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Runescape News

14/03/2019OSRS Hosidius House Rework

In October 2018, Mod West pitched a Hosidius rework blog that included changes to the overall layout, Tithe Farm, and Dungeon. After taking on board feedback from the players, he has completed the final changes to the rework, ready for polling.

In the upcoming poll for the OSRS Hosidius House rework this Friday, you will see multiple  changes set in Kourend, including the moving of the Tithe Farm, addition of Hosidius Town, updates in Forthos Ruin & Saltpetre and more. You can get cheap rs gold 2007 from us and find new entertainment on the old land.

Rework Changelist
1. Due to the Tithe farm mini-game teleport being moved quite close to where the Glade teleport currently is, the Glade teleport on Xeric’s Talisman has been moved to be closer to the player farm, so as to not impact on any of your farm runs!
2. The Tithe farm has been reduced in size from 31 patches to 10 and moved out of the center of Hosidius and onto the southern coast.
3. The 8 north-most plow fields have been removed and the entrance to Kourend has been improved.
4. The player farm has been moved from the coast to south of the main town so that it is far more central.
5. The saltpetre deposits have been moved closer together along with a brand new centralised deposit box. The clerk who accepts saltpetre donations has also been moved here.
6. Most houses and businesses have been moved into the area where the Tithe previously was, this includes: Little Shop of Horace aka. The General Store, Various market stalls, Estate Agents, Farming Store, Food Store, Church, Bank, and The Golden Field Pub.
7. The southern church has been converted into a priest camp.
8. The guard dogs have retired from their post at the cooking store.
9. The size of the grapevines have been reduced considerably as they did not resemble a typical vinery. The older assets have been shrunken (by about 50%) and kept as scenery within the vinery.

The with Tithe Farm moved, and the Hosidius Town rising, the OSRS Hosidius House seems to be fostering opportunities. Check the poll this Friday, and seize the chance to redefine the land. In addition, don't forget buy cheap gold here.

The Cheaprsgold team

12/03/2019OSRS QOL Changes

Welcome to our website Cheaprsgold. Hope you can enjoy the cheapest old school runescape gold and the fastest delivery here! And the changes listed below wrap up everything that was polled in the Re-run week and includes some of the changes from the final QoL month: Miscellaneous. Here are the details below.

1. Special Attack Orb
Clicking on the Special attack data orb will now activate your special attack if you are wielding a weapon which has one. This change only applies to non PvP areas. A PvP area is defined as follows:

Castle Wars
TzHaar Fight Pit (the PvP one)
Duel Arena battle arena
Clan Wars instanced battles
Clan Wars free-for-all arena
PvP world outside safe zones
DMM outside Barbarian Assault games and random event zones
The Wilderness, not including the Wilderness Ditch buffer zone

2. Expand GE history to 40
The Grand Exchange history list now extends to 40 previous listings instead of 20.

3. Recolour god spell icons
The God spells found on the standard spellbook have been recoloured to match their relevant Gods.

4. One-off payment on Saniboch
Players may now pay a one-off fee to enter the Brimhaven dungeon from Saniboch for 1,000,000 coins.

5. 'Pay' option on Saniboch
Left clicking on the Brimhaven dungeon entrance now automatically attempts to pay Saniboch for entry. If you have the coins with you to buy permanent access, you will also be offered this.

6. GFX update to Xeric's talisman
Xeric's amulet both charged and uncharged have now been graphically updated. This update also affects the mounted version of the talisman in any player's POH.

7. Remove cap on dark totem pieces
Players may now continue to gain Dark Totem pieces in order even if they have not combined their existing pieces.
If you already have an incomplete set of dark totem pieces, the game will attempt to select a piece that will complete the set. This means that the chance of completing your set has not been made harder by this update.

Do you like these changes? Anyway, please remember there is Cheap RS Gold discount on our market. Enjoy now!

The Cheaprsgold team

07/03/2019Treasure Trails Expansion

This weekend, the OSRS team will be polling an expansion to Treasure Trails. Back in July 2016, the Treasure Trails Expansion have released, which included Master Clues, new types of challenges, and new rewards. After the announcement post on Friday the 22nd of February, the Old School team agrees that this expansion is set to be one of the best yet! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have want to buy some osrs gold, you can click the Livechat support in our website for help, as you know, it 24/7 works!

