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News.OSRS Splashing in Lumbridge

"Splashing" is a highly AFK Magic training method,allowing players to do OSRS Magic training for casting the spell and remain in combat with NPCs. But no magic experience gained if Splashing in the certain Lumbridge area.

Adjustment to  OSRS Splashing in Lumbridge

According to the recent official news post, adjustment has been made to OSRS Splashing in Lumbridge. Player no longer gain Magic experience for casting spells in the area shown below (this includes the castle basement) if your magic accuracy is too low to deal damage: 
The develop team also explained the reason why they made this change. By attacking NPCs while wearing equipment with low Magical accuracy, it is possible to prevent yourself from dealing any damage. This means the NPC never dies while the player gains experience for casting the spell and can remain in combat with the NPC for hours.For new players that come fresh out of Tutorial Island, it looks odd to see players dressed in full Melee equipment attacking with Magic against low level NPCs such as rats.

OSRS Splashing guide for Magic training

As a highly AFK Magic training method, Splashing can be a cheap and effective way to train Magic through low levels. The experience rates are based on the spell players cast, rather than armour/damage bonuses. It typically costs less than 40,000 coins when training with Strike spells for 6 hours. However, players cannot gain any Hitpoints experience from Splashing as no damage is dealt to their target.
Players should notice that they will stop auto-retaliating after 20 minutes while splashing. It is necessary to wear items adding up to at least -65 Magic attack, such as full bronze/iron/steel/black/mithril/adamant/rune, or any d’hide vambraces.

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