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Runescape News

19/07/2018Gain RuneScape Ancient Relic From Smashing Relics

Smashing Relics Promotion is going back along with the RuneScape ancient relic, which will be available until 23th June, 2018. And you will be able of get Shark fists, D&D bridal tokens and more by smashing the relics on the ground. In addition, there is RuneScape gold for sale here.

How to get the ancient relic?
The Smashing Relics back promotion is available from 19th June to 23th July, 2018, during which you will be able to get ancient relics from Treasure Hunter.
In addition , membership can gain up to 2 ancient relics every day following finding them partially buried in a variety of places on Members' worlds, including:

1. North-east of the gnome glider inside Al Kharid;
2. South of Explorer Jack's house in Lumbridge, within the castle grounds;
3. South of the southern East Ardougne bank, west of The Poison Arrow pub;
4. North-east of the Edgeville furnace;
5. North-west of the Port Sarim lodestone;
6. East of the Draynor Bank;
7. North of the Varrock Museum, south-east of the estate agent;
8. In the middle of the three southern houses in Seers' Village;
9. North of the Yanille lodestone

Please note that the places vary by world through player, and change each hour. That means not all these kinds of locations will currently have any relic.

What to receive simply by smashing the RuneScape ancient relics?
When you smashing the relic on the ground, you can get rewards within, including a method cash bag and a haphazard reward like gems, prismatic lamps, Monkey mace and also hats, Shark fists, Alchemist's amulet, D&D Tokens etc.

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17/07/2018A Patchweek Like An Iceberg

This week update update is slightly different than usual. This update is like a iceberg, a lot has changed yet only very little is visible for everyone. The usual patches are usually accompanied by many changes to accommodate for for RuneScape mobile. In addition, we buy, sell and swap Runescape gold at the best rates. 100% safe and secure!

Patch notes
The tip of the iceberg, also known as the patch notes.

Mobile Changes
Last week the RS team released a dev blog about RS mobile. In this dev blog they referred what they have been working on just lately and what they want to do next. Some of these changes are coming to RuneScape this week.

Summer weekends are coming to RuneScape. In the coming 5 weekends you may have special bonuses for you. Each weekend is themed and they are kicking off this weekend with Menaphos and Sophanem bonuses:

1. 50% increased reputation in Menaphos.
2. New City Quests appear twice as fast after completion of a City Quest.
3. 75% increased experience from Shifting Tombs.
4. Double knowledge from Plover bird hunting.
5. 25% increased Slayer experience within the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.
6. Bonus chance for jewelled statuettes while wearing a ring of wealth and doubled chance of sceptre of the gods and black ibis while at Pyramid Plunder.
7. 50% increased base chance to successfully pickpocket in Menaphos.
8. Triple experience from harvesting Luminous Wisps
9. Increased chance to receive Menaphite Gift Offerings.
Note: Ironmen are excluded from all bonuses in bold.

Live Streams this Week
Tuesday, July 17th (16:00 UTC) – Player Owned Farms Showcase
Friday, July 20th (16:00 UTC) – Patch Notes Teasers
Sunday, July 22nd (16:00 UTC) – PvM with Mod Lee

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12/07/2018The RuneScape Summer Weekends 2018

The RuneScape Summer Weekends 2018 coming from July 21, when you will be able to enjoy boost of XP, drop chances, skilling perks, clue scrolls rewards and more.  Let’s learn more details and get cheap runeacape gold from us.

Summer Weekends 2018 are a series of events going on through weekends, which will last from July 21 to August 19.
And during your entire 5 week duration, you will be easy to enjoy the Player-owned Ports bonuses, including:
1. 25 voyages per day instead of 15;
2. All player-owned ports voyages return 30% further resources or trade goods;
3. Ability to get The Barmaid's special voyage on Saturdays, Sundays and Thursdays.
Besides, there are various benefits waiting for you to enjoy every weekend, such as boost of XP, drop chances, skilling perks and clue scrolls.

The first Summer Weekend from 21st to 22nd July mostly focuses on Menaphos and Sophanem, and these are the benefits you may receive:
1. 25% enhanced Slayer XP within the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon;
2. Even bigger chance to receive Menaphite Gift Offerings;
3. Bonus probability of jewelled statuettes while wearing a hoop of wealth and 2X chance of sceptre of the gods and black ibis while at the Pyramid Plunder;
4. Improving 50% reputation in Menaphos;
5. Increasing 75% XP from Shifting Tombs;
6. 3X experience from harvesting Luminous Wisps.
7. 50% increased base chance to successfully pickpocket in Menaphos;
8. 2X XP from Plover bird hunting;
9. New City Quests appearing twice as fast after completing a City Quest;
And please attention that Ironmen are exluded from all bonuses in bold.

All in all, we just hope you feel free to enjoy the Summer Weekends in-game and have a good summer with RS gold on sale at our site.


The Cheaprsgold team

10/07/2018Account Security Week

Authenticator and reward those who have this enabled on their account. Beginning 9th July, RuneScape gamers who have their Authenticator and bankpin enabled will receive 2 extra Treasure Hunter Keys every day they log in, up to Sunday the 15th July. Besides, don’t forget to buy RuneScape gold cheap and safe from our site.

