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News.Buy 450 Treasure Hunter Key for RS Umbral Chests

The latest post of the RS game has announced the starting of RuneScape Umbral Chests promo, which has caught the attention and drawn a heated discussion from the players. From February 18th until March 10th, anyone who buys the 450 Treasure Hunter key package will also get a free Umbral Chest. What do you think of Umbral Chests RuneScape promotion? Would you buy 450 Treasure Hunter Keys in order to get it? Besides, you can buy 07 RS gold from our site all the time.


Umbral Chest is firstly a reward given to members of Twitch Prime as part of an offer. From the day of Feb. 18, it is given as an extra item to players excluding the ironmen after every time they buy 450 Treasure Hunter keys. At opening, the new chest are guaranteed to give a super-rare purple prize, and destroyed immediately. In addition, its loots cover a broad range from coins and tokens to weapons and armour. Furthermore, the offer is unlimited, so feel free to take advantage as many times as you like!


Players are generally not satisfied with such an extra free item, given that to get one of the chests they have to buy 450 Treasure Hunter Keys at first, which costs a fairly large amount of real currency. Therefore taking advantage of it as many times as you seems to be an impossible mission. Additionally, the value of the possible loots from the chest will hardly match its cost. The wording of the announcement also triggers a huge uneasiness on MTX, aka Microtransactions in the RS game, referring to a form of monetisation model for players to buy in-game goods. Though there are players defending the activity, the majority still take this promo as an overstepped adoption of MTX.


Anyway, if you need some RS items urgently but find them a bit costly, you can come and check the cheap RuneScape gold for sale on our site.


The Cheaprsgold team

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