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07 Fire Cape
(70 ranged, 40 def)
07 Fire Cape
(70 ranged, 1 def)
07 Fire Cape
(60 ranged,40 def)
07 Fire Cape
(60 ranged, 1 def)
07 Fire Cape
(50 ranged, 40 def)
07 Fire Cape
(50 ranged, 1 def)
Thammaron's sceptre (u)$6.74
Viggora's chainmace (u)$25.36
Craw's bow (u)$71.02
Ghrazi Rapier
Justiciar armour set

Sanguinesti staff (uncharged)$125.26
Avernic defender hilt$110.16
Scythe of Vitur (uncharged)$1988.88
Skeletal Visage$67.39
Dragonfire Ward$63.24
Dragon platebody
Dragon claws$77.88
Dragon kiteshield$52.75
Dragon warhammer$57.23

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