare enough cheap runescape gold for Double XP weekend. It's always very easy and fast to get on our online market.


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