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Runescape News

16/08/2018Final Summer Weekends: Minigames

The Summer Weekends 2018 is coming to an end this week. And the last minigames summer weekend is comming soon.

From 12:00 GMT on Friday, Aug 17 to 12:00 GMT on Monday, Aug 20, you can enjoy the following bonuses on minigames, which including:

1. +1 Castle Wars gold ticket per game, regardless of win, lose or draw.
2. +1 medal from Fish Flingers per game.
3. +50% Dominion Factor earned.
4. +50% produce points at Livid Farm.
5. 100% increased Menaphos reputation from Shifting Tombs.
6. Double zeal from Soul Wars.
7. Double points from Stealing Creation.
8. Double commendation points from Pest Control and Conquest.
9. Double Bonus XP and gambling rewards from Barbarian Assault.
10. Shattered Worlds grants 50% extra anima.
11. An extra 600 daily bonus points in Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza.
12. Bosses killed in Dominion Tower are counted twice for the purposes of reward unlocks.
Please note Ironmen are excluded from all bonuses in bold.

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy the Minigames Summer Weekend. In addition, don't forget buy runescape 2007 gold cheap from our site.


The Cheaprsgold team

14/08/2018Elite Dungeons: Dragonkin Laboratory

Having conquered the Temple of Aminishi, at long last it's finally time to enter the second Elite Dungeon: Dragonkin Laboratory. Below is the detailed information about Dragonkin Laboratory, so you can prepare enough RS Gold for this.

The Dragonkin Laboratory is located in the Wilderness. The Wilderness might be a very dangerous place; but you can teleport there by using teleport tabs or the group system. These will bring you directly to the entrance of the Elite Dungeon. You can then the dungeon alone or with up to two other gamers.

The Dragonkin Laboratory can be a dungeon filled with all kinds of dangerous dragons and monsters, so watch out because every action could be your last! This kind of Elite Dungeon contains 3 distinct areas, each with their own boss. Along the way, you could possibly run into challenging minibosses impeding your progress to the third and final boss, making it an especially dangerous journey.

Going through the Elite Dungeon is a superb way to go about your Dungeoneering a bit differently, while also getting loot and dungeoneering tokens as you progress.

Fortunately, when you die in the dungeon, your progress will be saved, once you head back in, you are getting to continue from an unlocked checkpoint. For those who prefer lore, you can choose to play the dungeon throughout Story Mode, where the monsters will be toned down significantly. But so too will be the rewards.


T92 Magic Armour
Elite tectonic armour is currently available in game. You will be able to create this by combining tectonic armour with draconic energies and stones of holding. You can get draconic energies through killing the final boss within the Elite Dungeon.

Mutated abilities
Each boss will have an opportunity to drop a new permanent melee ability: Mutated Flurry, Mutated Fury and Mutated Barge.

A Small Gift

Speak to Bryll Thoksdottir near the entrance from the second Elite Dungeon to grab your gift. Each gamer will receive:
3x Dragonkin Laboratory lucky charms
3x Shifting Tombs reward enhancers
5x Vital spark drop enhancers

If you are a Gold Premier member you can collect some additional items at the Premier Club Vault:
5x Dragonkin Laboratory lucky charms
5x Shifting Tombs reward enhancers
10x Vital spark drop enhancers

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The Cheaprsgold team

09/08/2018Cancel RuneScape TAPP for Old School and RuneScape Mobile

It is announced that Jagex has canceled RuneScape TAPP until at least 2019 in order to eliminate distractions and focus on fulfill their objectives for 2018, and one of their highest priorities is Old School and RuneScape Mobile.

What is TAPP?
Maybe some of you might not understand TAPP, we will have a simple explanation here. TAPP, referring to Thursday, All-Day, Personal Projects is Jagex's version of the“20% time”policy initially prominent by Google, during which staff are free to spend some of their time on projects not relative to their primary job.
And also TAPP implemented at Jagex in 2014 allows their Jmods to spend every other Thursday on personal projects related to the game, effectively 10% of their time. Actually until now there have been various updates in game originating in TAPP, such as Shattered Worlds, Evil Dave's Big Day Out, Solak boss, Clan avatar rework and Clan Chat improvements.

TAPP canceled by Jagex
According to a post from Mod Stu in Reddit, TAPP has been canceled currently until at least 2019 for the objectives 2018, including bringing Old School and RuneScape Mobile. However, TAPP hasn't been canceled for Mobile. Meanwhile, RS is definitely interpreting the canceling of TAPP through still having a Game Jam and having passion projects moved into usual sprint work.
In addition, some of JMods have managed to complete the dev work for a RuneScape TAPP project or two before its cancellation, while many are still keeping developing their TAPP projects after hours to get no pay.

Anyway, we just hope the cancellations is worth to it, and Jagex will bring us more surprises soon. Besides, you can buy cheap RS 2007 gold on our site.

The Cheaprsgold team

07/08/2018Master Skillcape Perks

This week we focus on Master Skillcape Perks. A while back the RS team asked you all for ideas of what perks to add for each 120 skill as well as improving some of the 99 skillcape perks. Here's what they've done and please remember buy cheap RuneScape Gold on our site.

