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News.RS3 Mobile Android Beta Player Cap

The RS team will be raising the player cap for the members-only RuneScape Mobile Beta across Tuesday March 5th and Wednesday March 6th! A further 50,000 spots will be opened up for those wishing to explore Gielinor on Android devices. The cap will be raised in two batches to ensure adventurers on both sides of the globe have the opportunity to get involved. So, here are the details below and there is also provide cheapest rs gold on our site.

The RS3 mobile Android beta, which will occur on March 5th and last two day till the end of March 6th. In this beta, there will be 50,000 more spots added for player who wishing to explore the Gielinor on Android devices. The cap will be raised in two batches, making sure players from both hemispheres can be equally involved. In the beta, you will be able to experience The RuneScape Mobile Beta continues to develop and grow.

Recent updates include an overhaul to the NPC chat system (making chat clearer and easier to navigate), the introduction of more intuitive action bars and improvements to looting. There have also been a lot of interaction refinements to improve the recognition of tapping, swiping and dragging. Of course there will be imperfections and bugs, which need to be informed to the team by you, whoever participate in the beta. Give you thoughts and advice after you have fun.

How to apply to join in the RS3 mobile beta?
You can join in the beta if you meet the following requirements.
1.You possess a RuneScape account with active membership.
2.You also possess an Android device with Android 5.0 or higher system.
3.Download the RuneScape Mobile Beta app from the Google Play Store.
Note: Check the availability of the Beta app in Google Play Store frequently, since the cap will be raised gradually as the Beta progress.

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