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Runescape News

23/10/2018Patch Notes: Graphical, Skills, D&D and Minigames

1. Missing flooring has been re-added to a house south of Granny Potterington's farm.
2. Leather body (class 3), Bow (class 3) and Bow (class 4) no longer stretch when worn.
3. A gap above the scrollbar of the chatbox in Legacy interface mode has been removed.
4. The ramp on the north side of Granny Potterington has now been fixed and can now be walked upon as expected.
5. Removed the monthly oyster's longer closing animation, to prevent the top and bottom halves of shell clipping through each other.
6. Rotated ancient elven ritual shard inventory model to give clearer distinction between the item and the Magic stone used for construction.

Skills, D&D and Minigames
1. The Crystal tool siphon will now only work on tools, as it was intended.
2. Tweaked wobbegong fishing locations to make sure they do not deplete too soon.
3. Rift particles now draw correctly when teleporting to the Halloween event from an instance.
4. The Farming skillcape perk message now correctly reflects the master farmer outfit's ability to clean herbs.
5. Leaving 'Til Death Do Us Part event area with War's javelins equipped will now reset your combat style back to melee.
6. Fixed a typo in warning message you receive when clicking on pillars during Til Death Do Us Part event.
7. Players will now correctly return to the expected Player-owned Port portal entrance when they use the Exit function at their exit portal.
8. Signs of the porter will now work in conjunction with collecting clean herb from patches as well as collecting the Player Owned Farm honey varieties from the Apiaries.

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18/10/2018Visit RS Nic the Trader

From October 18, 2018 you can find RuneScape Nic the Trader at the south of Betty's house in Port Sarim, from whom you can get some items you may like, especially some pretty rare items.


Nic the Trader treasure Hunter promo
This week the RS team has brought the Nic the Trader to game as the new Treasure Hunter promo, lasting from October 18 to October 23, 2018. And during the period you can find him and his store near the Pot Sarim between Betty's Magic Emporium and Grum's Gold Exchange.


Rare items at Nic’s Store
As the owner of the Nic’s Store, Nic allows you to exchange bonus XP for credits from him for purchasing prismatic lamps or stars, skill outfit pieces, and other rewards at his store. Generally Nic’s stocks are normally limited but we strongly suspect he’ll have a new selection of hard to find items on offer. Vic’s brother may well be what we would down our way describe as ‘dodgy’,he will have a new selection of hard to find items on offer, so it’s definitely worthwhile to spend time tracking him down. Besides, please remember the exchange rate for credits varies by level and skill.


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16/10/2018Patch Week: Ninja Fixes and Mobile Improve

Ninja Fixes
Players can now choose to not be asked again in the confirmation dialogue for jumping down into the Nex fight. This can be reset by talking to Ashuelot Reis.
Additionally there are right-click ops to skip the initial dialogue asking whether they want to enter the encounter or use custom encounter options.
Added a magic shop icon for Wizard Jalarast.
The statue bag interface can now remain open during gameplay.
Seedicide now works when trapping Jadinkos at Herblore Habitat.
Converted Sparkles, Mackers and the Corgi from object to interface pets.
The interface for retuning the portals in the Max Guild's garden have been updated.
Spring cleaner springs now have an "Add all" op that adds all of the springs for the chosen operation (charge or upgrade). Similar ops have been added to the "Add springs" and "Quick upgrade" buttons on the spring cleaner interface.
Players can now mute the Spring Cleaner's sentience speech.
Added the four balloon animals from the old Prison Pete random event as follower pets. These can be unlocked at the Falador party room.
Friends, world and global broadcast message colours can now be customised in the Chat Customisation settings, found within Gameplay > Social.
Added a mushroom patch teleport to the Tirranwn quiver. Players must have completed the hard tier of Tirranwn tasks to use this option.
Vials of water and coconut milk now have a Make option, calling a Make-X interface for unfinished potions.
Mousing over items in the GE search now displays their tooltips, showing information such as combat stat bonuses for weapons or healing amounts on consumables.


Unskippable chatboxes will no longer have an arrow on them.
The switching of your action bars has been improved.
The Make-x window will now move based on the chatbox size.
The "escape" to skip a cutscene has now been replaced with "tap here to skip".
Chat based menus will now automatically close when you minimize chat.
Your actions bars setup on mobile will no longer affect your action bars on desktop.
The back button on the keyboard will now close any prompt on the login screen instead of closing the RuneScape mobile application.


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11/10/2018New TH RS Loot Duels for Various Kinds of Chests

During Thurs 11th October (00:00) and Monday 15th (23:59) you are able to enjoy a variety of chests from RuneScape Loot Duels on Treasure Hunter.

