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News.RS3 Double XP Weekend - July 2019!

RS3 Double XP Weekend 2019 is coming! Double XP bonuses will be offered from July 26th, you can make some preparation before the Double XP event arrives.

RS3 Double XP Weekend in July 2019

According to the latest RS official news post, RuneScape Double XP Weekend is coming on July 26th (12:00, or midday) and will run until July 29th (11:59, late morning). Members will have the opportunity to enjoy a 100% XP boost ,Non-members can still enjoy a 20% XP boost. As before, the vast majority of skilling activities will be able to take advantage.

Preparations of RuneScape Double XP Weekend

After the announcement of an upcoming Double XP Weekend, players often prepare their accounts in order to maximise efficiency and experience gains. Prior to the start of the event, players may engage in the following activities:

1.Stocking up on large amounts of skilling resources through the Grand Exchange (e.g. logs and raw fish to train Firemaking and Cooking respectively).
2.It may be preferential to focus on fast but expensive skills, as Double XP Weekend has a limited time frame (e.g. skills like Summoning, Fletching, and Herblore).
3.Playing Treasure Hunter for a chance to obtain protean items and sources of bonus experience.
4.Earning keys by completing quests and daily challenges, or buying them using real-life currency.
Buying portable skilling stations.
5.Collecting divine locations, as both resources and experience can be gained at a faster rate than traditional methods, at the cost of having a daily limit of how many items can be obtained from these locations. It may also be a good idea to stock up on vis wax, which can be used to extend the daily limit by up to 100%.

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