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News.New TH RS Loot Duels for Various Kinds of Chests

During Thurs 11th October (00:00) and Monday 15th (23:59) you are able to enjoy a variety of chests from RuneScape Loot Duels on Treasure Hunter.

Instead of the usual 5 chests, players will be presented with only 2. This 50/50 conundrum brings with it the added benefit of a potentially better selection of chests from previous Treasure Hunter events, and the possibility of grabbing some particularly fantastic loot!

What prize you may get from different chests?
Adamant Chest: 2x Prizes
Rune Chest: 3x Prizes
Dragon Chest: 4x Prizes
God Chest: 5x Prizes
Protean Chest: Protean Prizes
Genie’s Chest: Promotional Lamps
Normal Chest: Random Normal Prize
Skilling Chest: Skilling Prizes
Experience Chest: XP Prizes
Rainbow Chest: 1x-7x Prizes
Antique Chest: Old Treasure Hunter Prizes
Bonus Chest: Allows you to see what’s inside
Smouldering Chest: Random sized lamp with a chance to win 2x

Please note that both chests in the Duel will refresh when one is opened, and that neither will change until this has happened.

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