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News.Patch Week

Patch notes
This week's patch notes is a diverse list of changes. Some of the more notable changes are:

The Eddy, Penny and Baby Soulgazer pets will now show the killcount of their appropriate creatures while examined, allowing you to show off how friendly or unfriendly you have been to their kind.
Adjusted the drop rate for cosmetic items from Solak, based on your feedback. The rates are in the patch notes post. These items should now be a little more common.
Added full unlock hints for over 70 pets in the pet interface. This would make it easier to work towards your pet you really want to get.

Diango's New Items
The RS team released our Liveblog earlier this month. This was followed up by the post about the Lifecycle of Treasure Hunter items and it is finally time to put the first items for free to the game right now. You can go to Diango, positioned at Draynor Market, and also collect some awesome free of charge items. The first batch of items added to Diango exists of:

Coronet of Spring
Coronet of Summer
Coronet of Autumn
Coronet of Winter
Large Gnomeball
Gnomeballer's Tunic
Gnomeballer's Shorts
Godless Ceremonial Robes
Astromancer (Full Outfit)

Elite Dungeon 2: The Dragonkin Laboratory
The RS team received a lot of constructive feedback after the release of the first Elite Dungeon. To process all the feedback and prepare the second Elite Dungeon a lot better than the first, the team working on it has asked for some extra time. As a result they will not release the second Elite Dungeon now. The team will use this extra time to polish the dungeon and improve the rewards based on the feedback from first dungeon.

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