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News.Old RS Minimap Icons Brought Back to Game

The icons of the Minimap have been through several updates. This week, the Minimap Icons have been changed back to the former version. And among a series of updates and tweaks implemented in the game, the news that old Minimap icons has been brought back draws much attention of players. And basically the responses from the players are very positive to this.

What is Minimap?
The Minimap (also called mini-map in RuneScape documentation) is the area of the game interface in the upper-right of the screen. It shows a bird's eye view of the player's surrounding area, with the player at the centre.

The minimap appears as an approximately circular area with a 19 square-length radius. White lines represent walls, fences, etc., although a red marker indicates a door or other penetrable features. Coloured dots act as markers to identify nearby items, players, monsters and NPCs. Certain buildings and features (such as water sources) are marked by icons. Quest start points are also shown on the minimap. The minimap does not function in areas such as the Barrows and Puro-Puro.

Generally, the players are relatively happy to see this change. Of course there are also some people who like the new version, as well as people who like both of the two versions.

Firstly, the old icons make the players feel as if they were brought back to the earlier years when the RuneScape game was in its golden age. The feeling of nostalgia helps the old icons win the player’s favor. Secondly, the wide popularity of the old icons has also unveiled a truth: The simpler, the better. While the new Minimap icons are more sharp, the old icons are relatively simple and easy to recognize. Therefore the old ones can directly show the surrounding environment.

Whatever you think about the return the old RS Minimap Icon, just enjoy the game and send your feedback to the RS team.  You can also offer us your advice when you buy RS 3 gold here.

The Cheaprsgold team

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