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News.Learn Changes to RS Anachronia&Big Game Hunter

Several new contents have been added to RS since the Land Out of Time was released in game. With the update this week,  some useful changes  have been made to Anachronia and the Big Game Hunter.Here you could  learn the detailed  information.

Changes to RS3 Anachronia

According to the latest official news post,  25 changes have been made  to RS3 Anachronia this week, but here are a selection of the most important ones:

1.Gotta Go Fast will now unlock, as intended, after unlocking both double surge and double escape.
2.A breadcrumb trail has been added to Giles if you have not yet completed the Base Camp tutorial.
3.Damaged dinosaur hides are now noteable.
4.The world map view of Anachronia has been tweaked slightly to better represent the terrain.

Changes to RS3 Big Game Hunter

The following changes have been made to RS3  Big Game Hunter  this week:

1.The aggression circle now better syncs with the dinosaur’s position after it has eaten Jadinkos.
2.One of the hard paths has been removed from the Arcane Apoterrasaur.
3.Jadinkos will no longer spawn on the lowest tier encounters. (Arcane Apoterrasaur, Scimitops, and Bagrada Rex.)
4.The delay from when Jadinkos spawn to when the creature tracks towards them has been increased.
5.A bank pin is now required to access your bait box on Anachronia.
6.If you have bought the bait box upgrade, a bait box has been added to the base camp that accepts noted bait for Big Game Hunter.
7.The delay for when you can move when joining a Big Game Encounter has been reduced slightly.
8.The message received when skinning a creature inside Big Game Hunter has been tweaked slightly.

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The Cheaprsgold Team

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