This is a revised version of a previous blog post. The OSRS team have made the following changes based on your feedback:

1. Multiple Clues now have a cap of 5 per tier
2. Multiple Clues now have a new polled option in regards to drop rates
3. Addition of stats and descriptions regarding polled rewards
4. Addition of the Mimic Boss fight to be unlockable by talking to an NPC rather than being forced upon players
5. Beginner Clues will not be required to hand into Watson for a Master Clue
6. Removal of the warning message for the Mimic Boss fight when opening reward casket
7. Stackable Clues now refer to Multiple Clues to better fit the description of the change to clue scrolls

New Clue Puzzles
These new clue puzzles will include new slider puzzles designed by the Old School Community. Most of the designs are focused on highlighting some of our successful updates over the past few years. These new slider puzzles will appear in all clues tiers that currently have a potential to receive a slider puzzle. Some of the new slider puzzles feature designs inspired by:
1. Vorkath
2. Theatre of Blood
3. Raids I: Chambers of Xeric

Beginner Clue Scrolls
This short 1-3 step clue will be accessible to both F2P and P2P players and will offer F2P clue challenges and rewards . Following your feedback , this clue scroll will not be part of the requirements to obtain a master clue scroll from Watson.

Alongside Beginner Clue Scrolls, there will be a new tutor to teach new F2P players how clue scrolls work and where to obtain them . In addition, at the end of the X Marks the Spot Quest, players will now be rewarded with a Beginner Clue Scroll and directed to talk to the new clue tutor to learn more about them. Players who have already completed the quest will still be able to claim their Beginner Clue Scroll Reward. Please note that Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master clue scrolls will remain members only items.

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The Cheaprsgold team

05/03/2019RS3 Mobile Android Beta Player Cap

The RS team will be raising the player cap for the members-only RuneScape Mobile Beta across Tuesday March 5th and Wednesday March 6th! A further 50,000 spots will be opened up for those wishing to explore Gielinor on Android devices. The cap will be raised in two batches to ensure adventurers on both sides of the globe have the opportunity to get involved. So, here are the details below and there is also provide cheapest rs gold on our site.

The RS3 mobile Android beta, which will occur on March 5th and last two day till the end of March 6th. In this beta, there will be 50,000 more spots added for player who wishing to explore the Gielinor on Android devices. The cap will be raised in two batches, making sure players from both hemispheres can be equally involved. In the beta, you will be able to experience The RuneScape Mobile Beta continues to develop and grow.

Recent updates include an overhaul to the NPC chat system (making chat clearer and easier to navigate), the introduction of more intuitive action bars and improvements to looting. There have also been a lot of interaction refinements to improve the recognition of tapping, swiping and dragging. Of course there will be imperfections and bugs, which need to be informed to the team by you, whoever participate in the beta. Give you thoughts and advice after you have fun.

How to apply to join in the RS3 mobile beta?
You can join in the beta if you meet the following requirements.
1.You possess a RuneScape account with active membership.
2.You also possess an Android device with Android 5.0 or higher system.
3.Download the RuneScape Mobile Beta app from the Google Play Store.
Note: Check the availability of the Beta app in Google Play Store frequently, since the cap will be raised gradually as the Beta progress.

Have you been expecting the arrival of the RuneScape Mobile? Now you can check our mobile site and buy runescape3 gold from us.

The Cheaprsgold team

28/02/2019Guide to beat the three Bosses in the Shadow Reef

In the Shadow Reef, you will be fighting a series of new bosses, including RuneScape Crassian Leviathan, Taraket the Necromancer, as well as the final boss Kranon the Ambassador. They are all challenging bosses and fierce in their own way. Let’s have a see and remember there is offer rs gold for sale here.

Guide to beat the Crassian Leviathan
As the first boss in the Elite Dungeon 3, The design of the Crassian Leviathan was intended to make the monster looks frighteningly large, the monster becomes sneaky as you use the right rig on him. It will be a hard one to deal with since even when you beat him, he doesn't really die. The Crassian Leviathan uses basic melee and ranged attacks in turn with poison attack. He also uses Head Crash attack and the Dragon Breath attack as special attack. All of his attack can be avoided by running to or standing at either side of attack range.

Guide to beat Taraket the Necromancer
Taraket the Necromancer is the second boss you will face. He uses magic attacks, then ranged attacks when he’s in dark shroud. During the fight, he will summon Unholy rift and break crystallized black stones to strengthen his attack, and to create corpse carrier. It’s recommended to kill the things he summoned quickly, or they’ll heal Taraket and kill you. At 100,000 health, Taraket will send wall of ghosts with 2,500 damage to trap one player, however, it can be avoided by running away.