What and how can you able to enjoy during Account Security Week?
Firstly, you should understand that the Account Security week is going to last from July 9 until July 15, 2018, in order to celebrate the advantages of a safe account. Secondly, the Count Check will appear within Burthorpe to check your bank PIN and authenticator, and will award you along with XP as well as 2 additional daily Treasure Hunter keys if they are secure. Above all, there will see daily security-themed clue scrolls obtained from Count Check.

Count Check, the account security expert, also has some more treats up his sleeve, by means of daily security themed clue scrolls. These clue scrolls will give you one casket and an additional casket if you have your authenticator enabled upon completion. Additionally, every player that has the authenticator enabled will be able to claim one lamp throughout the week.

We have loaded this particular week's update with a large amount of changes, this includes a aficionado to the Skill Plot reward for the Clan Avatar. This will now give 100% more resources instead of the 10% previously. The cursed ushabtis are now valued at a minimum of 1 million to ensure they protect over much lower valued items on death. If you happen to get a Friend-only broadcast the achievement will now display in your own chat box as well to indicate a broadcast was sent. The Jesters have also been listening to your feedback - Elite Sirenic Armour no longer degrades inside the Temple of Aminishi, and Elite Sirenic Hauberks can now be created with a full repaired Sirenic Hauberk, 420 Ancient Scales, 3 Algarum Thread and 5 Chaotic Spikes.

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05/07/2018RS Mobile: May 2018 Playtest results and what is next

Here's what RS team have done since that May playtest, and what they are currently working on.

Mini menu
Changes to adapt the mini menu for mobile possess required a huge overhaul through the Tech team. The changes will allow the content teams to make changes to the visual look, and have more control on what and how information is displayed.
This is one of the key areas that will transform the actual RS Mobile experience, and is key to a more permanent closed beta.
Dropdown menu choices have also had the height improved to be easier to tap.

Rearranged chat to be in the top left.
Added a“Reply to PM”button right after player feedback.
Added a button to swap between the regular and social ribbons.
The fullscreen version of discussion was removed, and a completely minimise chat has been readded with message notifications.
Providing an easier way to change between chat channels was a known problem which we have now addressed.

Bank and Grand Exchange
Bank - Increased size of financial institution preset buttons.
Grand Exchange - Moved position from the search box so it is no longer concealed by the Keyboard
Settings Interface Rewrite

Ribbon, Backpack and Action Windows
Testers identified size of clickable components as some thing they wanted to improve on mobile.
They have made the following enhancements as a result of this:
Increased port sizes of the backpack, worn equipment and ability books.
Larger text where possible, including Friends list.
Larger buttons on the ribbon.
The height of child windows now adapts if the mini map and/or combat mode is hidden. is provide cheap runescape gold and runescape accounts for sale. If you want to know more news about runescape, please click our site.


The Cheaprsgold team

03/07/2018Runepass - Ocean's Bounty

This week the runescape team introducing a new 2-week long event known as  Runepass - Ocean's Bounty.

Runepass brings various challenges and tasks to ensure that you progress through tiers rapid up to 30. Reach larger tiers to unlock far more rewards by completing the variety of tasks available.

All players can able to progress along the free keep tabs on and win the prizes listed there. In addition, you are also able to get a Runepass for 400 RuneCoins. This gives access to two new task slots and to typically the golden track, which contains many more prizes. For purchasing the Runepass you'll even receive two prizes immediately - the ocean's warrior head and the legendary Water Lycan pet.

You can purchase it at any time during the event, and will quickly receive all rewards in the golden track up to your current tier.

Please note that some prizes are members items, so free to play webpage may not be able to benefit from most tier rewards. Equally, ironmen are able to purchase a Runepass along with earn the cosmetics but actually will not be able to obtain all of the advantages available.

Double Daily Keys
From today you are able to get a double daily key package, giving you twice as many of your normal daily keys for 30 days.

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 The Cheaprsgold team

28/06/2018Boneyard in RuneScape

From the midnight of Wednesday, June 27, to the night of 11:59 (game time) on Monday, July 2, open a treasure hunt event and uncover the secrets of the bone bank!

What it is treasure hunt?
It can be used in RuneScape. The treasure hunt game allows players to use keys to collect prizes in the form of items. These items can include useful resources, rare weapons, and even equipment.

Choose a grid square to claim your prize as normal. Sometimes, you will notice after claiming a prize that another square is filled with an icon – this icon partially reveals what prize lies underneath. You can choose to claim that prize or leave it.

Fill the bone bank with bones, or get rewards from the categories shown in the icons! When the mesh fills a bone or category icon, it can be reset as needed.

In addition to the traditional awards, there are five new decorative appearances waiting for you, including the Crypt weapon overrides and Tomb Gorilla and Forsaken Graahk. And please remember it’s very easy and safe to buy RS33 gold cheap here.


The Cheaprsgold team

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