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11/22/2017The Rainbow's End guides

Good news!The rainbows have settled over Gielinor again, bringing luck, new rares and plenty of prize multipliers,Let's see the whole details on the below.

How long the event last?

You can Join in from 00:00 game time on the 22nd November through to 23:59 game time on the 27th November.

Which prizes can you get?


While opening the Rainbow Box, you can win multiplication tokens and double your rewards for the ultimate promotion to the dazzling X7! This multiplier applies to all the contents of the treasure hunter (except for the multiplier token itself), so upgrade it as much as possible for maximum benefit!

2.Rainbow-Coloured Rares

You also get brand new rainbow themed prizes, gold cans, rainbow wands and shiny rainbow aura! They are tradable Lares and will be as sought after as previous rainbow projects - rainbow amulets, promontories, bows and umbrellas. If you have not unlocked, you can also get these previous products for this promotion.

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11/20/2017RuneScape songs will coming soon

Do you like RuneScape music? Last week,RuneScape Official announced the RuneScape music will be at Abbey Road studio for an exclusive recording session on December 12th.and you and a friend could be there to enjoy every second - all expenses paid!

RuneScape holds the Guinness World Record for the highest volume of original music tracks(1,202 at the time of writing),

Are you expect now? You can also share your favorite RuneScape music on forums, Twitter, Reddit, or Instagram. Do not forget to use #MyRuneScapeSong, just for Twitter and Instagram.

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11/17/2017Some updates about Serpentine Helm and Ahrims Staff OSRS

The Old School team has updated some newest news,Please keep your eyes on these changes.

Update of OSRS Serpentine Helm

when you wear the Serpentine Helmet, you are granted to immunity to venom and poison. In addition, your opponents can be inflicted with venom, unless they are immune to it. However, this effect only applies to NPCs rather than other players.

The chance of venom:

16.7% - when using a a non-poisoned melee weapon;

50% - when using a poison-inflicting weapon, such as the Dragon Dagger Poisoned, poisoned arrows and bolt (excluding Emerald bolts(e)).

100% - when using a venom-inflicting weapon, such as the Toxic Blowpipe

Change of Ahrims Staff

Ahrim Staff OSRS was once considered one of the worst magic weapons in the game. From now on, you can change that impression because Ahrim's staff has become a hit. More importantly, but now it can supply a 5% Magic damage increase.

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11/15/2017Gloves of Passage and RuneScape LotD Bug

There are various small updates this week ,Are you like it?Today, we will update the Gloves of Passage and RuneScape LotD for you, Please pay a visit to these.

The update of Gloves of passage

The tier Melee Item - Pass gloves are available from the Magister. When you put on them and successfully hijack the abilities, the damage of two ticks of your next melee attack in 6 secs is increased by 7%.

By remembering more than 60,000 combat charges, the glove is relegated to a broken state, which can be fixed by a 300,000 coin NPC, or cheaper on an armor.

Fortunately, the drop rate of gloves of passage RuneScape has been increased from 1/2000 to 1/500.

The Update to RuneScape LotD

This week the luck rings (including luck of the dwarvesb - LotD) has a small mass update, inform players they received any project, because wearing a ring. However, the effectiveness of these rings has unexpectedly changed, leading players to get more than expected drops of water. Basically, the mess boss has given a ridiculous rate of decline, a lot of rare drops have entered the market. After a few hours, the problem similar to a glitch of fortune was frozen in a matter of hours.

As a demonized alchemical agate ring, Dwarf's luck can slightly increase the chance of getting some unique drops and rewards, influenced by the mechanics of luck. At the same time, it can also provide unlimited delivery to the Grand Exchange, Micronesia and Keldagrim.

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11/13/2017Tips for Collect Clockwork Pieces RuneScape and details about Evil Dave's Big Day Out

Now,We will provide you some tips on how to collect clockwork pieces RuneScape and details about Evil Dave's Big Day Out,Please pay your attention to it.

During the Going Like Clockwork event on November 26, there are a variety of things you can do to get a different amount of Clockwork RuneScape.

Please refer to the following data for reference:

Make, invent or hunter: 25-33;
All other non-combat skills: 22-27;
Shaguai: 25-30;
Daily Challenges: 74-107;
Extend Daily Challenges: 148-180
Snow thrilling: 20

What's more, you have the option to purchase the wording of the wording on the Stores tab of the Seasonal Events screen.

Please remember that every time you post during the event, you will receive 200 conditions. However, there are already 20 games now,because the players have finished the race quickly and have won the mysterious box at a fast pace.

Compared with training other skills, you can gain an additional 25% through training inventions, production and hunters.

Evil Dave's Big Day Out

In these days, there will be a novice task called Evil Dave big day Out. The new mission is about the evil Dave. At present, the core mission of the mission has been completed. Let us look forward to this mission. which is a professional 07 Runescape Gold selling site will give you a simple guide of it. Click here to read more RuneScape news.



11/10/2017The Rubber Turkey issue and Details of Dark Knight Fortress

The Rubber Turkey will be rewarded from the upcoming Going Like Clockwork event,This make a lot of players are not so satisfied about it,what do you think of this issues?

Rubber Turkey has always been considered suspended from the first release. There are already 12,500 in the game. Many players think it is not good to release again, especially those who invest all their hard-earned gold in turkey.

While some players think Jagex has never stated bluntly that Turkey has stopped, others argue that the term "limited" rarely shows strongly that it has been discontinued. Republishing such a project will allow players to once again lose trust in Jagex.

