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Runescape News

18/09/2018Ninja Week - 17/09

Grand Exchange Improvements
1. When players cancel an offer they will now be able to create a new, identical offer with a single button press by choosing ‘Collect and repeat’.
2. Players will also be able to right-click an entry in their GE history and easily repeat that offer, too. This will break down into two options – ‘Immediate repeat’ and ‘Detailed report’, the latter of which allows you two tweak some of the parameters in case you want to do things a little differently.
3. The RS team are doubling the size of players’ GE sale history to 20 transactions.
4. Clicking on an item in the GE no longer clears the search box. Note that clicking out of the search will still clear search.


Player Owned Farm Fixes
1. Granny Potterington will now sell pen construction packs in her store, giving you an alternative to scraping together all the required planks and nails.
2. Noted raw sailfish can now be added to farm troughs.
3. Manure buckets will now pay attention to your ‘Destroy empty buckets when farming’ preference, instead of being destroyed every time regardless.
4. Players will no longer become stuck in the windmill as part of The Chosen Commander quest.


Summoning Cycles
Players can now add as many as 10 pets that are summoned on rotation by using the checkbox on the Pets interface. Pets will cycle through in the order they were added. Legendary and unlocked pets cannot be added.


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13/09/2018Crystal Capsules

This week the RS team will bring you a new Treasure Hunter promo, named Crystal Capsules. And it will from Thursday on September 13 through to Monday on September 17, 2018.

Open up Treasure Hunter and you’ll see a panel detailing the rarities of crystals you can claim, and a selection of eight crystals that are unlocked with keys. And you can gain rewards fabulous prizes from Treasure Hunter Crystal Capsules, which include:
10 free keys
Shadow gem sack
Shadow gem cape
Shadow gem crown
Shadow gem necklace
Various Protean items

Besides, you can also reset your pool, providing you meet the following requirements:
You’ve unlocked at least four gems in the current pool.
You have 100 hearts of ice, which will be consumed.
There is no unlocked shadow gem in the pool, so it must be unlocked before the pool can be reset.

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11/09/2018RuneScore HiScores and New Angels Scapes

RuneScore HiScores
This week, the RS team are about to get super competitive with the arrival of RuneScore charts on the HiScores page. Did you know that almost every Achievement in the game will add to your RuneScore? Smaller Achievements will only add a little, but the big ones will give you a huge boost! As of right now there are 1,980 in-game achievements, representing a possible RuneScore of 21,840.

They added RuneScore to the game back on August 29th 2017. Now they are a year down the line it's time to spice it up a little, so this monday, a RuneScore tab have added to the HiScores page on the RuneScape website.

This means you’ll not only get to see who has the highest RuneScore, but also how far ahead you are of your friends or how much further you have to go to catch them. The team are adding Achievements to the game all the time so this should give players plenty of opportunity to tussle for that top spot!

New Angels Scapes items available in the merch store
A new range of pins and keyrings from Angels Scapes is now available on the merch store. You can now revive the days of Rebuilding Edgeville with Effy the Effigy Pet.

Other items include pin badges of draconic boss-monster Vorkath and one-hit menace Jad, along with keyrings depicting Chambers of Xeric’s Great Olm and Inferno boss Zuk. There's also a restock of other keyrings, which inclued  the Armadyl and Saradomin Godswords and Infernal Max Cape keyrings, and be sure to check it out before they're gone.?

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06/09/2018More Details of Player Owned Farm

Player Owned Farm is a brand new way to work on your Farming Skill, and was one of the most sought after requests from the community Build-a-Backlog poll. The update comes courtesy of the Judges team, with frequent help and direction from the RuneScape community who spent many hours nattering away with Mod Raven and Mod Rowley in the RuneScape Player Owned Farm Discord channel. Here are the more details and you can get cheap rs gold from us.

Those wishing to brave the world of tillage and animal husbandry will need:
17 Farming
20 Construction
RuneScape Membership
Access to the Ardougne LodeStone

Once you arrive, head over to dear old Granny Potterington and she’ll run you through the basics of getting your farm up and running. Once you have completed the tutorial you'll start by farming rabbits, before working your way up through a range of species.

You can get animals from your farm by:
Farming Mushrooms
Killing Animals
And you can also buy some animals from Granny.

Once you have your animals, here’s a few pointers on how the farm operates:

1. There are four different pens: small, medium, large and the breeding pen. And here that you can make lots of babies and try and create the perfect breed.
2. Breeding new animals can result in different perks and traits, and bred animals can even have multiple stackable traits. For example, a bred animal may be less susceptible to disease, or instead return greater than normal XP. Some may have a higher potential to poo gold.
3. As your animal grows, you'll be able to gather XP and farming materials from it.
4. There’s also the chance of producing an ultra-rare shiny version of an animal.

