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News.Hall of Memories and Solomon Store Sale

In the pool of water in the Guthix funeral is situated Guthix's individual cache, needing 70 Divination to get into, this is house to their darkest techniques. Which up-date includes one completionist and learn quest cape necessity. The completionist necessity is founded on recuperating all of the core memory data.

Inside event you complete the recuperation of the memory-storage robot you'll be provided the long term increase for your Divination skill, information below:

Aagi -- Additional unaggressive impact through the Memorial to Guthix water fountain of one's
Seren -- Improved memory space follicle obtain while in the Hall of Memories
Juna -- In a position to produce 3 bright areas each day
Sword of Edicts -- Improve memory space obtain when collection through faded memories
Cres -- Improved power obtain whenever transforming memories

Solomon’s General Store Discount Sale

The following are on sale this week:

1. Energy Drain Resting

2. Enhanced Potion Making

3. Samurai Cooking

4. Icyenic Wings

5. Firebrand Bow

6. Cursed Reaver

7. Deathless Regent Outfit

8. Arcane Teleport

9. Ring of Fire

10. Chameleon Extract (1)

11. Dragon Wolf

12. Zaros Pack

13. Flower of Lletya

14. Ozan Pack

15. Masterwork Music Box

The learn quest cape necessity will request you to find out about Guthix's core memories, thank you for you support and read this post,all in all, buy cheapest rs gold and rs items, please click


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