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10/28/2019OSRS Halloween 2019 Holiday Event Guide

Spooktober is here, which means it's time for the annual Halloween event! As you travel north of Lumbridge, you might notice that a player has been trapped by what appears to be two goblins wearing bedsheets. If you're feeling brave enough, why not see what you can do to help?

This year's event unlocks brand new cosmetics as well as all previous Halloween rewards and music if you don't have them already.

As always, the event it available to members and free players, and doesn't have any requirements.

To begin, head to the chicken pen just north of Lumbridge, indicated by the Halloween icon and highlighted in the map below:

It's time for the annual Halloween event! Until Nov. 7th, participate in OSRS Halloween event 2019 and help epic mager34 who has been trapped by two goblins wearing bedsheets, and obtain some new Halloween rewards!

OSRS Halloween Guide 2019
1. To start OSRS 2019 Halloween event, talk to either Snailneck or Grasslegs by the chicken pen in Lumbridge. Then speak to epic mager34.
2. Talk to Bob in the axe shop and ask him about Halloween.
3. Return to epic mager34. Then talk to the goblins.
4. Find the bed in the building north of the shop, and take some white bed sheets by interacting with the bed. You can create the spooky outfit by using the knife on the sheet.
osrs spooky outfit
5. Return to epic mager34. Speak to the goblins once you have completed the dialogue, and answer three questions:
-What is the most powerful body armour in this world? (Goblin mail)
-Let’s say 2 goblins have different opinion of something. What is the best way to solve problem? (Fight about it.)
-What do you say when human kill your friends and family? (Put them in prison.)
6. Grab some smoke powder from the sack outside the building with the furnace. Ignite the powder and steal the shiny glass when smoke covers the store. Then go back to goblins.
7. You and epic mage34 proceed to cast Lumbridge Home Teleport, and at Lumbridge he will ask you for some advice.

OSRS Halloween event 2019 complete!

Rewards from OSRS Halloween event 2019
You will get the following rewards after completing the Halloween event this year:
Spooky outfit
Pumpkin lantern
Skeleton lantern
Two noted pumpkins
Two noted Halloween mask sets
Besides, rewards from previous events can be claimed from Diango, such as the clown outfit, Jonas mask, etc. You can also have the ability to change your skin colour to blue, white, black or green at OSRS makeover mage.

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09/25/2019Slayer Collection Log!

From the RS lastest offical post,RS Slayer Collection Log has been released in game with the update on September 23th. With the Slayer Collection Log, players are able to keep track of the drops they get from Slayer monsters.

Obtain RS Slayer Collection Log

The Slayer collection log is a book which can keep track of assorted drops received from RuneScape Slayer monsters. You can obtain RuneScape Slayer Collection Log from any Slayer Master’s shop, or obtain it by right-clicking the slayer counter and choosing the retrieve option.

Titles of RuneScape Slayer Collection Log

The Slayer Collection Log is split between 12 areas. When you complete an area’s collection, you’ll earn a special title:

Asgarnia & Misthalin: , Protector of the Peace
Daemonheim: the Bloodrager
Kharidian Desert: the Devourer
Feldip Hills: the Ascended
Fremennik Province: , the End of All Things
Kandarin: the Well 'Ardy
Karamja: of the Jungle
Keldagrim: the Stout Slayer
Lost Lands: the Harbinger of Death
Morytania: the Scourge of the Undead
Other Worlds: , Gielinor's Champion
Wilderness: , Forinthry's Fury
And should you complete the whole log, you’ll earn the title 'the Ultimate Slayer'.
There will be global broadcasts for the first regular player, the first Ironman, and the first Hardcore Ironman who completes the log.
For those of you who have been informally collecting already, also have good news – any pets and untradeable items that you already own will be checked off automatically upon your next login.

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09/18/2019RS Bank Placeholders&Improvements&More Sep.17

According to  the latest official post, we have learn that the Runescape Bank Placeholders and Improvements 2 beta have been released this Tuesday and this is almost final version of this update. With a new Bank Placeholders and Improvements Beta released , the full update is proposed to launch at the end of this month.Meanwhile, RS Player Owned Farms updates also  launched on Sep 17 and you can start to enjoy the new changes and improvements in game.

