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News.Gain RuneScape Ancient Relic From Smashing Relics

Smashing Relics Promotion is going back along with the RuneScape ancient relic, which will be available until 23th June, 2018. And you will be able of get Shark fists, D&D bridal tokens and more by smashing the relics on the ground. In addition, there is RuneScape gold for sale here.

How to get the ancient relic?
The Smashing Relics back promotion is available from 19th June to 23th July, 2018, during which you will be able to get ancient relics from Treasure Hunter.
In addition , membership can gain up to 2 ancient relics every day following finding them partially buried in a variety of places on Members' worlds, including:

1. North-east of the gnome glider inside Al Kharid;
2. South of Explorer Jack's house in Lumbridge, within the castle grounds;
3. South of the southern East Ardougne bank, west of The Poison Arrow pub;
4. North-east of the Edgeville furnace;
5. North-west of the Port Sarim lodestone;
6. East of the Draynor Bank;
7. North of the Varrock Museum, south-east of the estate agent;
8. In the middle of the three southern houses in Seers' Village;
9. North of the Yanille lodestone

Please note that the places vary by world through player, and change each hour. That means not all these kinds of locations will currently have any relic.

What to receive simply by smashing the RuneScape ancient relics?
When you smashing the relic on the ground, you can get rewards within, including a method cash bag and a haphazard reward like gems, prismatic lamps, Monkey mace and also hats, Shark fists, Alchemist's amulet, D&D Tokens etc.

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