If you know nothing about the Dark Knight Fortress, we will give you a brief introduction. This fortress is filled with dark warriors. Although this is a great place to train magic, it's also where players like to kill. There are several rooms crowded with dark warriors.

Whether you fight it or not, you can work with the Dark Warrior in about 20 minutes. In 5 rooms of Chaos, Mind and body runes you can be safe from dark warriors in the room if you use broken ladders to position yourself correctly.

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11/08/2017Participate in RuneScape Going Like Clockwork to win Various Rewards

In order to win various rewards,You can join the Going Like Clockwork RuneScape event,More details and guides is actually on here, Please read carefully.

How long the RuneScape Going Like Clockwork be last?

The Going Like Clockwork event will be available from November 13 until November 26, 2017 when Santa takes time off annually to prepare himself emotionally for the festive season. 

What should you do?

In the absence of Santa Claus, Eira will be found for the time being at Burthorpe. However, Snow stole Santa's precious clockwork toy and put them all in Gielinor. Before Santa returns, you have to help Eira collect all 10,000 clocks.

What's more, you can get clockwork from Skilling, PvM, complete daily challenges and catch snow.

There have another important thing we have to remind you that we get rewards like items from RuneScape Christmas 2014 & 2015 during the upcoming event.

If you have spare parts for the clockwork you can offer them to Eira in order to get the mystery box for an event or the mystery box for a big event that includes some Christmas events rewards and other common events from 2014 and 2015 Items such as Snowverload plush to unlock Snowverload plushie, Mammoth Mammoth plushie, Penguin Mammoth plush), Friend Pet Tokens (Unlock friends), Christmas lootbeam Tokens (Unwrap Christmas Grab Beam), Rubber Turkey and Off-Hand Rubber Turkey.

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11/06/20178 RuneScape Combat Pets and 3 Titles like Jack of Blades

Here are some details about 8 new RuneScape combat skilling pets and 3 new titles (like Jack of Blades, Jack of All Blades & Master of All) willbe added in game this month,Now, pay your attention to this.

What are the 8 RuneScape combat pets?

This month, these rare fantastic combat pets finally will be added in to the game.The pets include:

Shamini, Summoning
Newton, Magic
Morty, Constitution
Kangali, Strength
Sifu, Attack
Wallace, Defense
Sparky, Ranged
Ghostly, Prayer

What are the 3 new titles?

Jack of Blades

Jack of All Blades

Master of All

Other note:

You have to get 3 combat pets within 9 points before you can unlock the title of Blade. When you get 9 combat pets, you can unlock all blade titles. More importantly, you get the owner's title when you unlock all 27 combat and skill pets.

Just remember Slayer's Crabbe will be counted as "Blade Jack" title, not "Jack's Industry" title. In addition, the chances of getting Shamini will be used to illustrate the time it takes to gather glamor.

More importantly, it's an honor for those who will be the first players to win a new title whose name will be spread across all servers.

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11/03/2017A player Gawad by Hard Work gain RuneScape Beaver

How is the process of this thing ?

It’s over 40 days since the player Gawad (McFluffigins on Reddit) began to strive for RuneScape Beaver.He has been kept on doing long time. As a matter of fact, he has been kept on doing this all the time, which draws much attention on Reddit, including J Mod. Now through his long effort, he finally succeeds in obtaining the Runecape Beaver in game.

How can you get the pet Beaver OSRS?

You have rare chance to obtain the skill pet - Beaver OSRS by training Woodcutting. The chances of gaining it depend on your Woodcutting level and the time it takes to gather a resource. In addition, you will hear a strange sound when gaining the Beaver. Just remember there is no chance to get it by chopping ent trunks and bruma roots.If you insure the pet with a one-time fee of 500,000 coins to Probita in East Ardougne, you can reclaim it for 1,000,000 coins when it’s lost.

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11/01/2017The Dimension of the Damned Finale and helpful security guidelines

The following is the full details about the changes to the Damned  finale.Please keep your eyes on it.
Time changes
Dimension of the Damned Finale has been changed into 20:00 game time on 4 November, 2017. Probably for an hour and a half. The top 1000 players can log in the finale servers from 19:30 game time.
Other changes
Some changes for the Dimension of the Damned Finale, Jagex has be noted.
1. When logging in, your will get Steel armor and some bottle corks to spend at Zrik's shop, plus a mithril pickaxe and hatchet on your toolbelt, but the gear you have obtained during the qualifier will be lost.
2. The large boss zombie will hit all players in front of him during his AOE attack. And the two boss will not drop Runite items any more.
3. The supply drop rewards will be changed, less of the fluff, more of the power.
4. Only the first 20 players to open the crate can get the rewards before it expires. And Runite rocks will respawn much more quickly (about 30 seconds), so you can try to craft more Runite equipment.

We also Provide your some useful security guidelines,read it now.

Fraud violates game and BBS rules. This should be penalized and will cause your account to be silenced or banned depending on the severity of the fraud crime.

It is easy to avoid fraud through common sense and awareness. This guide aims to help real players attack fraudsters' tricks and lies. You report any person who you think is trying to cheat you is vital. The more evidence you have, the easier it is to catch bad guys and keep RuneScape world clean!

What should you pay attention to? No matter how the scam is broken, all scams can be avoided by following this advice that is summen up
1.Don't give up or trade things you don't want to lose.
2.Complete all transactions in a transaction.
3.Pay attention to each trade window.
4.Beware of overly complicated processes.

Have you ever been asked to jump world in some places? Do you use something? Don't buy things for other players. Don't accept junk as payment or collateral - their GE prices may not reflect real value! Beware of scammer teams.

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