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News.RS Mining and Smithing Beta Available for All Members Soon

Over the last 2 years, the RS team have been reworking the Mining and Smithing RuneScape, and from November 13 all RS members will be able to access another open beta for that. While everything goes well, it will be fully released as the first update in January 2019. So you can prepare cheap RS gold here and participate in the beta soon.


Before joining in the beta, you can learn some details for Mining and Smithing rework.

no depletion of materials; able to mine AFK;
new ore bank for storage; 4 new tiers of ore (60-90).
having the ability to smith from a new metal bank;
extra mechanics to reward whoever pays attention;
better XP owing to new upgrading and armor burial processes;
creating masterwork and trimmed masterwork armor;
4 new tiers of metal (60-90).


As a matter of fact, the rework for Mining and Smithing skills will change the way that both of the skills work a lot, like introducing stamina, new tiers of ore & a heat mechanic. And from November 13, there will be an open beta for this available for members, lasting two weeks. During the beta, you can try all content and there is no restrictions at all as long as you are a RuneScape member. 

All of these are very fascinating, and you would be eager for their coming so much. Have fun!



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