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News.Patch Week 29th of April

The Easter madness is over and we’re free from puns for another year. You can read the details below to learn  this week’s  patch details   have been made in game.

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1.Lily of the Valley
It’s that time of year again! Lilies of the Valley are making their way to Gielinor once more. You’ll be able to find them all over RuneScape, and even gift them to other players! They’ll be gone by the next update, so be sure to find them while you can.
This is the eighth year that RuneScape has played host to the fragrant lily flowers, the in-game tradition  real life origin from France, May 1st is a public holiday where it is customary to give lilies of the valley to friends and family. The tradition dates all the way back to 1561, when King Charles IX was presented with a lily of the valley as a gift. He liked them so much that the following year the King presented a lily of the valley to every lady at court – and soon the practice spread outside the palace to become one of France’s best loved traditions.
2.Patch Notes
Players can no longer place specific items designed to grief portable placers at Combat Academy.
Added colour indicators on skills that are increased or reduced on the skills tab.
RuneScape  live streams have  great opportunity to grab some awesome in-game prizes. And this April, game have  done one particularly hefty update of the LootScape for you!  RuneScape have added a bonanza package for your Player-Owned Farm, courtesy of Granny Potterington. In addition, it is the time to bring back some player-favourite goodies: the skilling outfit piece, the Loots Cape and Nature’s Balance (main-hand sword override).
This April, each and every RuneScape stream watched will give you a random drop from one of the following:
Between 10-100 Player-Owned Farm Beans
A name re-roller or trait re-roller
A random animal for their farm
Guaranteed drop from Basic Drop Table
View counter goes up on Orb
Basic Drop Table: Prismatic small fallen star, Prismatic medium fallen star, Prismatic small lamp, Prismatic medium lamp, Spirit Ruby, Spirit Diamond, Advanced Pulse Core, Spring, Silverhawk down, Medium DG Token Box, Small DG Token Box, Uncut Dragonstone, Large Cash Bag, Medium Cash Bag or Small Cash Bag.

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