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Runescape News

13/12/2018Old RS Minimap Icons Brought Back to Game

The icons of the Minimap have been through several updates. This week, the Minimap Icons have been changed back to the former version. And among a series of updates and tweaks implemented in the game, the news that old Minimap icons has been brought back draws much attention of players. And basically the responses from the players are very positive to this.

What is Minimap?
The Minimap (also called mini-map in RuneScape documentation) is the area of the game interface in the upper-right of the screen. It shows a bird's eye view of the player's surrounding area, with the player at the centre.

The minimap appears as an approximately circular area with a 19 square-length radius. White lines represent walls, fences, etc., although a red marker indicates a door or other penetrable features. Coloured dots act as markers to identify nearby items, players, monsters and NPCs. Certain buildings and features (such as water sources) are marked by icons. Quest start points are also shown on the minimap. The minimap does not function in areas such as the Barrows and Puro-Puro.

Generally, the players are relatively happy to see this change. Of course there are also some people who like the new version, as well as people who like both of the two versions.

Firstly, the old icons make the players feel as if they were brought back to the earlier years when the RuneScape game was in its golden age. The feeling of nostalgia helps the old icons win the player’s favor. Secondly, the wide popularity of the old icons has also unveiled a truth: The simpler, the better. While the new Minimap icons are more sharp, the old icons are relatively simple and easy to recognize. Therefore the old ones can directly show the surrounding environment.

Whatever you think about the return the old RS Minimap Icon, just enjoy the game and send your feedback to the RS team.  You can also offer us your advice when you buy RS 3 gold here.

The Cheaprsgold team

11/12/2018OSRS Kebos Lowlands Release Date Delayed

The OSRS team ever revealed they would bring the Kebos Lowlands to players on Jan. 3 as their first update in 2019. but recently it’s announced that its release date has been delayed to Jan. 10 for delivering the best possible update.


There are lots of features you may want to play when the Kebos Lowlands is released.

Aerial Fishing: You can use this new catching method to catch Bluegill, Common Tench, Mottled Eel, and Greater Siren in Lake Molch. Besides, you are also likely to obtain Molch Pearls (1/100 chance) & Golden Tench (slim chance) when Aerial Fishing.

Farming Guild: Within the new area, the Farming Guild will be divided into 3 large greenhouses as 3 different tiers, including some new patches, like the Hespori Patch, Anima Patch, Celastrus Patch, as well as Redwood Patch.

New Slayer Master & monsters: You can access the Brimstone with 75 Combat for the new Slayer Master, Konar, who can assign you to fight with Sulphur Lizards, Wyrm, Drake, Hydra and Alchemical Hydra.


In addition, you will have two novice quests to complete, The Forsaken Tower and The Ascent of Arceuus as well as a new Achievement Diary - The Kourend & Kebos Achievement Diary.


Anyway, soon you will be able to enjoy the new Farming Guild, kill various bosses like Wyrm & Alchemical Hydra and so on with its release. Let’s wait together for the coming of Farm Guild as well as other updates. In addition, don’t forget to buy 2007 RS gold here.


The Cheaprsgold team

06/12/2018Three New Alchemical Onyx Items

The 3 new Alchemical Onyx items have been released in game, and now what you must want to learn is how to create them. Besides, you will have a chance to roll on the rare drop table to get Hazelmere’s Signet Ring when training RuneScape gathering skill with the new Grace of the Elves.

Passage of the Abyss
Passage of the Abyss is a new sigil that allows your next hit to be a guaranteed hit, and is a pocket-slot item that can hold up to six different compacted jewellery all in one item! With 1 alchemical onyx, 50 magic components and 1 teleportation compactor collected, you can make Passage of the Abyss on the a workbench after discovering the blueprint with 118 Invention.

Ingenuity of Humans
In addition, you can make the Ingenuity of Humans on a workbench with 1 alchemical onyx, 10 stunning components, 750 x smooth parts as well as 50 x direct components after discovering the blueprint with 114 Invention.

Grace of the Elves
The new non-degradeable neck slot item Grace of the elves can be made by enchanting an alchemical onyx necklace with level 6 enchant spell requiring 87 Magic. And firstly, you need to reach 91 Crafting and obtain 1 gold bar and 1 alchemical onyx.

Besides halving the drain rate of Chronicle Absorption, Lightform and Superheat Seren prayers, the Grace of the Elves has a chance to spawn a Seren spirit for up to 30 seconds when training a gathering skill like Woodcutting, Fishing, & Farming etc. And the Seren spirit can deposit an item from the rare drop table into your bank when collected. That means you may obtain Hazelmere's signet ring with also the Luck of the Dwarves worn.

If you still don’t have any of the 3new items, you can find cheap RuneScape gold for sale on our site.


The Cheaprsgold team

04/12/2018The Christmas Cracker and Celebration Lamps

With the Christmas approaching, the RS team has brought a lot of Yuletide-themed updates. Besides Advent Calendar, we will also be able to obtain RuneScape Christmas Cracker, Celebration Lamps and others in game.

The Christmas Cracker
First off is the return of the Christmas Cracker. The cracker will be available to open around once per day, and to take part you must have contributed 100 festive papers. And yes, opening the cracker itself will also be a quicker process this year! Don’t worry if you’re not online the moment it is opened – if you’ve contributed, you can grab your reward at any time while the event is still active.

