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News.OSRS Forthos Dungeon

To build upon the recent Hosidius rework and increase the richness of the continent,a new  Dungeon named Forthos Dungeon  is almost ready to be polled.You could learn the location,rooms and other information on this OSRS Forthos Dungeon below.

Location of new OSRS Forthos Dungeon

The Forthos Dungeon can be found below the Forthos Ruin, a new area created as part of the Hosidius Rework. There will be two entrances to the Forthos Dungeon.  Reroute the catacombs entrance which currently leads to the giant sand crabs to the western entrance of this dungeon instead. This shortcut must be accessed from the inside before it can be used both ways, the same as how it currently works.

Rooms in OSRS Forthos Dungeon

Spider's Den (1)
The first large room that lies within the Hosidius Dungeon is a large multi-combat red spider nest that contains twenty one temple spiders. These are a more powerful species of red spider (level 75 Combat) with an improved loot table. They will also be assignable as a Slayer task in this area by Konar. Adventurers brave enough to enter the den will find an abundance of red spider egg spawns (10) as an alternative to collecting them in Edgeville dungeon.
In the room to the south you will find an injured Saradominist Monk called Brother Aimeri who, once healed to full health, will give valuable information about the dungeon.
The Grubby Chest (2)
At the end of a long corridor is a locked gate that can be picked with 57 Thieving. Behind the door lies the Grubby Chest, requiring a Grubby key to unlock. Grubby keys will be uncommonly dropped by creatures throughout the dungeon. The chest contains an assortment of supplies and treasure, averaging 40,000-50,000 gp in value. The supplies will help you survive in the dungeon - working similarly to the Muddy key and Muddy Chest in the Wilderness Lava Maze.
The Library (3)
North of the Grubby chest is a library. This room contains 4 undead druids and various bookshelves that can be searched for three tattered tomes. The pages to fill these tomes can be found by killing creatures within the dungeon. Once filled, these tomes will describe snippets of lore about the ancient religion practiced in the southern Kingdom of Varlamore as well as information about the ruined temple dungeon itself.
Altar of the Sun (4)
This room contains a mysterious NPC called Olbertus who has found a curious artifact and an altar for recharging prayer points.
Sacrificial Chamber (7)
Players need to find how to access the secret entrance from within the Crypt of the Moon. A lever can be pulled to open a locked door north of the Scorched Grotto once in there.
Scorched Grotto (8)
This large room contains six red dragons and five baby red dragons. The west entrance leads to the library while to the north lies a shortcut to the northern half of the dungeon that requires 75 Agility to navigate. There is also a corridor to the north-west that leads to the sacrificial chamber - but the door needs to be unlocked from the other side. This location will be added to Konar's list of potential assignments for slaying red dragons.

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