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News.Learn Small Game & The Last Man Standing Updates

Small In-Game Improvements

Following the Small In-Game Improvements and February QoL polls,
The Old School Team  have  implemented some of the updates below .

Fletching Animations

Animations have been added for when a player tips arrows, bolts and darts, and adds feathers to shafts. These animations will not affect the rate at which you do actions and will not prevent movement or other actions such as doing Agility while Fletching.

Reduce Chaos Elemental Respawn Timer

-The Chaos Elemental now spawns substantially quicker - from 2.5 minutes to 60 seconds.

Volcanic Mine Quick Start

Players can now right-click quick pay to enter the Volcanic Mine.

Multiple Locator Orbs

Ava will now offer multiple locator orbs after completion of Dragon Slayer II.

The Last Man Standing Updates

The Last Man Standing beta has closed, In the coming weeks ,the  Team will be working on the various features that have been suggested, leading to a re-launch in the autumn (of 2019). Here is the engine change involving line-of-sight.

1.Players can no longer avoid Sarachnis' web attack.
2.The ambient sound effects in the Forthos Dungeon have been updated.
3.A grammar error has been corrected in the reward messages from beginner clue scrolls.
4.Blocking has been added to an awkward tile upstairs in Varrock Palace where players kept getting stuck.
5.The battlemage potion has been realigned with the other potions in the bank.

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