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News.Guide: Goblin Diplomacy OSRS Quest Easy & Fast Walkthrough

The novice Old School quest Goblin Diplomacy requires players to help the goblins decide which colour they will wear  in the Goblin Village. Here is a guide for the Goblin Diplomacy OSRS quest to help you complete it easily and fast.

Basics of  Goblin Diplomacy  OSRS quest

OSRS Goblin Diplomacy  quest is a Novice quest with no level requirements. To start this quest, you need to speak to General Bentnoze or General Wartface in Goblin Village.

Goblin Diplomacy  OSRS quest Walkthrough

1.Talk to General Bentnoze or General Wartface in Goblin Village, in the Kingdom of Asgarnia (located north of Falador, and east of Taverley). They will say that the goblin race is on the brink of civil war over armour colour, and they want their armour to be orange.
2.Ask the generals where you can get orange armour. one will answer that you can dye Goblin mail orange. You can find the yellow dye from a witch in Draynor Village.You can find goblin mail in three different crates around the village. Grab the suits of goblin mail from the following crates:
Behind the generals' hut.
Inside the western hut in between the small square hut and the generals' hut.
Up a ladder near the entrance.

Note: Don't dye 3 pieces of armour. You only want 1 blue and 1 orange. Leave one plain. If you mistakingly paint an armour you won't get new ones from the crates.
Alternatively, goblin mail can be obtained as a drop from killing goblins. The goblins in Goblin Village drop red or green goblin mails, which can be dyed, but you will need one uncolored one from a standard goblin.
3.You can cost about 20 coins to buy some woad leaves  through Wyson the head gardener  in Falador Park.
4. Pick two onions  from the field just north of Rimmington, or alternate places such as Lumbridge, in the backyard of Farmer Fred's farm, which is next to the sheep paddock.
5.Ppurchase three redberries from Wydin's Food Store in Port Sarim for 3 coins each or picked west of Varrock's south-east mine.
6.You need to make orange dye and blue dye. Orange dye is made from combining red dye (3 redberries and 5 coins from Aggie in Draynor Village) with yellow dye (2 onions and 5 coins). If you do not already have the yellow dye and red dye, take the supplies to Aggie the witch in Draynor Village, and then mix the yellow dye and red dye together to create the orange dye. if you don't already have the blue dye, take 2 woad leaves and 5 coins to Aggie to create the blue dye.
7.Dye one Goblin mail orange, one blue, and leave the last one unaltered.
Go back to Goblin Village, and give the orange goblin mail to the generals. They will have Grubfoot try it on, and say they do not like it. They will ask for blue armour. Give them the blue goblin mail. Again, they will have Grubfoot try it on, and again, it is rejected. They now want brown. Give them the plain brown goblin mail. Grubfoot tries it on for the last time. They decide that the original colour, brown, is best after all.

Congratulations, quest complete!

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