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08/21/2019RuneScape Clan Cup 2019 -Big Game Hunter

The new RS Clan Cup Big Game Hunter has started on Anachronia island. If you have interests, here you can learn the detailed information!

Join in RuneScape Clan Cup 2019

RuneScape Clan Cup 2019 starts on Monday August 19th and will last for a week.Each player will have three one hour attempts to skin as many dinosaurs as they can in Big Game Hunter. These sessions can be abandoned and restarted at any time during the week. Please note that to participate, you’ll need the usual requirements for Big Game Hunter: 75 Hunter and 55 Slayer.

Rewards for RuneScape Clan Cup 2019 winners

At the end of the week, the top ten scores from your clan will be combined into a total score. The clan with the highest total score will be declared the winners, and will walk away with a selection of rewards:
-1st Prize: Access to the Crystal avatar, clan stickied thread in recruitment and 12% XP boost/100% faster capping for a month!

-Runners Up: Access to the Crystal avatar and 9% XP boost/75% faster capping for a month!

Bonuses during RuneScape Clan Cup sessions

You can enjoy the following Big Game Hunter buffs and bonuses during your Clan Cup sessions:
1.You will receive one Hunter Mark for each Dinosaur skinned at the end of your session
2.For the duration of the Clan Cup session, multi spawn encounters will be disabled to try and keep it fair throughout
3.During your Clan Cup session, the Dinosaurs will never go into hiding. This means that you can dedicate a full hour to hunting
4.While in a Clan Cup session in a Big Game Hunter encounter, Surge, Bladed Dive, Barge, and Escape will have a cooldown of 10 seconds.

To enter, all your clan needs to do is ensure that at least 10 players have completed their sessions by the time the cup ends at 23:59 UTC on Sunday, August 25th. Your scores will be recorded automatically.

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08/14/2019Learn Bounty Hunter Rework Design!

The long-awaited design for the Bounty Hunter rework has been revealed in the latest official blog.The proposed design overhauls many features of Bounty Hunter and includes a new points system, player bounties, and a brand new rewards shop.Here you could learn the details of how the overall system would work.

The Points System

Here's a breakdown of how players would receive points in the revamped version of the minigame. This system was designed to be simple and to reward players for each kill they get:
-A player who kills their BH target receives 1 point
-Players on a killstreak of 3 or more receive double points
-Players on a killstreak of 10 or more receive triple points
-A killstreak ends when you are killed by any player, log out, or skip a target (with some exceptions).
Players will also receive bonus points at certain milestone in a similar way to how Slayer points are awarded (see table below).

Like Slayer points, these would be awarded each time the milestone is hit. This means you would receive 25 additional points for the 10th, 20th, and 30th kills and so on. These would be in addition to the points you receive per individual kill (1, 2 or 3 points depending on your killstreak).

Player Bounties

As an additional challenge, players may complete tasks to receive an immediate 10 points. This will add variety and an extra level of challenge. The tasks will appear in the chatbox and differ from player to player. They will change automatically every half an hour. If you do not wish to complete the current bounty, it may be skipped immediately up to three times per day.
1.Get 2 kills without leaving the wilderness (crossing the ditch), trading, or picking up items from the ground
2.Kill an opponent using Ranged/Melee/Magic on the last hit
3.Kill an opponent while risking 250,000 GP (in coins/platinum tokens only)
4.Kill an opponent without using any prayers
5.Kill an opponent without using a special attack
6.Kill your opponent without using Protect Item
7.Kill your opponent without any stat boosts

The Bounty Hunter Shop

In the latest design for OSRS Bounty Hunter rework, the develop team proposes a new Bounty Hunter shop that sells the Bounty Hunter Crate, some cosmetic rewards and new supplies. The points that you earned from the points system and bounties would serve as currency for this OSRS Bounty Hunter Shop.

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08/08/2019Learn Small Game & The Last Man Standing Updates

Small In-Game Improvements

Following the Small In-Game Improvements and February QoL polls,
The Old School Team  have  implemented some of the updates below .

Fletching Animations

Animations have been added for when a player tips arrows, bolts and darts, and adds feathers to shafts. These animations will not affect the rate at which you do actions and will not prevent movement or other actions such as doing Agility while Fletching.

Reduce Chaos Elemental Respawn Timer

-The Chaos Elemental now spawns substantially quicker - from 2.5 minutes to 60 seconds.

