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Runescape News

12/12/2017Learn The G-Nome Project RuneScape and OSRS Christmas 2017

Now,you can expect the G-Nome Project RuneScape and OSRS Christmas comes,The below are all details about these.
The G-Nome Project RuneScape comes to Gielinor today,The santa has been back ,And now Santa has been back and made up his mind to change the clockwork gnome into a real boy. However, you have to track Santa and Rudolph from an untimely demise first after having a chat with the Snow Queen RuneScape in Varrock anytime in a few hours, when the G-Nome Project is active.

More details about OSRS Christmas 2017

Besides the Wise Old Man's Santa Hat & Snow Imp Costume, you also can claim the rewards from previous events from Diango OSRS.

Some players responded that they couldn’t get the red Santa outfit or others. Jagex has done some fixes for this. If you have missed out something, you can head back to Diango and get it. Buy RS 2007 gold and enjoy the OSRS Christmas 2017, which will be in-game until January 4, 2018.

And in December, for the coming Christmas, will celebrate the happy time with your family and friends. you are lucky on those days with code"lucky33"to get more free gold and "lucky15"to get 15% discount to buy all of RS accounts (20th Dec--15th Jan).


07/12/2017How to get Cheer Hunter outfit for Runescape LootScape?

Watch official live streams with RuneScape LootScape, and then you’ll have chance to gain great rewards including Cheer Hunter outfit this month.If you are interested in it,Please focus on the following informations.

How long will this live stream last?

Runescape e LootScape will be enabled for the stream this Sunday at 19:00 UTC (Game Time) on December 10, 2017. And RuneScape LootScape is a reward system for players that watch official RuneScape live streams, which are streamed on Twitch. It is not used during Old School RuneScape livestreams.

The ways to get Cheer Hunter outfit

You need to watching the Runescape LootScape Twitch live stream and your Runescape account has to linked to your Twitch account,When logging into your linked Runescape account, You should tune into one of RuneScape live streams to get some free stuff.

Focus on Runescape Stream schedule for further details,The Cheer Hunter outfit is so cool, Don’t miss the good chance, At the same time, don’t forget to there have super Cheap RS Gold on our site.

05/12/2017Tips and tricks for RuneScape

In order to help beginners who are currently in the deep and complex world of RuneScape.We list some suggestions for them,You can read the folllowing details now.

1.Craft your own adventure

Develop yourself a number of goals: A goal for RuneScape will help you create your own path.

2.Use the RuneScape Wikia page

And RuneScape Page Wikia is a great source for beginners and experienced players - If you're stuck, and maybe they'll definitely answer.

3.Passing World Map

Map of the world has a large part of filter that allows you to search for exactly what you want in the game world.

4.join the clan

Clans are groups of people participating in the chat and (can) have the castle, which is a unique special base of each unique clan.

5. Great exchange

Large exchange is RuneScape's market - it's automated, so buying and selling stuff costs little effort.

6. Manavos: Golden City

Travel to Manavos: Golden City - RuneScape has a new expansion, a new city to explore completely and discover new players and veterans.

7. Use the rail system

Find your track-use system path to choose the first steps in your trip. If you ever need push in the right direction, they will refer you to the content based on your choice of three categories: Koisting, combat and non-combat skills.

8. Get acquainted with all the fighting systems

Identify different systems control - experience with a guide, revolution, or old system status.

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29/11/2017Runescape updates about Winter Weekend and Festive Aura

Here are some updates about Runescape,Let see the details about it,Please focus on these informations.

Winter Weekend

The first of the Winter Weekends will coming soon,will begin at midday game time until the 4th of December.

The competition details:

An extra charm from charm drops
Increased chance of rare drops and enhanced ring of wealth

+50% bonus Slayer XP
Slayer VIP Ticket status for all Slayer assignments

+50% bonus anima in Shattered Worlds - NEW!
10% cheaper instance fees

The ability to loot from Mazcab Raids once per day
Extra training points from Boss Training

The ability to choose your Boss Slayer assignment - NEW!

Festive Aura

During December,  members can activate the annual Festive Aura for 30 minutes once a day for a 50% XP boost and plus a winter wings cosmetic.

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27/11/2017Dragon Slayer 2 and OSRS Mobile will coming in 2018

2018 is coming soon, will some sensational updates in Runescape,Such as Dragon Slayer 2, osrs mobile and more,Now ,you can know some important informations in the following details.

On the 4th January, the Dragon Slayer II will be releasing,To challenge OSRS Dragon Slayer 2 quest, you have to travel to Myth's Guild, uncover the secrets of Elvarg and her attack on Crandor, and challenge Vorkath.At the same time, to get access to this quest, you are required to achieve 200 Quest Points; Complete 7 quests, including Legends’ Quest, Dream Mentor, Animal Magnetism, Ghosts Ahoy, Bone Voyage, Client of Kourend, and A Tail of Two Cats OSRS; Have 50 Hitpoints and Reach skill levels at Magic 75, Smithing 70, Mining 68, Crafting 62, Agility 60, Thieving 60, and Construction 50.

Later in January the first round of OSRS Mobile beta testing will commence. After several tests and tweaks, the date to get hands on it would be delayed again IMO

In June will have the Theatre of Blood,A new vampire themed raid!The scene will happen to desolated Meiyerditch area, where you will meet the new puzzles and lore, as well as new rewards. will always provide you latest RS news with Cheapest Runescape 2007 Gold  in Best Price, Instant Delivery 2-10 mins promise you, 24/7 Customers Service.

24/11/2017Deadman Mode Permadeath public beta details

Old school Runescape team is conducting a beta playthrough of the Permadeath stages.Here are the some important details you should know ,Please read carefully.

Some important time you should remember

1.The beta playthrough has taken place on yesterday at 2pm GMT (9am EST)

2.The Winter Finals will set in at about 12:00 PM GMT on December 4.

3.Until 7:00 PM GMT on December 9, the Finals will reach the climax in the Permadeath Stage. Please ensure to stay tuned on their official Twitch, live from 7:00 PM GM

Some information about Final 1v1 Stage

Once the Permadeath stage begins, the player will be assigned one of the above final zone locations, the fog being specific to each player. There are 128 surviving players will be sent to a random, independent arena. These players regardless of level, location, equipment and a set of seven 1v1 battle stand.

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22/11/2017The Rainbow's End guides

Good news!The rainbows have settled over Gielinor again, bringing luck, new rares and plenty of prize multipliers,Let's see the whole details on the below.

How long the event last?

You can Join in from 00:00 game time on the 22nd November through to 23:59 game time on the 27th November.

Which prizes can you get?


While opening the Rainbow Box, you can win multiplication tokens and double your rewards for the ultimate promotion to the dazzling X7! This multiplier applies to all the contents of the treasure hunter (except for the multiplier token itself), so upgrade it as much as possible for maximum benefit!

2.Rainbow-Coloured Rares

You also get brand new rainbow themed prizes, gold cans, rainbow wands and shiny rainbow aura! They are tradable Lares and will be as sought after as previous rainbow projects - rainbow amulets, promontories, bows and umbrellas. If you have not unlocked, you can also get these previous products for this promotion.

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