Join in Bank Placeholders and Improvements 2 Beta

A new Bank Placeholders and Improvements Beta will launch on Tuesday September 17th. If all goes according to plan, the full update will appear in-game at the end of the month.
You can  participate in the released beta and then leave your feedback and ideas on Discord, Twitter, Reddit, or the official forums.If all goes according to plan, the full update will be released in game at the end of September 2019. The exact release date will be announced later through the RuneScape channels.

Changes to RS Player Owned Farms launched

There’s been a few changes down on the farm. Last week, the develop team addressed some of your biggest concerns about the update to Player Owned Farms and laid out how planned to fix them.
Today’s update sees these changes out in the wild. You can look forward to an improved XP-to-effort ratio, a deeper farming experience, and more player-to-player interactions than you can shake a rake at.

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09/11/2019More RS3 Mobile Changes&Patch Notes Update

RS update this week includes more RS3 Mobile changes and the usual array of fixes and changes to the game.Here you could  read our patch notes highlights below to learn what has happened in game.

More RS3  Mobile Changes

Last week’s mobile update saw the introduction of a new home screen, an upgraded buff bar, and a complete revamp of the Burthorpe and Taverley areas. Based on players’ feedback, more mobile changes have been released in game:
-The buff/debuff bar will no longer block clicks on the tiles beneath it.
-The compass has been returned to its original position on the minimap.
-Many more small changes, which you can find in the patch notes.

Highlights of RuneScape patch notes

This week sees the usual array of fixes and changes to the game, including the following highlights:
1.Big Game Hunter multispawn encounters will no longer spawn if the previous kill on that dinosaur was not successful.
2.Mahjarrat Aura can now be reset using tier 3 and tier 4 Aura refresh.
3.The Dwarven Instinct aura can now spawn chests when hunting butterflies barehanded.

To read the rest of the patch notes, and expose yourself to more of QA team’s questionable sense of humour, you could find them in the recent post on the official forum.

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09/04/2019RuneFest 2019 Schedule Announcement!

The long-awaited RuneFest 2019 will come with some contents in October. The latest official news post has revealed the detailed schedule for RuneFest 2019, including The Golden Gnome Awards 2019, the Main Stage and the Panel Stage.

Friday Night: The Golden Gnome Awards

On Friday, October 4th, the hallowed halls of Farnborough International Exhibition Centre will open their doors to JMods, Content Creators, and players! The Golden Gnome Awards are the biggest event in the RuneScape community calendar, where we celebrate our beloved artists, streamers, and video makers.
Doors will open at 18:00 BST, and the awards ceremony itself will kick off at 20:30 BST.

RuneFest 2019 schedule for main stage

The RuneFest main stage is where all the magic happens! Drop in throughout the day to find the cosplay competition, the RuneScape keynote, and the great Gielinorian bake off. Watchers at home can watch all the main stage panels on Twitch. The full main stage schedule is below:
10:30 - 11:00   Time to Set Sail 
11:00 - 11:45  The Great Gielinorian Cook-off 
12:00 - 12:45  The Cosplay Show & Cosplay Golden Gnome Awards
13:00 - 13:45  OS & RS Data Stream 
14:00 - 14:45  Old School Creators Q&A 
15:00 - 15:45  Mythbusters 
16:00 - 16:45  Ron Plays Games 
17:00 - 17:45  RuneScape Keynote 
18:15 - 19:00  Old School RuneScape Keynote

After the main stage sessions have finished, entertainment will be available throughout the evening.

RuneFest 2019 panel stage

The Panel Stage is where you'll find JMods and Content Creators alike hosting talks on all kinds of topics: from the annual Lore Q&A with Mod Raven to the truth about life as a streamer.Notice that there is the RS Reveal Q&A from 18:00 to 18:45, which offers the chance to get your immediate questions answered.All the talks from the Panel Stage will be streamed live on Twitch.

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08/28/2019OSRS Fremennik Exiles Quest Requirements,Rewards&More

The latest official blog posts the detailed information  on the upcoming quest The Fremennik Exiles . Here you could learn the quest requirements, rewards and others you want to know.