Volcanic Mine Quick Start

Players can now right-click quick pay to enter the Volcanic Mine.

Multiple Locator Orbs

Ava will now offer multiple locator orbs after completion of Dragon Slayer II.

The Last Man Standing Updates

The Last Man Standing beta has closed, In the coming weeks ,the  Team will be working on the various features that have been suggested, leading to a re-launch in the autumn (of 2019). Here is the engine change involving line-of-sight.

1.Players can no longer avoid Sarachnis' web attack.
2.The ambient sound effects in the Forthos Dungeon have been updated.
3.A grammar error has been corrected in the reward messages from beginner clue scrolls.
4.Blocking has been added to an awkward tile upstairs in Varrock Palace where players kept getting stuck.
5.The battlemage potion has been realigned with the other potions in the bank.

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07/31/2019Spectacular Summer Skill-Off!

RS Summer Skill Off  During this event, collect Skill Off tokens, enjoy more experience and gain the big event mystery box, snack yak pet and more!
Summer Skill Off event  is  is a new community event offering skilling activities and extra experience, allowing you to collect Skill Off tokens RuneScape in exchange for mystery boxes, the unique Snack yak, Blightreaver and so on. What do need to know about this summer event?

Join in RS Summer Skill Off

A new community event RuneScape Summer Skill Off has started on 29 July 2019 and will end on 5 August.
During the Summer Skill Off event, you can earn Skill Off tokens anywhere in Gielinor which can be converted to mystery boxes or used at one of the skilling stations in Lumbridge Crater for extra experience and to progress in the event.

Participate in Skilling activities

At the start of the event, all activities were available to participate in, awarding a set amount of base experience. Every day, the activity with the fewest votes would be "eliminated", while the remaining activities would receive a 10% increase to their base experience. Following elimination, a skill station may still be trained at, however the experience gained will remain the same as it was before its elimination.
There is a 10% experience boost in Lumbridge Crater during the event. This affects all skilling done in the area. Furthermore, while using the skill activities still in the competition, there is an option to use the Skill Off tokens while training. This makes every experience drop consume five tokens, increasing the base experience gained by a static amount. 100 spent tokens count for a vote towards that skill.
All activities except Hunter provide continuous experience at 3-second intervals until the activity is interrupted. Hunter is a bit more random; whenever the player catches a wolpertinger, there is an additional 1.2-second delay between experience gains.

Rewards in RS  Summer Skill Off

500 or 1000 tokens could be converted into an event mystery box or big event mystery box respectively. Right-clicking the Skill Off tokens gives a 'Convert' option.
2,500 Skill Off tokens - Big event mystery box (Summer Skill Off)
7,500 Skill Off tokens - Blightreaver
10,000 Skill Off tokens - Big event mystery box (Summer Skill Off)
15,000 Skill Off tokens - Snack yak

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07/24/2019Learn Changes to RS Anachronia&Big Game Hunter

Several new contents have been added to RS since the Land Out of Time was released in game. With the update this week,  some useful changes  have been made to Anachronia and the Big Game Hunter.Here you could  learn the detailed  information.

Changes to RS3 Anachronia

According to the latest official news post,  25 changes have been made  to RS3 Anachronia this week, but here are a selection of the most important ones:

1.Gotta Go Fast will now unlock, as intended, after unlocking both double surge and double escape.
2.A breadcrumb trail has been added to Giles if you have not yet completed the Base Camp tutorial.
3.Damaged dinosaur hides are now noteable.
4.The world map view of Anachronia has been tweaked slightly to better represent the terrain.

Changes to RS3 Big Game Hunter

The following changes have been made to RS3  Big Game Hunter  this week:

1.The aggression circle now better syncs with the dinosaur’s position after it has eaten Jadinkos.
2.One of the hard paths has been removed from the Arcane Apoterrasaur.
3.Jadinkos will no longer spawn on the lowest tier encounters. (Arcane Apoterrasaur, Scimitops, and Bagrada Rex.)
4.The delay from when Jadinkos spawn to when the creature tracks towards them has been increased.
5.A bank pin is now required to access your bait box on Anachronia.
6.If you have bought the bait box upgrade, a bait box has been added to the base camp that accepts noted bait for Big Game Hunter.
7.The delay for when you can move when joining a Big Game Encounter has been reduced slightly.
8.The message received when skinning a creature inside Big Game Hunter has been tweaked slightly.