Oh, and do keep your eyes peeled for Santa, too. He’ll be at the GE along with his sleigh offering players the chance to grab some sweet XP. 'Tis indeed the season to be jolly!

Celebration Lamps
Also available are a selection of lamps to see in the New Year! In the five days leading up to the New Year festivities, celebration lamps will be available each day on Treasure Hunter that provide an XP boost in all skills. Note that combat XP can be deactivated, but these stats won’t be redistributed to other skills.

Once you’ve used a number of Celebration Lamps, the XP you receive from them will begin to increase in +2% increments, up to a maximum of +10%. The more you use, the more XP you’ll get! What’s more, the 10% XP buff is also back during the Celebration Lamps – it stacks, too, giving you some truly awesome gains potential entering the New Year!

The Christmas is coming closer and closer, let's prepared with cheapest runescape gold for the big party!

The Cheaprsgold team

29/11/2018Elite Dungeons & Dungeoneering

Bonuses on Elite Dungeons & Dungeoneering
A series of events on Winter Weekends will take place over weekends, and this year they will be starting on November 30, 2018 and ending on January 7, 2019. Besides each week the events are running from 12:00 GMT on Friday to 12:00 GMT on Monday.

In the first week from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3 you can obtain various bonuses within Elite Dungeons & Dungeoneering, including:
1. Double DG tokens can be earned from DG and elite dungeons
2. Lore book drop rate doubled
3. 25% increased Slayer XP from dungeon NPC's
4. 1 extra T92 material whenever the material is hit on the drop table
5. 1 free death per run - works in story mode AND normal runs

Player owned ports benefits through the whole month
Over the whole Winter Weekends, there are some ports bonuses granted. Firstly, there are 25 voyages per day rather than 15. And 30% additional resources or trade goods will be returned by all player-owned ports voyages. What is more, you have the ability to get The Barmaid's special voyage on Saturdays, Sundays & Thursdays.

With the RuneScape Winter Weekends this year right around the corner, let’s look forward to it and buy 07 rs gold right here. Have a good time!


The Cheaprsgold team

27/11/2018RS Christmas Advent Calendar & Festive Aura

Festive Aura
Check out the wares on offer from either Xuan, Dilwyn or Azibo from December 1st for the chance to grab the Festive Aura. Donning it will grant you a whopping 50% experience boost for 30 minutes each and every day throughout December. This stacks with other bonuses. Once your time is up you can continue wearing it for its lovely cosmetics, although the XP gain won’t kick in until the reset at 00:00. Daily experience is capped at 50,000. You can check the current amount remaining at any time by selecting the aura itself.

All month (November 30th-January 7th) – Player Owned Ports
25 voyages per day instead of 15.
All player-owned ports voyages return 30% extra resources or trade goods.
Ability to get The Barmaid's special voyage on Saturdays and Sundays as well as Thursdays.

Advent Calendar
From Dec. 1 to Christmas Day, every day you can get a festive free gift, including lamps, prismatic stars, relics, crates and an assortment of new cosmetics. Besides, there is an unique Christmas Day free gift available to all of you. At the same time, during the period, each you you can win different prizes from Treasure Hunter. And the Advent Calendar can be found on the Community tab. The prizes will remain available up until January 7th, so don’t worry if you miss a day here and there.

Do you already own a snowboard from previous Christmas events? If so then we have great news – you’ll be able to use it for the rest of the month! And don’t forget to right click to perform the tricks, which are available when the snowboard is equipped.

So, what are you waitting for? Come and buy cheap runescape gold for the nearing Christmas event.


The Cheaprsgold team

22/11/2018Slime is of the Essence

Tossing your food scraps down a well can’t do much harm, right? This is possibly true, providing said scraps aren’t feeding a giant slime, which then emerges from the well and terrorises the local populace.

Where and when?
Slime is of the Essence is a new community event that starts at 00:00 game time on Thursday November 22nd and runs for five days. Players can start the event by popping down to Rimmington and speaking to Peter for more information.

Over the course of those days, players will need to help defeat King Slime in Rimmington by lending a hand to a host of quirky characters. Reputation will be earned as you participate, and the more communal participation there is, the better the rewards for everyone! Different skills will need to be employed and 100 basic free tools will be offered to players each day at login to help get the job done. Peter will happily hand out extra tools in exchange for a few loyalty points. Players will also have the chance to get Golden versions of the tools - which boost the XP and reputation you can earn - from Treasure Hunter for the duration of the event.

There will be some tiered Slime Hunter armour, an animation and a slime pet up for grabs. Rewards that you've qualified for can be claimed the day after the event is finished, and players are able to claim any tools they missed up until the conclusion of the event.

You will be able to gain personal and community progress toward rewards when training at the event, which include:
Slime hunter armour: This multi-tiered melee tank armour set is a cosmetic override, available in tier 65, 70 and 75, each of which is unlocked at increasing community progress.
Slimeball: Rewarded at progress level 3.
Slime Launcher: A cosmetic override.
Lil Gloop: Unlocked at a specific amount of progress.

Please note that Ironmen are restricted to cosmetic and selected mystery box rewards.

What's more, thanks for your support, and our site always provide cheap runescape 3 gold.


The Cheaprsgold team

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