OSRS Fremennik Exiles quest requirements

The Fremennik Exiles is a Master level quest, and the next instalment in the Fremennik series. Taking on new challenges, making difficult decisions, and ultimately proving your worth, you are the only chance at saving Rellekka from the threat of Basilisks.
Here are the quest requirements:
Completion of The Fremennik Isles
Completion of Lunar Diplomacy
Completion of Mountain Daughter
Completion of Heroes' Quest
65 Crafting
60 Slayer
60 Smithing
60 Fishing
55 Runecraft

 OSRS Fremennik Exiles quest rewards

Completing The Fremennik Exiles will reward you with the following:
-2 Quest Points
-Access to the Island of Stone
-15,000 Slayer XP
-15,000 Crafting XP
-5,000 Runecraft XP

The Island of Stone has a new dungeon available after the quest is complete. It contains dagannoths, basilisks and basilisk knights. The dagannoths are split across three rooms which are multicombat with cannons allowed. The basilisks are split across two rooms which are singleway combat with no cannons allowed. The basilisk knights are split across two rooms which are singleway combat with no cannons allowed. The basilisk knights, featured in the quest, can be fought after completion as part of basilisk slayer tasks. They will have a better drop table including a unique item, the basilisk jaw, that can be used to make a Neitiznot Faceguard. If killed off task, the drop rate of the jaw will be lowered.

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08/21/2019RuneScape Clan Cup 2019 -Big Game Hunter

The new RS Clan Cup Big Game Hunter has started on Anachronia island. If you have interests, here you can learn the detailed information!

Join in RuneScape Clan Cup 2019

RuneScape Clan Cup 2019 starts on Monday August 19th and will last for a week.Each player will have three one hour attempts to skin as many dinosaurs as they can in Big Game Hunter. These sessions can be abandoned and restarted at any time during the week. Please note that to participate, you’ll need the usual requirements for Big Game Hunter: 75 Hunter and 55 Slayer.

Rewards for RuneScape Clan Cup 2019 winners

At the end of the week, the top ten scores from your clan will be combined into a total score. The clan with the highest total score will be declared the winners, and will walk away with a selection of rewards:
-1st Prize: Access to the Crystal avatar, clan stickied thread in recruitment and 12% XP boost/100% faster capping for a month!

-Runners Up: Access to the Crystal avatar and 9% XP boost/75% faster capping for a month!

Bonuses during RuneScape Clan Cup sessions

You can enjoy the following Big Game Hunter buffs and bonuses during your Clan Cup sessions:
1.You will receive one Hunter Mark for each Dinosaur skinned at the end of your session
2.For the duration of the Clan Cup session, multi spawn encounters will be disabled to try and keep it fair throughout
3.During your Clan Cup session, the Dinosaurs will never go into hiding. This means that you can dedicate a full hour to hunting
4.While in a Clan Cup session in a Big Game Hunter encounter, Surge, Bladed Dive, Barge, and Escape will have a cooldown of 10 seconds.

To enter, all your clan needs to do is ensure that at least 10 players have completed their sessions by the time the cup ends at 23:59 UTC on Sunday, August 25th. Your scores will be recorded automatically.

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08/14/2019Learn Bounty Hunter Rework Design!

The long-awaited design for the Bounty Hunter rework has been revealed in the latest official blog.The proposed design overhauls many features of Bounty Hunter and includes a new points system, player bounties, and a brand new rewards shop.Here you could learn the details of how the overall system would work.

The Points System

Here's a breakdown of how players would receive points in the revamped version of the minigame. This system was designed to be simple and to reward players for each kill they get:
-A player who kills their BH target receives 1 point
-Players on a killstreak of 3 or more receive double points
-Players on a killstreak of 10 or more receive triple points
-A killstreak ends when you are killed by any player, log out, or skip a target (with some exceptions).
Players will also receive bonus points at certain milestone in a similar way to how Slayer points are awarded (see table below).

Like Slayer points, these would be awarded each time the milestone is hit. This means you would receive 25 additional points for the 10th, 20th, and 30th kills and so on. These would be in addition to the points you receive per individual kill (1, 2 or 3 points depending on your killstreak).

