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News.Learn Release Plans for RuneScape Mobile

The latest RS3 Mobile dev  blog reveals more information on the development of the mobile version. Here you could learn some wider changes to the UI on RS3 Mobile and future release plans for RS3 Mobile, whether you are Android or iOS user.

Unify the UI style between RS3 Mobile&Desktop

According to the latest RS Mobile dev blog, some wider changes will be made to the UI on mobile. The team is going to do a fair bit of work to unify the UI style between RuneScape Mobile and Desktop. They won’t be exactly the same, as the way players interact with the game on both platforms is different but, the closer the UI on both platforms is, the easier it is to develop content for the game and the easier it is for players to transition from mobile to desktop and vice-versa.
Here is the new Worn Inventory interface layout as a good example:

In addition, some changes are made to the current buff and debuff bar system as it wasn’t really optimal for mobile.

Future Release Plans for RuneScape Mobile

The develop team also reveals their future release plans for RuneScape Mobile in the dev blog. For Android, may be  uncap the Android Members beta in the near future. If you’re a member and have an Android device, you’ll soon be able to play on mobile and not have to worry about getting in before the influx of other interested players.
As for iOS, the team  still developing the iOS version but are not in a position to release a beta at this point. They are working on some stability issues and will then focus on the best way to get it into players’ hands. The beta on iOS will not be the same kind of beta on Android. There will be the news on RuneScape Mobile beta iOS if the stability is up to scratch with the best way that the team can offer.

We will update our news if there is some new information for RuneScape Mobile release! In addition, Cheaprsgold   offer rs gold cheap and fastly if you need.

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