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Runescape News

24/05/2018RuneScape Classic

RuneScape Classic had been the first edition of RuneScape, launched in 2001. And while it can apparently already been gladly plodding together since that time, it really is along with excellent unhappiness which runescape official took the actual hard choice to express farewell to RuneScape Traditional, that I will be turning straight down on the following three months.

It is often incredible to find out this kind of commitment among the of a person that have held actively playing RuneScape Traditional during the last couple of years, a few of you might have was able to achieve maximum complete!

Along with developments in technologies assisting to additional assistance each RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, a few resources shall no longer be suitable for Traditional. The overall game is currently easily over used by using third party macro resources, and botting is becoming a growing problem.

The reality is which crawlers and insufficient local community security resources tend to be severe issues, but therefore runescape official believe that they are able to no more provide long-term support dependability because of the developing possibility of unrecoverable game busting insects, the amount of insects gets worse.

Therefore the RuneScape Classic machines is going to be used off-line within the 6th of Aug 2018. Right after this kind of day, it is going to not be feasible to sign in towards the game. You are going to be in a position to create complete utilize from any kind of exceptional a regular membership period you might have involve that much which day, and any kind of leftover a regular membership will stay legitimate with regard to each RuneScape and Old School RuneScape.

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22/05/2018Summer Special Of Runescape

Solak, Elite Dungeons and much more wait for come early july, you will find providing an incredible 6-for-5 bundle with regard to £25.99 that not just will save a person cash on the a regular membership but additionally Bonds you with entry to lots of additional treats that are here:

3-month Summer Special Package:
Hellion Armour

6-month Summer Special Package:

Hellion Armour
1 Premier Club Token
1 Extra Daily Key
VIP Forum / World Access
Monthly Prize Draw
Access to Premier Club Vault
Access to exclusive Premier Club Content
Access to exclusive forum badge

Keep in mind, you may also utilize Bonds to purchase your bundle; simply five Bonds can get the 3-for-2 bundle and ten Bonds will certainly safe the amazing 6-for-5 bundle.

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17/05/2018New Comp Cape and Live Streams

We now have new Angels Scapes hooks and keyrings are around for pre-sale in the official store! The most recent styles using this well-known cooperation among our 2017 Golden Gnome winner and also the shop tend to be for individuals who simply have to possess every thing!

The new Comp Cape and Trimmed Comp Cape Keyring and Retribution/Smite Pins through 21st May. Some other outlines incorporate a Max Cape Keyring, Vitalis, PK Skull and DDS Pin!

Live Streams this Week

Watch runescape game streams and find more information over on Twitch channel

Tuesday, May 15th – 16:00 UTC (Game Time) – RuneScape Content Showcase

Friday, May 18th – 16:00 UTC (Game Time) – Patch Notes Teasers

Sunday, May 20th – 18:00 UTC (Game Time) – PvM with Mod Lee

Community Events

The Pink Skirts Event team is comprised of PMods hosting community events on a weekly basis.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for this week:

1. Sunday 20th May:

Town Square Q&A: Australia

Nex: Angel of Death Mass

Mega Duck Hunt

2. Saturday 19th May:

Town Square Q&A: America

Buried Treasure

Corporeal Beast Mass

3. Thursday 17th May:

Vindicta Mass Vorago Mass

Friday 18th May:


4. Wednesday 16th May:

Nex Mass

Corporeal Beast mass

Nex: Angel of Death mass

5. Tuesday 15th May:

Nex: Angel of Death Mass

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15/05/2018 Some Informations about Mental Health Awareness Week

The time-limited charity event - 2018 Mental Health Awareness Week event is coming,Now,Let's see all details.

How long will it last?

It will be lasting until 23:59 UTC on 20 May 2018.

During this event,you can get in-game and start earning XP to find RuneScape Charity tokens,Every day this week you can win a prize by answering questions correctly offered by the 3 charity representatives: Kat, Zoed, and Lau'Ra at the north of the Lumbridge Crater.