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07/17/2019OSRS Splashing in Lumbridge

"Splashing" is a highly AFK Magic training method,allowing players to do OSRS Magic training for casting the spell and remain in combat with NPCs. But no magic experience gained if Splashing in the certain Lumbridge area.

Adjustment to  OSRS Splashing in Lumbridge

According to the recent official news post, adjustment has been made to OSRS Splashing in Lumbridge. Player no longer gain Magic experience for casting spells in the area shown below (this includes the castle basement) if your magic accuracy is too low to deal damage: 
The develop team also explained the reason why they made this change. By attacking NPCs while wearing equipment with low Magical accuracy, it is possible to prevent yourself from dealing any damage. This means the NPC never dies while the player gains experience for casting the spell and can remain in combat with the NPC for hours.For new players that come fresh out of Tutorial Island, it looks odd to see players dressed in full Melee equipment attacking with Magic against low level NPCs such as rats.

OSRS Splashing guide for Magic training

As a highly AFK Magic training method, Splashing can be a cheap and effective way to train Magic through low levels. The experience rates are based on the spell players cast, rather than armour/damage bonuses. It typically costs less than 40,000 coins when training with Strike spells for 6 hours. However, players cannot gain any Hitpoints experience from Splashing as no damage is dealt to their target.
Players should notice that they will stop auto-retaliating after 20 minutes while splashing. It is necessary to wear items adding up to at least -65 Magic attack, such as full bronze/iron/steel/black/mithril/adamant/rune, or any d’hide vambraces.

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07/10/2019Golden Gnome Nominations now open!

The nominations for this year's Golden Gnomes are now open!This year The Golden Gnomes take place on the opening night of RuneFest 2019, at 18:00 on Friday October 4th.
You can vote for your favourite until July 16th.This year it's your votes that will drive the entire Golden Gnome Awards voting process, all the way from start to finish! Once  the  RS Team have received the nominations, the GGA panel will announce the finalists. You'll then have the chance to vote for the winner of each category. The final winners will be revealed live at the Golden Gnome Awards at RuneFest.Here you could learn the Golden Gnome Nominations   process and categories.

Process for Golden Gnome Awards 2019

Nominations Close on July 16th
Nominees shortlisted by GGA Panel
Nominee shortlist announced to community
Players vote from shortlisted nominees on July 26th
Nominee voting closes on August 1st
Winner votes reviewed by GGA Panel (i.e vote manipulation checks)
Winners announced at Golden Gnome Awards at RuneFest on October 4th

Categories for Golden Gnome Awards 2019

1.Video Awards

Best New RuneScape Video Maker
Best New OSRS Video Maker
Best RuneScape Video Maker
Best OSRS Video Maker
RuneScape Video of the Year
OSRS Video of the Year

2.Streaming Awards

Best New RuneScape Streamer
Best New OSRS Streamer
Best RuneScape Streamer
Best OSRS Streamer

3.Art Awards

Best New RuneScape Artist
Best New OSRS Artist
Best Artistic Creation
Best Artist

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07/03/2019RS3 Double XP Weekend - July 2019!

RS3 Double XP Weekend 2019 is coming! Double XP bonuses will be offered from July 26th, you can make some preparation before the Double XP event arrives.

RS3 Double XP Weekend in July 2019

According to the latest RS official news post, RuneScape Double XP Weekend is coming on July 26th (12:00, or midday) and will run until July 29th (11:59, late morning). Members will have the opportunity to enjoy a 100% XP boost ,Non-members can still enjoy a 20% XP boost. As before, the vast majority of skilling activities will be able to take advantage.

Preparations of RuneScape Double XP Weekend

After the announcement of an upcoming Double XP Weekend, players often prepare their accounts in order to maximise efficiency and experience gains. Prior to the start of the event, players may engage in the following activities:

1.Stocking up on large amounts of skilling resources through the Grand Exchange (e.g. logs and raw fish to train Firemaking and Cooking respectively).
2.It may be preferential to focus on fast but expensive skills, as Double XP Weekend has a limited time frame (e.g. skills like Summoning, Fletching, and Herblore).
3.Playing Treasure Hunter for a chance to obtain protean items and sources of bonus experience.
4.Earning keys by completing quests and daily challenges, or buying them using real-life currency.
Buying portable skilling stations.
5.Collecting divine locations, as both resources and experience can be gained at a faster rate than traditional methods, at the cost of having a daily limit of how many items can be obtained from these locations. It may also be a good idea to stock up on vis wax, which can be used to extend the daily limit by up to 100%.

