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News.News.Learn about OSHD and your account's safety

According to the posts on Runescape,a third-party client, OSHD,released recent days,has brought a lot of discussion within the runescape community.

What is OSHD client?

SHD client transforms the standard Old School Runescape graphics into high definition visuals by utilizing GPU computing, it can significantly appeal new and current players visually whilst increasing the performance and frame rate of the game.other, it includes all of the popular plugins other Runescape clients have, will bring motr plugins in once it is re-released.

Why not approved OSHD?

Is it safe to use OSHD client?Currently no!We will not be approving OSHD. It is in our best interests to be as transparent with you as we possibly can, and I will share some of the substantial reason as to why this is the case.

One thing that you're already aware of the fact that the client is not compatible with our bot systems, there were a few instances of macro bans on the weekend which is a testament to that. I've seen some claims that these bans were targeted and I want to assure you that this is absolutely untrue.

What is the big question at hand?

The big question at hand is whether it is possible for the client to avoid pulling our bot detection This can be done through two methods:. Maybe we make changes to our bot detection, or tell them how to avoid triggering the developers OSHD. are yet to respond to our requests for their code, and we can not comment on how safe it is to use their products (in terms of security accounts in addition to the issues with bot detection). we have no relationship with the developers and can not simply take the client on trust. We are not ready to divulge the information needed to make changes to avoid our bot detection, as this information carries a great danger which can threaten the health of the Old School. Making changes to our bot detection in aid this week could potentially pave the way for genuine botting clients which can appear to behave in a similar way.

The safety of your account is the most important it is not the right time to use OSHD client I think. Enjoy your safe better at runescape game,buy rs gold from,best wishes! 5% more gold code for you:cheaprs5.

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