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Runescape News

20/03/2018The Summer Season Details and Guide for Pieces of Hate RuneScape

Now,The Summer Season is live! let's enjoy it!

The Summer Season will run until 19th April 2018, and the Summer Finals concluding on 30th June 2018.

Some changes has made,even better than before,let's see what they are:

1.whenever you start,You need 30 minutes of immunity

2.Starter packs to get you going and straight into the action.

3.Increased resources from a unique Deadman drop table, plus a rare Deadman drop table too!

For more changes, you can check Old School homepage.

Don't forget to on Twitch as well as on YouTube,you'll find tons of The Deadman Summer Season exciting content.

Some Guides for Pieces of Hate RuneScape

For the Pieces of Hate quest, you need to prepare 2 leather, gold bar, the blurberry special, the drunk dragon and chocolate Saturday.

1.2 Leather: Made by giving a cowhide a tanner, or using the Make Leather spell with Magic 83.

2.Gold bar: Created by using a gold ore with a furnace at level 40 Smithing, or casting the Superheat item spell on gold ore.

3.Blurberry special: can be made at level 37 Cooking. It requires knife and cocktail shaker (as utensils), and Vodka, Gin, Brandy, Equa leaves, 2 orange, 3 lemon, lime and cocktail glass (as ingredients).

4.Drunk dragon RuneScape: can be made at level 32 Cooking. The required ingredients include Vodka, Gin, dwellberries, pot of cream, pineapple and cocktail glass, with the same utensils as the blurberry special.

5.Chocolate saturday (Premade works): Made at level 33 Cooking and heals 200 to 600 life points.

The rewards can you get upon completion of the quest:

2 quest points
50,000 Agility XP lamp
50,000 Construction XP lamp
50,000 Firemaking XP lamp
50,000 Thieving XP lamp
5 Black pearl (Zogoth)
Rabid Jack hat, sword and off-hand variant cosmetic overrides
Big Book o’ Piracy
Improved pirate impling loot
An improved chance at master clues from the Skeletal horror
RuneScape Holy wrench prayer regain boost when using Dungeoneering necklaces/ectoplasmator and prayer potions
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15/03/2018The Equinox Details

The Equinox is active now in RuneScape, let's see some details about it, please read carefully.

How long will The Equinox last?

It from 00:00 on the 15th March(today)through to 23:59 on the 19th,find Solite and Lunite sigils ,and use them to unlock the Solite and Lunite outfits.Moreover, you can obtain Solite armour, Lunite armour, Solstice blade or Solstice shield.

What do you need to do ?

Log in and begin your normal training from Today,You need to gather Solite sigils and Lunite sigils by skilling or killing,You’ll receive one sigil type for up to three hours, at which point the alignment of the stars changes and the other sigil type will start appearing.

Want to continue gathering the alternative sigil type? Just right click the sigils and change alignment. Alternatively, win the two sigil types from Treasure Hunter at any time.

If you happen to get the wrong type of sigils which are not you want, you are able to right click and convert them at a 3:1 rate.

Once you’ve gathered enough sigils for each outfit piece, just left click the sigils to craft. You’ll find the outfit pieces in your wardrobe!

During the Equinox promotion,With the sigils you gather, you can exchange for these new items.

1.Solite Armor: You can unlock the Solite armour with 2500 Solite sigils.

2.Solstice blade: unlocked by exchanging 750 of either lunite or solite sigils.

3.Solstice shield: With 750 Lunite or Solite sigils, you can also get a Solstice shield.

4.Lunite Armor:unlocked by exchanging 2,500 Lunite sigils. including Lunite helm, Lunite chestplate, Lunite platelegs, Lunite mail gloves, Lunite boots, and Lunite cape.

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13/03/2018Some more Unspeakable Horrors RuneScape informations

There is a new update released-Unspeakable horror RuneScape,Now,Let's learn new horrors informations and guides.

Unspeakable horror RuneScape is a Slayer monster,located in the Mos Le’Harmless Caves. which will drop Scare Tactics.

What you need to do?

You need to complete the Cabin Fever quest first for the access to Mos Le’Harmless,Your Slayer level must be at least 58, and you need buy a witchwood icon from any Slayer Master,and a light source are required to successfully hunt and kill the Unspeakable horrors.

There have a easiest way to get get to the Mos Le’Harmless Caves, that's using the charter ship.You also can be teleported there with rum (red) or rum (blue) bought from Honest Jimmy's House of Stuff.