Instead of the usual 5 chests, players will be presented with only 2. This 50/50 conundrum brings with it the added benefit of a potentially better selection of chests from previous Treasure Hunter events, and the possibility of grabbing some particularly fantastic loot!

What prize you may get from different chests?
Adamant Chest: 2x Prizes
Rune Chest: 3x Prizes
Dragon Chest: 4x Prizes
God Chest: 5x Prizes
Protean Chest: Protean Prizes
Genie’s Chest: Promotional Lamps
Normal Chest: Random Normal Prize
Skilling Chest: Skilling Prizes
Experience Chest: XP Prizes
Rainbow Chest: 1x-7x Prizes
Antique Chest: Old Treasure Hunter Prizes
Bonus Chest: Allows you to see what’s inside
Smouldering Chest: Random sized lamp with a chance to win 2x

Please note that both chests in the Duel will refresh when one is opened, and that neither will change until this has happened.

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09/10/2018Til Death Do Us Part

The RuneScape Halloween event 2018, named Til Death Do Us Part, and it requires you to rescue Moia together. This new mini world event involves the Four Horsemen War, Famine, Pestilence and Death along with Daemonheim.


A mysterious energy rift has materialised outside of Death’s office, and is wreaking havoc. Death has created a set of pillars which are currently holding the dark forces back, but they alone will not be enough. Half-human, half-mahjarrat army general Moia is trapped inside the rift, complicating matters somewhat. Death could do with a hand freeing her and holding back the threat from Daemonheim.


As the concern swells, so too will Death’s army. Join forces with the Riders – War, Pestilence and Famine – to fend off the rift’s advances. There’s bigger dangers on the way before this is over.


Heroes are rewarded in RuneScape, so in return for aiding Death and his boisterous chums, players will be whisked off to a loot-packed warped chamber. Additionally, a number of drop chances have doubled within the quest including the ectoplasmator, Ghost Hunter outfit and herb burner, while ghostly essence will have a 10% increased drop rate. Players will also be able to burn bones on bonfires.


To get started on ‘Til Death Do Us Part, head over to Draynor Lodestone and keep an eye out for Death and his pillars to the north east. A new Rider will arrive each week throughout the month, bringing with them new gameplay challenges. F2P players will be able to grab all the same rewards as members, but some of them can only be used by members.


Besides, please note that the more players who get involved, the greater the rewards for everyone!


All in all, let’s get started now and enjoy the 4-week long event freely with RS gold for sale here.


The Cheaprsgold team

29/09/2018Withdraw X Bank Function and Bank Changes

This week the OSRS mainly updates is adding Withdraw X function to desktop version of the game. All items which have right-click uses within the bank, such as "Empty" for various bags, now also have these uses within deposit boxes. This change includes the following items:
All Rune pouches
Enchanted gem
Eternal gem
Herb sack
Seed box
Gem bag
Flamtaer bag
Coal bag
Slayer ring
Slayer ring (eternal)

Besides, when having essence in your inventory, you don’t have to close the bank interface and can fill your Rune essence pouches by right-clicking. Equally, you may Empty pouches this way if they contain essence.

The Account Management tab found on mobile has been added to the desktop client. This allows easy access to useful account information such as remaining days of membership, number of unread inbox messages, the name changer, and useful links. The friends and ignore lists have been combined into one tab to make space for the new Account Management tab. To switch between the friends and ignore lists, click the small face icon in the top right of the friends/ignore list interface.

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The Cheaprsgold team

27/09/2018Get RuneScape Magical Dice and Other Unique Items

Now you can use the quest points to get unique rewards from the new Quest Points Shop. You may locate the Quest Point Shop near the champion's guild, south-west of the Varrock lodestone. Besides, there is one general reward track and some other reward tracks.

When having certain quest points, you will get various general rewards automatically. For example, you will be awarded first Philipe Carnillean lamp, Magical Dice (T1) & an extra Slayer block and prefer slot when reaching 50 quest point milestone. If reaching 200 quest points, you will gain a fourth Philipe Carnillean lamp, Magical Dice (T2) & an extra Slayer block and prefer slot & Rover. Quest Point Shop unlocks occur in 25 quest point intervals, and players will be able to reset their unlocks once a week.

The Magical Dice has 5 tiers:
T1: Awarding you 250,000 coins and a random easy Treasure Trails reward when rolled.
T2: Awarding you 500,000 coins and a random medium Treasure Trails reward when rolled.
T3: Awarding you 1,000,000 coins and a random hard Treasure Trails reward when rolled.
T4: Awarding you 2,500,000 coins and a random elite Treasure Trails reward when rolled.
T5: Currently not obtainable from May’s Quest Caravan.

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