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10/13/2017talk about bush in OSRS

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Not so many people talking about  bush  in OSRS. But they are quick, easy and can make you some extra cash! Want to know how to do a bush run? Then keep on reading.


For example,If you have 70 farming it is even better as poison ivy is very cheap and they give you around 6k GP per patch and grow in around two hours. What is cool about this is that you do not actually have to replant them once you have picked them. You can just keep on coming back and reaping the spoils! Some people do prefer to grow berries, but these are more expensive, but if that is your thing go for it.


There are only four bush patches in the game. The first one is West of Champions Guild. The next one is located pretty much in the heart of Rimmington. South Of Ardougne is where the next one is and last, but not least is the bush that is South West of Etceteria. Of course, you can teleport as close to these as you want.


We know that this is not the most exciting thing is the world, but if your farming level is high and you can take advantage of the low price of poison ivy it is something that is well worth doing while you play.wish you enjoy more at runescape!



10/10/2017share the highlights from Runefest celebration

Recently,Jagex held their annual Runefest celebration in the UK. The ultimate party is going to for all Runescape players. Well, one part of this celebration was a Q&A for the fans and all people who want to kown more about runescape. today we'd like to share with you some of the highlights of this Q&A.


Runescape Clue Scroll Outfit


in this Q&A ,they go into more depth about it. We think it sounds very interesting and it sounds like this is going to be something they really develop as the game goes forward with a ton of things that can be added to the outfit.


Dimension Of The Damned


sounds really cool ! it is a time limited survival mode that is going to be coming on October 16th and it will last for two weeks. The idea of the mode is that there is a ton of zombies outside of Falador and you need to survive. Last player standing after the zombie horde is the winner.


News On Combat Pets


you must love Runescape pets ! during this Q&A they did give mention that Sifu, Wallace, Morty, Newton have now all been animated and they are still working on animating Kangalo. Shamini, Ghostly, and Sparky will be the next three who are animated.


This is just one part of the , but other things that are worth checking out in this Q&A are the talk about, Group Iron Man Mode, Clans 2018, Deep Sea Fishing, Safe Cracking and Solak just to name a few.



09/29/2017the best things during Runefest

Runefest just happened one of the best things during Runefest, it is that we get some great news about the new content and updates: a new world of Runescape will coming. We have picked a few of the highlights that sparked our interest during Runefest 2017.


New Clue Scrolls - hunt


if you love to hunt for scrolls, it's a good news for you,Jagex announced that there would be a new Master Tier of scrolls for you guys to find. There is going to be some awesome loot to get if you can find these such as the awesome looking Second Age Outfits.


Magical Relics - new


One of the coolest things that Jagex said was that they are going to be adding a bunch of new skilling off hand items. What is interesting about this is that they are doing this in the form of these Magic Relics. Each of the relics is going to have a different kind of theme such as a sacrifice theme which will deal damage to you, but at the same time give you incredible buffs! We are very interested to hear more about these Magic Relics!


Combat Skilling Pets -love


many people love their pets in Runescape. Well, there is a bunch more of them coming in the form of Combat Skilling Pets. What is pretty neat about this is that Jagex has said they took ideas from the community to design these pets. Our favorite is the kangaroo with the boxing gloves, who looks a bit like the character from Tekken!


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09/26/2017new high level monsters

Three new high level monsters await you to conquer The Lost Grove RuneScape, including RuneScape Vinecrawlers, Moss Golem, Bulbous Crawlers. Of course you need to study before killing them.


Morvran is the only Slayer Master who can assign these three monsters, Vinecrawlers, Moss Golem RuneScape, Bulbous Crawlers and you can find him in the Prorodin Clan of Prifddinas.In addition, you need to visit The Lost Grove RuneScape for these monsters that live on it. You can go there by investigating the ruins on the peninsula, south of the toxic waste.Against Vinecrawlers RuneScape, Moss Golem, and Bulbous Crawlers


RuneScape Vinecrawlers require Slayer level 104 to deal damage and can be found in the southwest area of ??The Lost Grove. You should fight with Protect / Deflect Magic to cast high damage spells. Can cause damage 2000, can be easily assessed if you step out of the place where you are standing at the beginning of the attack in time.
RuneScape requires Slayer level 106 and in the northern part of The Lost Grove. The creatures and then release a lethal cloud with 3000 damage in the surrounding area. However, you can prevent it by forcing the crawler out of where it is.


Moss Golem RuneScape requires the Slayer level 108 and can be found in the southeast area of ??The Lost Grove. It attacks with melee and averaged over 3000 for each turn. That's why we want you to use If you don 'After a while, its head will split, and a mossy stone at 91 will be born if the Moss Golem is allowed to last longer.


All in all, just be careful when fighting with Moss Golem, Bulbous Crawlers, or RuneScape Vinecrawlers, keep in mind that RuneScape Mobile is coming 2018 ! RuneScape will soon be available on mobile devices.




09/22/2017A few Tips For Pickpocketing In OSRS!

Hey, thanks for come to our site,today we are sharing with you a few tips,we what to make those who like to be a little more light fingered when they play Old School Runescape have more chance for success! We wou'd like talking about Thieving and pickpocketing. This is one of the most fun skills that you can get in the game. this skill can help you get more coins and some other cood stuff, you feel pretty good about yourself when you are walking away, a little richer and the NPC has no clue what you just did!a few basic tips for you:

Do Them From Behind


Ok,this is a poor choice I think,but it is a really fact that you have a much better chance of actually picking someone’s pocket if you do it from behind. Really this is common sense as for how can you pick a pocket from the front without being caught? But Runescape does let you try! So make sure you are standing behind the character you want to try and steal from before you right click.