The proceeds from purchasing the Defender of the Mind Cape and RuneCoins in the reward shop will be donated to 3 charities: CPSL Mind, Prince's Trust and YMCA - England & Wales.

Some rewards gain from RuneScape Charity tokens

You can use RuneScape Charity tokens for some great rewards, including adorable new guys, Percy and Scoop.

Here is the list of rewards:

2,000 tokens-YMCA Banner, The Prince's Trust Banner and CPSL Mind Banner
4,000 tokens-Scoop
5,000 tokens-Defender's Blade and offhand variant
7,000 tokens-Wand and orb of the Mind
8,500 tokens-Defender's Greatblade
10,000 tokens-Percy

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10/05/2018The OSRS Mobile Android Beta Goes Always On Details

The OSRS Mobile team has announced the Android beta is planned to go “always on”,will be coming on May 10 along with some small changes,Now,Let's see all details.

From May 10, OSRS Mobile beta for Android goes always on, meaning that there is not a specific end date for the beta.

The initially invited players should have got an inbox message, including instructions on how to prepare for the beta going live. And on the start day of the beta - May 10 these players will again get another inbox message and an email with a link to the OSRS application on the Play Store contained.

Some Changes on OSRS Mobile iOS beta

1.Can no longer access fixed mode on mobile phones

2.Single touch Withdraw X in the bank.

3.Zoom settings will now persist over logout.

4.Mobile-exclusive controls tutorial.

5.It’s unlikely to tap between the menu stones and the side of the screen

6.Interface moving/appearing in multiple locations will function well based on what you already has opened.

7.The Special attack button area has been made slightly larger.

8.The yellow X which appears when clicking has been replaced on Mobile.

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08/05/2018Some Gower Quest Details

Now, We will share general information for Gower Quest for you ,Please pay close attention this.

The standalone F2P quest Gower Quest has a 24 quest point requirement.The quest asks you to make a cabbagespeak amulet to find out what the cabbages want.

You have to find all four problems first,When finding the first fragment,then start ask questions in the main room of Romeo, guthix etc. Otherwise, the dialogue cannot be unlocked.

After talking to Romeo, you can find the 5 required people.

Please prepare enough food and combat gear for the final battle with level 28 Black Knight Titan. And you have to defeat him for 6 times.

Some rewards

After completing RuneScape Gower Quest you can get: 1 quest point & 15 coins,2 TH keys and 2 Hearts of Ice,Retro Login Teleport spell override,Crispy the Cabbage follower pet,Cabbagemancer Outfit override,Brassica Prime godsword two-handed melee weapon override,The ability to reset tasks by searching a box at Gore Farm.  have many years experience of cheap Runescape 3 Gold sales, with lower price of ruenscape gold, powerleveling, Pure Accounts,24/7 professional live service and full stock guarantees the RS gold can be delivered in 5 minutes. It deserve your trust.


03/05/2018Some RuneScape Safecracking notes

Safecracking is a new training method,we will give you some notes and guides about it,please pay close attention to it.

Some guides

Safecracking is a simple, slightly AFK training method that is best described as elder trees for Thieving, 49 safes have been added across the game world.

Unlocked after completing the Buyers and Cellars quest and related capers.Here are the requirements:Minimum 62 Thieving,96 Thieving for all safes,Other various quests depending on location,Safes scattered across the world,Level tier divided by location.

From the safes you’ll get Thieving XP, cold hard cash and reward points.

With Safecracking, you can add a master bolt, a bolt that never breaks, and a master stethoscope that can be placed on the tool belt at the time of purchase.

Some notes

Here are some patch notes you can keep your eyes on here:

1.The Clan Settings interface is now an overlay, so you can now kick/assign ranks in your clan without worrying about every time you close the interface.

2.When pickpocketing Meilyr workers,Dungeoneering token bags are now redeemed automatically

3.Teleporting with the Ectophial will no longer empty it.

4.When someone goes through a door,Your interfaces will no longer be closed in Dungeoneering.

You can read the full list on there.

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