The rewards you can get from Unspeakable horrors

The rewards from Unspeakable horrors include a variety of items,include the black mask and Scare Tactics RuneScape, The Scare Tactics containing four new basic and threshold abilities:

1.Shock (Magic level 3)

2.Rout (Ranged level 15)

3.Horror (Magic level 15)

4.Demoralise (Ranged level 3)

One more thing you need keep a close eyes on it, Which If you enter the cave without a light source, you will quickly be killed by insects according to your life point.

No matter what fighting level the monsters are, they are very aggressive. After staying 5-10 minutes near the monsters, they become docile and can be reset by running out of this area before returning.

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08/03/2018Double Dragon Chests details and buy Rs 2007 Gold cheap

Dragons have entered Treasure Hunter again,Now,Let's learn some new informations about it.

How long it last?

This activity start from today 00:00 game through to 23:59 game time on the 12th March,this time offering twice as many prizes as before!the normal Adamant, Rune, Dragon and God chests may appear to reward you with more prizes.

What's more,you could come across double dragons of each type, which reward up to twice the normal multiplication of prizes!Wish you have a good experience and good luck for you.

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06/03/2018The Ways to Get RuneScape Tavias Fishing Rod And buy cheap OSRS Gold

Now,In order to catch fish ,We will tell you the way to get RuneScape Tavias fishing rod ,please focus on it,And we have cheap OSRS Gold for sale,you can buy now.

The Tavia’s fishing rod is the 3rd “hero item” after Orlando Smith’s hat and Hazelmere’s signet ring.It has a chance to grant all deep sea fishing boosts for 10 minutes to the player who owns it as well as for 2 minutes to the surrounding players.

As a hero project, it should be very rare. In fact, so far, no player has got a new project. Presumably, you can get it from Deep Sea Fishing Center. Some players speculate that this will be a random drop in random events, while others assume that you need to wear LoTD to get it, which is needed for the other two heroes.

There are plenty of fish in the sea:Stackable magnetic minnows (level 68),Jellyfish that heal without reducing adrenaline (levels 68 and 91),The best fish for healing in all of Gielinor: Sailfish (level 97), which you can boil into Sailfish Soup,

You can using the new large net set up towards the hub's south end from Fishing level 68 to catch a whole variety of fish, All you need to do is match the catch with the right bait, which you can make by cutting up magnetic minnows.  as a team of highly demanding and skilled gamers, has specialized in offering all kinds of RS products online, including cheap RS 3 Gold,rs 2007 gold ,runescape 2007 gold and Old School Runescape Gold .Welcome to buy.


01/03/2018Some Informations About RuneScape Chaotic Tomes and buy cheap RS gold

New Treasure Hunter promotion, RuneScape Chaotic Tomes is now available,Now, Let's learn its details.

The new Chaotic Tomes RuneScape is already available now and it will run until 23:59 GMT on March 5.From today you have 5 days to enjoy the Treasure Hunter promo.During this time you can get Chaotic Tomes from TH.

In this Treasure Hunter promotion, the Chaotic Tomes will take place of all lamps and provide XP for each tier of the tome ,and offer experience for each tier of the tome.

There are different sizes including small, medium, large and giant RuneScape Chaotic Tomes.

XP obtained by reading this book will grant any skill that can use standard prism lamps. In addition to the skills granted can choose their own. is a cheap RS Gold for sale with high reputation in the gaming industry. We are dedicated to helping you to buy RS gold cheap for sale at fair price and to get your gold delivered to you without any trouble.

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27/02/2018More informations about RuneScape clue scroll

Do you know the new challenge in RuneScape master clue scroll,Next, Let's see the all details.

Master scrolls

The RuneScape Master Cue Scroll is one of the new features in Cue Scroll Overhaul, where you can finally get to a buried chest along a series of clues (7 to 12 steps).

The main lead reel can be obtained from any source that can provide the elite lead reel, and the sealed elite leads always have a 1% chance of escalation to the main seal of the seal.
Premier Club Gold members get one pro bono — available to claim until 11th Marchupdate.

RuneScape tower puzzles may be a little difficult to solve. The objective is to place a tower in each square with a height between 1 and 5, and no two towers in a row or column have the same height. Notice the clues around the edge tell you how many towers you can see there, with the rule that a smaller tower unable to see behind a taller one.

The rewards

Now,you can now get your hands on over 60 new rewards, including:
Ice dye,Second-Age Saradomin armour,Robin Hood outfit (including the higher-level elite version),Tuxedo,Evening dress,Pyjamas,New dragon masks,And Globetrotter outfit.

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