Double Prizes


This one is kind of hard to do, but when done right, you must want to know what you get. Ok so first you have to pick a pocket successfully. The next time you try and do it when your character moves their second hand in for the take, hit pickpocket again and 99/100 you will be successful.


Pickpocketing is a lot of fun in Old School Runescape, RuneScape Mobile is coming 2018 ! RuneScape will soon be available on mobile is the best choise for you!



09/19/2017RunGoebiebands Guide Guide

today we are helping you out by letting you know what you need to do in the Offer Run or how many Runescape fans want to call it, Goebiebands.


Teleport There:To start this you want to go to the Mazcab camp.


Spam Pockets:No fish, you hope, but the bean is ahead of you so you can get 10 tools.


True to the Truth:The goal here is to run from Otot with the supplies. The roads are being explored in the North West part of the Mazcab and North of the Nemi Forest.


People can kill you:How much anyone can kill you in this mini game, but if you do not worry do not worry how you can get all your stuff back, you just have to start again.


Use Size:The best way to get to the end is just going for you! Try not to fight people if you can and use expensive as much as possible as you really are going to make a difference.


Talk to Quercy:Once you get to the end, you want to talk to Quercy that is located at the North West section of the map. It gives up your organization and it is done.


Disable your XP:It takes a choice of two combinations of XP which are Agriculture / Herb, agility / fraud, and Hunt / WC. As you can do all this in just a few minutes it is worth it when you can.


One thing you need to remember is that this little exercise is available only 12 hours from the last minute you play.


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09/15/2017Unreleased Items In OSRS

we are proud to be one of the best online site for people to buy OSRS Gold. We also love to pay attention to some of the more quirky things about the game.Today we are looking at some items that never made the cut, items that some of us may have been interested, but for whatever reason never made it out of development.


1,Cooking Pot

but what was this items going to be used for? Would it be used for cooking so we did not waste what we were using? Was it just going to be part of a quest, never to be seen again? Honestly, we will never know!



Many people wondered just what the heck this was going to be. Was it going to allow us to set off fireworks? It sounded like it had some pretty good potential, but Jagex decided against releasing it.


3,Void Staff

The Void Staff was found by a gamer who did some digging around. There are a few theories around and the main one seems to be that it looks too similar to another staff and that is why it was canceled. We think it looks pretty darn cool and would like to see it in the game.


4,Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag sounded like a great idea and there is a screenshot that has shown the sleeping bag was planned. Some people even said that they used it in the beat! It sounds like it would have been pretty useful, but we can see why it was removed.


This is just a few of theitems that we could think of. do you know the orther one?wlcome share with me at facebook.



09/12/2017one of RuneScape's most time-honoured quests

Witch's House – one of RuneScape's most time-honoured quests – is now free to play, opening it up to if you never had a chance to try it out.


runescape has also given the house a fresh lick of paint, fixed some bugs, and made the whole quest experience better overall. There's never been the best time to help that little lad get his ball back.


Along with its new layer of modern sheen, we've made every effort to retain the look and feel of the Witch's House you know so well. Even if you completed the quest long ago, why not take a peek and tell us what you think?


There's just only few days to go,before Double XP Weekend on Friday 15th September at 12:00 UTC (game time). Want to know how you can make the most of double gains?


Want to see how to perform? Make sure you're opted-in to receive our emails and you'll receive an email with your monthly stats at the start of the following month. Any questions, you can can come to runescape twitter to learn more!


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09/08/2017what bosses in Runescape offer you the best GPH?


Magistar - newest


This is a really new boss and the 115 Slayer kills some people,Your gear will need to be about 90 plus, but if your Slayer is already high enough, we do not see that being an issue for you. It can take around 600 kills before you make any profit, but pay attention,that profit can be as much as 15 million GP per hour!


Telos - hardest


Telos is the hardest solo boss as you will need a lot and to take down other monstrous enemies first!  There is a little bit of luck (as well as skill) but it can be very worth,because Telos can give 20-25 million GP per hour!


Angel Of Death - leader


take the Angel Of Death, you will have to team up with other players (usually 7) and as a leader of the team. You do need to be max combat with 95 Prayer, 96 Summoning, and 96 Herblore to find a good team to play with. You can buy some huge runescape gold from, as then you can make as much as 30 million GP per hour!


Now, of course, these are very high level bosses, but with these bosses, the rewards are absolutely huge and can really make all the difference in your Runescape journey! buy cheap rs gold first,it will help you get what you need to take down some of these bosses!




09/05/2017great OSRS gold making methods

Had you try our mobile site : yet ? Today we have some great OSRS gold making methods,do right use those methods,make big money.let's learn more together.


1,Killing Zulrah


 Have a lot of requirements:You need ranged and magic armor, a ranged and magic weapon. You will also want to have runes so you can use Vengeance Spell. But if you can kill Zulrah and you can kill him 20 times in one hour then from the money it drops and the loot you can sell, you can get over 2 million per hour! It is not easy, but it is one of, don't need much money making method in OSRS!


2,Baking Potatoes


exciting thing in the world to do in OSRS: if you want something that is pretty easy and the only requirements are level seven cooking and also putting up a little money to buy some potatoes. Apart from this, you need nothing else. Just make sure that you are not using a fire, but a range as a fire will burn them. You can sell the baked potatoes and on average you can get 150,000 per hour.


3,Cleaning Grimy Avantoe


need a lot of money to do this:the profit from when you mass clean Avantoe and then sell it is very, very nice. The key here is to work in bulk and sell a ton at a time, we know doing this requires a lot of capital, but it can be very worth it.

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