Skillcape Perks Changed

Agility: No longer fail any agility obstacles
Firemaking: Fire spirits give much better rewards and will act as a light source
Fletching: Offers a chance to make extra bolts, arrows and darts
Constitution: Retains the current effect, but the healing now is constantly on the work in combat
Construction: Has a chance to conserve planks when building in your playerowned house
Divination: Wisps will now last a fixed amount of time when first harvested from
Thieving: All drops are noted, as well as stacks with Ardougne Cape if owned
Hunter: Increases the effective range of your traps by 2 tiles
Prayer: Retains the current effect, but acts like a First-Age Cape if owned
Crafting: Provides a chance to cut all gems in your inventory at once and provides unlimited thread

Master Skillcape Perks

Slayer: Gives a chance to choose your task from the Slayer master each time you get a new one
Invention: Gives an increased chance of receiving uncommon and rare components when disassembling
Master Quest Cape: Brings a range of lorerelated teleports into a single item, allowing you to teleport towards the Legends'Guild, the World Gate, Varrock Museum, the Empty Throne Room and several more
Dungeoneering: A chance to decide on which boss you face; increased chance of lore drops inside Daemonheim and Elite Dungeons; and the ability to wear your cape inside Daemonheim


The Cheaprsgold team

02/08/2018Summer Weekends: Clue Scrolls

Get your Globetrotter's outfit ready, this weekend will play host to various kinds of RuneScape Concept Scroll bonanza during the ongoing Summer Weekends, such as free reroll for clue rewards, free clue scroll via Gilly Willikers and Summer Gift Box.

One free reroll for clue rewards per day.
Improved chance to receive clue scrolls from drops and pickpocketing.
Gilly Willikers will give you a free clue scroll during the period of August 4th and 5th (starting at noon), the type is dependent on total level:
37-1,400 total levels: easy
1,401-2,000 total levels: medium
2,001-2,500 total levels: hard
2,501+ total levels: elite

Each clue scroll completed will reward a Summer Gift Box containing refreshing treats and has a chance of containing one of the following items:
Tight springs
Silverhawk down
Slayer VIP tickets
Experience lamps and stars

Easy clues reward a easy gift box, medium and hard clues reward a hard gift box, elite clues reward an elite gift box and master clues reward a master gift box.

NOTE: Ironmen are excluded from all bonuses in bold.

All in all, please enjoy all of these bonuses on time with RuneScape gold for sale from us.

The Cheaprsgold team

31/07/2018Twitch Prime

As Summer is hitting hard and finding a fresh spot is now a matter of survival, the RS team have teamed up with Twitch Prime to provide the perfect opportunity: free membership and exclusive loot!

Until 6th September, Twitch Prime members can redeem a totally packed “Umbral pack” which a 1-month FREE RuneScape membership and all these items:

1. 2 Umbral Chests (guaranteed super-rare prize)
2. 15 Treasure Hunter Keys
3. 200 RuneCoins
4. Exclusive Umbral Crassian companion pet
5. Distinctive Umbral Flame Blade cosmetic weapon override
6. Exclusive Umbral Armour cosmetic armour overrides

This limited-time offer might be redeemed by new RuneScape players as well as existing members. The free month stacks up at the end of your persistent membership if you already have one.

And don't forget that every brand-new Twitch Prime membership comes with a 30-day free trial.
One of the perks of Twitch Prime is also a free subscription to a Twitch streamer every month.

In addition, please remember there is cheap runescape gold for sale here. Come on and join us now.

The Cheaprsgold team

26/07/2018Team Structure Improvements

Old School RuneScape has flourished since its release, clearly visible with the increase in player numbers also ever-expanding list of Mods that can be found at the bottom of blogs and news. One of the most important things with regards to Old School RuneScape is the community. Here are the more details and don't forget buy runescape gold cheap from us.

To put it simply, the Old School team now consists of smaller teams. Each team has a obvious focus which will guide their efforts. The aim is to make sure the team have got different types of content being developed all the time, now that they've got enough staff to complete more than we could before.

A single team will be responsible for delivering the larger content updates you might have grown to love. To give you an idea of the sort of content that it team will be delivering, think: the Inferno, Fossil Island, Dragon Slayer II, and the Theatre of Blood.

Another team will be responsible for getting your suggestions, quality of life changes, and smaller updates handled. They would like to start giving you more in-game polls, with a more consistent focus on community-suggested content. This is the team that will be taking your suggestions from the Old School forums, Reddit, Discord, and the Q&As, and making them a reality. Think of it as the team which will be delivering the typical every week update, but with the resource to do lots more of things you're asking for.

Another team will be focusing on competitive gaming. Their responsibility is to experiment and innovate in order to revitalize the PvP community. They will mainly be focused on bigger scale elements of PvP, such as Deadman, Bounty Hunter, and Last Man Standing. In addition to this, they will also be exploring the potential for competing PvM and Skilling.

Finally there is a team responsible for the in-game content development of Old School Mobile, and everything else that does not quite fit into the above. Essentially this now means the team have more time and dedicated resource to do more for you.

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The Cheaprsgold team

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