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06/26/2019Learn RS Comp Cape Changes

This week RS offical news post  reveals  some significant changes to the comp cape redesign. Here you could learn the detailed changes to Comp Cape passive benefits, added stats and others.

Comp Cape  & Trim Comp Cape  requirements

The Comp requirement will be something which requires you to participate in content enough to understand it,and  the Comp Cape should represent a player who has played everything. A comped player is a player you can ask about any update, and they’ll be able to tell you about it. In contrast, the Trim requirement will be something which requires you to have completed content, to whatever extent is possible. When you see someone with Trim, you should see someone who has completed everything. They require the player to really go above and beyond and exhaust the update, doing everything they can.

Changes to RS Comp Cape passive benefits

Although the comp cape still exists as a physical object, all the benefits of wearing it have been transformed into passive benefits.The following benefits which currently are inherited by the comp cape from other capes, will be decoupled from the comp cape and become accessible in game through other means. As specified above, these will become permanent effects, toggleable, or activate-able depending on the benefit.Here are some of these benefits:

From the max cape/99 skillcapes
Max Guild teleport
The ability to add 3 skillcape perks to your ‘cape slot’
From the Ardougne cloak 4
Kandarin monastery teleport
Manor farm teleport
All task rewards (from Ardougne tasks) that require the cape to be worn
The arrow retrieval effect
Various thieving bonuses and effects

Removed the Reaper requirements from RS Comp Cape

Some bosses from the reaper requirements are extremely challenging to complete due to their difficulty and their forced group interactions.Therefore,  Reaper requirements have been removed from the comp cape.To make up for removing these requirements from the cape, some of the comp cape stats are now a passive bonus from earning the 'Reaper Crew' achievement.
The comp cape stats have been lowered to match the max cape stats. The difference between these stats has now been added as a passive effect unlocked by completing the ‘Reaper Crew’ achievement, although a few have been tweaked slightly for balancing reasons.
The added stats for completing the 'Reaper Crew' are:

+200 HP
+20 Armour
+2 Prayer
+12 Melee Strength
+12 Ranged Strength
+12 Magic Strength

Notice: Players will have 1 month to complete these achievemtns before losing access to their Completionist Cape.

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06/19/2019RS Mahjarrat Aura - Update!

The latest Runescape offical news post have  confirmed  that RS Mahjarrat Aura will be obtainable by all players even Ironmen.If you need to obtain the Mahjarrat Aura, see the detailed information below to understand how to get this  tier 5 aura when it is available.

How to  get Mahjarrat Aura

Mahjarrat Aura will be obtainable by all players  even Ironmen from July 29th.You can purchase the Mahjarrat Aura from RuneScape Death’s Store, which will cost 1,000 Reaper points.Mahjarrat Aura will also be available in exchange for 3 Bonds, which at this moment in time equates to a gold amount of approximately 65 million.

NOTE: Obtaining the Mahjarrat Aura is not required for the Trimmed Completionist Cape Requirement.If you signed up for Premier Club in 2016, the Mahjarrat Aura is already unlocked on your account and available to use.

Effect of Mahjarrat Aura RuneScape

RuneScape Mahjarrat Aura is a tier 5 aura. It could possibly increase your damage dealt as well as the cap for divine places by 5% when worn and also active, and lasts for an hour with a recharge time regarding 23 hours. The Mahjarrat Aura can be a best-in-slot aura for a lot of PvM activity.

Obtain RuneScape Reaper points for Mahjarrat Aura

RuneScape Reaper points can be obtained after you have finished a Soul Reaper task. The amount of Reaper points you may get depends on the difficulty of the task and the boss. More Reaper points will be awarded in case you have group bosses and/or expanded tasks toggled, or the Heart and soul Reaper task was carried out hard mode.
In addition , something like 20 RuneScape Reaper points can be found if you offer a Gift for that Reaper, which is obtained from the particular Motherlode Maw as a incentive or purchased from the Travelling merchant.

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