Mucking Out: a new way to get compost
Everybody poos and your new farm animals are no exception. Luckily there's a silver lining to the animals' tendency to distribute their produce far and wide, so you can use this as a training method to help you get more farming XP. With the poo itself you can make standard compost. Plus, if you're lucky enough to have a dragon on your farm, you can use dragon muck to create the all-new Ultra Compost.

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04/09/2018September Reward And Raffle

In addition to Player Owned Farm and Quest Point Shop, this month you will be able to enjoy a brand new reward - RuneScape Rainbow Lizard from Rainbow’s End. And also you can enjoy the September Raffle every day. Besides, the Gold Premier Club members can enjoy the first of four chests including “jack-all”.  Here are the full details and buy runescape gold from us. 


Rainbow Lizard
Almost with each return of Rainbow’s End, there will be some new rewards released simultaneously. And this time when it comes back later in September, you can win Rainbow Lizard, which has a colour-changing tail and crest. And it’s said this new reward will make you the center of any party.


September Raffle
It wouldn't be September without a raffle to run alongside the updates. While the format hasn't changed, you still get a ticket every day and another if you complete a daily challenge, the presentation and looks have been given a lick of paint. Submit your tickets on the day that has the jazziest prizes, then cross your fingers and hope for the best!

Monday: Golden godswords
Tuesday: Portable deposit boxes
Wednesday: Protean packs
Thursday: Golden warpriest
Friday: Deathtouched darts
Saturday: Golden barrows armour
Sunday: Golden chaotic weaponry


Premier Club Chests
If you're a Gold Premier Clubber, a content exclusive arrives with Player Owned Farm. This is the first of four chests that will be coming each month until the end of the year. And there's 'jack-all' in the first chest.

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The Cheaprsgold team

30/08/2018Player Owned Farm In Runescape

Perhaps you have seen RuneScape Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate cows in-game? It's said they are the teasers for Player Owned Farm. Along with this, there are many other game updates released, such as the Desert Amulet 4 change.


Besides the game updates on Aug 28, the Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate cows have taken place of the regular cows in some places around Gielinor, which are supposed to be a teaser for Player Owned Farm.


RuneScape New Cows According to some players' confirmation, right now you can find these types of new cows in Taverly and Lumbridge Cow Fields. And based on the previous reveal about Player Owned Farm, we learn that the new cows along with the upcoming Shiny cows require Farming level 35 and should be kept in the large pens. Apart from, they can be obtained from the new Reward shop and produce milk in the future.


This week, there are various updates implemented in-game, and some of the highlights you may expect are:
1. There is a new ability put into the Desert Amulet 4, teleporting you to the Ruins of Uzer.
2. Within the Grouping System Burthorpe Games Room, Giant Mole, King Black Dragon and Chaos Elemental have been listed as F2P.
3. You can use the digsite pendant to teleport to the Exam Centre, to the south of the dig site.
4. You will not see Zimberfizz' chathead after completing Soul Wars game if you have finished Nomad's Elegy.


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The Cheaprsgold team

28/08/2018RuneFest 2018: Mobile App

RuneFest 2018 kicks off on the 5th October through to the 6th October and it's going to be bigger and better than any RuneFest before! Today, we'd like to announce the brand-new RuneFest app alongside opening the nominations for the prestigious Golden Gnome Awards.

RuneFest App
From now on, all of you can access the RuneFest app on both iOS and Android Devices, from which you can get all you need about RuneFest 2018, like: stage and panel,  schedules, event floor plans (Including activity/food/stage locations), merchandise ranges & pricing, social networking, and personalized schedules and notifications.

Please note that some of these features will be available in the coming weeks.
What is more, you can enjoy extra personalization options if you create an account within the app. And remember the app is not linked to your RuneScape account.

Golden Gnome Nominations
Every year there will be very best community talent across RuneScape, Old School RuneScape and the wider community. This year the process for the Golden Gnome Awards is as follows:
Nominations Open
Nominations Close on the 6th of September
Nominees shortlisted by GGA panel
Nominee shortlist announced to community
Golden Gnome Awards at RuneFest

As with last year's Golden Gnome Awards, it will accepting nominations for almost all categories this year, but will not be opening the voting process out to the community. Instead, the RS team have set up an internal panel which will examine the nominees work and reach a decision on who should win the award.

All in all, let’s look forward to the RuneFest 2018 and don't forget buy runescape gold cheap from our site.


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