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News.Big Changes for Deadman Winter Season 2018

From September 21, the Old School team will increase the XP caps per day in the Deadman Winter Season 2018, and there will be some potions added to the Bounty Hunter store.


How will the XP caps be increased in the DMM Season?
From the daily reset at 12pm UTC on September 21, 2018, the XP caps in DMM Winter Season will be increased to 700k XP per day with Defence & Ranged shared, 1050k XP in Magic or 1050k XP per day in Attack and Strength.


What portions will be added to Bounty Hunter store?
The Old School team is going to add the following 7 kinds of potions to the Bounty Hunter store with today’s game update, which include:
Super Attack: 1000 points
Super Strength: 1000 points
Prayer Restore: 3000 points
Ranging Potion: 6000 points
Stamina Potion: 8000 points
Super Restore: 10000 points
Saradomin Brew: 25000 points

At the same time, they will also double the drop rate of emblems from Wilderness bosses and Wilderness Slayer again. That means the emblems will be 4 times more common in the Season compared with the regular drop rate.


In fact, the reason to make these changes is because more players are eager to try player killing and want to get the levels faster with the introduction of the Ancient Warriors equipment. In addition, don’t forget there is cheap and safe rs gold for sale here.


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