Guide to beat the Ambassador
As the final boss in Shadow Reef, the Ambassador is of the most complicated design, especially on his chest. When fighting, he will use magic attack to defeat his enemy, and each attack will come with a huge energy. Besides his common attack, he also uses special attacks in the fights. Therefore, you’d better study his attack pattern before you decide to fight him.

The Ambassador makes ranged attacks (occasionally magic attacks) at beginning, then flies over one player’s head and creates purple mist causing corruption effect on him. He also spawns one unstable black hole with attack radius for all players. You can just stun it when it’s near. Attack the Ambassador, when he reaches 400,000 health, Seiryu the Azure Serpent will appear to kill all Crassian attenders and recover health of all players. Afterwards, you just need to stand between the Ambassador and black hands he summoned at 200,000 health to stop him recover. Then, when the ambassador at last deliver massive torrent of black energy, just block it.

Follow the guide to kill the Crassian Leviathan, Taraket the Necromancer and the Ambassador to win Black Stone Heart RuneScape and more in Elite Dungeon 3 now. And when you need to buy cheap osrs gp, you are always welcomed to come to us.

The Cheaprsgold team

26/02/2019Elite Dungeons - Shadow Reef

With the release of Third RS Elite Dungeon The Shadow Reef on Feb. 25,  the time has come to take the plunge and tackle the watery challenge of The Shadow Reef. And you can buy RS2007 gold cheap from our site and expect it then. Players must descend ever deeper into this multi-levelled underwater abyss and prevent a ritual designed to summon an ancient evil to Gielinor. This story driven adventure takes you to the realm of the dreaded Ambassador, although he is just one of three bosses and loads of minibosses – many of whom are voiced – that players will have to face if they are to emerge triumphant.

Successful adventurers can lay claim to a new rare tier 92 two-handed crossbow. As a rare drop from the Shadow Reef, the new T92 bow consists of three pieces, including the stock, the limbs and the mechanism. All of them can be obtained as drops from Kranon the Ambassador, the main boss, as well as the final boss of the third elite dungeon, the Shadow Reef.

Also up for grabs are black stone arrows. These are also tier 92 and have a special effect of reducing a target’s defence. They are created via fletching after unlocking the recipe from the reward shop using the arrowtips dropped from the dungeon. Elder logs can now be fletched into elder arrow shafts, which are a new ingredient for these arrows.

On top of this there are three new sigil blueprints – Dragon, Demon and Undead. They can be bought from Bryll. They each require 50 black stone hearts, 1 cut onyx and 30 resilient, silent and oceanic components respectively to craft.

To get started on The Shadow Reef, head to the boat east of Daemonheim. Note that you no longer need to have completed any of the Elite Dungeons to access the others. There are no level requirements, although be warned that the combat is aimed at higher levels – this is definitely the toughest of the three Elite Dungeons. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us. Hope you can enjoy the game with our cheap RS gold.


The Cheaprsgold team

21/02/2019Buy 450 Treasure Hunter Key for RS Umbral Chests

The latest post of the RS game has announced the starting of RuneScape Umbral Chests promo, which has caught the attention and drawn a heated discussion from the players. From February 18th until March 10th, anyone who buys the 450 Treasure Hunter key package will also get a free Umbral Chest. What do you think of Umbral Chests RuneScape promotion? Would you buy 450 Treasure Hunter Keys in order to get it? Besides, you can buy 07 RS gold from our site all the time.


Umbral Chest is firstly a reward given to members of Twitch Prime as part of an offer. From the day of Feb. 18, it is given as an extra item to players excluding the ironmen after every time they buy 450 Treasure Hunter keys. At opening, the new chest are guaranteed to give a super-rare purple prize, and destroyed immediately. In addition, its loots cover a broad range from coins and tokens to weapons and armour. Furthermore, the offer is unlimited, so feel free to take advantage as many times as you like!


Players are generally not satisfied with such an extra free item, given that to get one of the chests they have to buy 450 Treasure Hunter Keys at first, which costs a fairly large amount of real currency. Therefore taking advantage of it as many times as you seems to be an impossible mission. Additionally, the value of the possible loots from the chest will hardly match its cost. The wording of the announcement also triggers a huge uneasiness on MTX, aka Microtransactions in the RS game, referring to a form of monetisation model for players to buy in-game goods. Though there are players defending the activity, the majority still take this promo as an overstepped adoption of MTX.


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The Cheaprsgold team

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