Player Bounties

As an additional challenge, players may complete tasks to receive an immediate 10 points. This will add variety and an extra level of challenge. The tasks will appear in the chatbox and differ from player to player. They will change automatically every half an hour. If you do not wish to complete the current bounty, it may be skipped immediately up to three times per day.
1.Get 2 kills without leaving the wilderness (crossing the ditch), trading, or picking up items from the ground
2.Kill an opponent using Ranged/Melee/Magic on the last hit
3.Kill an opponent while risking 250,000 GP (in coins/platinum tokens only)
4.Kill an opponent without using any prayers
5.Kill an opponent without using a special attack
6.Kill your opponent without using Protect Item
7.Kill your opponent without any stat boosts

The Bounty Hunter Shop

In the latest design for OSRS Bounty Hunter rework, the develop team proposes a new Bounty Hunter shop that sells the Bounty Hunter Crate, some cosmetic rewards and new supplies. The points that you earned from the points system and bounties would serve as currency for this OSRS Bounty Hunter Shop.

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08/08/2019Learn Small Game & The Last Man Standing Updates

Small In-Game Improvements

Following the Small In-Game Improvements and February QoL polls,
The Old School Team  have  implemented some of the updates below .

Fletching Animations

Animations have been added for when a player tips arrows, bolts and darts, and adds feathers to shafts. These animations will not affect the rate at which you do actions and will not prevent movement or other actions such as doing Agility while Fletching.

Reduce Chaos Elemental Respawn Timer

-The Chaos Elemental now spawns substantially quicker - from 2.5 minutes to 60 seconds.

Volcanic Mine Quick Start

Players can now right-click quick pay to enter the Volcanic Mine.

Multiple Locator Orbs

Ava will now offer multiple locator orbs after completion of Dragon Slayer II.

The Last Man Standing Updates

The Last Man Standing beta has closed, In the coming weeks ,the  Team will be working on the various features that have been suggested, leading to a re-launch in the autumn (of 2019). Here is the engine change involving line-of-sight.

1.Players can no longer avoid Sarachnis' web attack.
2.The ambient sound effects in the Forthos Dungeon have been updated.
3.A grammar error has been corrected in the reward messages from beginner clue scrolls.
4.Blocking has been added to an awkward tile upstairs in Varrock Palace where players kept getting stuck.
5.The battlemage potion has been realigned with the other potions in the bank.

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07/31/2019Spectacular Summer Skill-Off!

RS Summer Skill Off  During this event, collect Skill Off tokens, enjoy more experience and gain the big event mystery box, snack yak pet and more!
Summer Skill Off event  is  is a new community event offering skilling activities and extra experience, allowing you to collect Skill Off tokens RuneScape in exchange for mystery boxes, the unique Snack yak, Blightreaver and so on. What do need to know about this summer event?

Join in RS Summer Skill Off

A new community event RuneScape Summer Skill Off has started on 29 July 2019 and will end on 5 August.
During the Summer Skill Off event, you can earn Skill Off tokens anywhere in Gielinor which can be converted to mystery boxes or used at one of the skilling stations in Lumbridge Crater for extra experience and to progress in the event.

Participate in Skilling activities

At the start of the event, all activities were available to participate in, awarding a set amount of base experience. Every day, the activity with the fewest votes would be "eliminated", while the remaining activities would receive a 10% increase to their base experience. Following elimination, a skill station may still be trained at, however the experience gained will remain the same as it was before its elimination.
There is a 10% experience boost in Lumbridge Crater during the event. This affects all skilling done in the area. Furthermore, while using the skill activities still in the competition, there is an option to use the Skill Off tokens while training. This makes every experience drop consume five tokens, increasing the base experience gained by a static amount. 100 spent tokens count for a vote towards that skill.
All activities except Hunter provide continuous experience at 3-second intervals until the activity is interrupted. Hunter is a bit more random; whenever the player catches a wolpertinger, there is an additional 1.2-second delay between experience gains.

Rewards in RS  Summer Skill Off

500 or 1000 tokens could be converted into an event mystery box or big event mystery box respectively. Right-clicking the Skill Off tokens gives a 'Convert' option.
2,500 Skill Off tokens - Big event mystery box (Summer Skill Off)
7,500 Skill Off tokens - Blightreaver
10,000 Skill Off tokens - Big event mystery box (Summer Skill Off)
15,000 Skill Off tokens - Snack yak

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