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Runescape News

21/07/2017Know More About Mobile Runescape
We all know Runescape coming to mobile devices,we all happy about it,because we use mobile do more and more thing!today we are breaking down the facts. What we actually know about Runescape Mobile?

Sign Up For The Beta

Jagex is taking on people to be part of the beta right now! So head over to the official site and try your luck. The site of this super busy since we announced with the many people that it keeps crashing, but the best of luck getting on the beta!

Full Cross Platform Support

Old School Runescape is going to be released first in late 2017 and offers full cross platform support. So, in other words, you can start your game at home and continue it on the road on your phone.

Android and Apple will be supported

Android and iOS products will be good to go and both parts of Runescape will be optimized for these mobile devices to make them an easy playing experience. You can actually see some mock up on the official site on how the user interface may be. It looks like the icons for various actions will be at the side of the screen.

Both features will be free

That's right, free for students and free for everyone else! We have a feeling that this is really going to explode the Runescape player base and many people are going to be ready to try the game out of the computer.

More Information Coming

There will be a special Q & A session with the devs where they will be important in answering questions about the upcoming mobile Runescape game.

What We Know About Mobile Runescape

So it is really all we know for now, but we think this is very exciting news. There has never been a better time to stock up on Old School Runescape Gold and Runescape 3 Gold than right now at, especially with our low prices,especially use coupon code :cheaprs5
18/07/2017Play and Buy Old School RuneScape Mobile

A clear information for the long-waited:The Old School RuneScape mobile client is coming, featuring full cross-platform support, and a mobile-optimised interface. Your game, anywhere.the release of Old School RuneScape Mobile in this winter 2017. If you do have much interest in this, you can register to earn the chance of joining in the beta.At the same time, you can buy OSRS gold by mobile from in anytime.

it is going into the closed beta later in 2017, if you are interested in experience OSRS on mobile in advance, you can register to earn the chance. Jagex will choose players according to the account history and device compatibility. At the same time, when the beta begins, all Jagex staff and selected social influencers will be seen in the beta.

Super hyped for the release! One of the best things to happen to RuneScape, just imagine how many more people will be playing!Best news ever Great, can't wait!

14/07/2017Change We Want To See In Runescape
Runescape is one of the most popular MMORPG Games. Even Runescape 3 has been going for quite a few years now and judging by how much you take advantage of our low price Runescape gold, we can say there is still a huge fan base for the game. Most of us in the office are part of this fan base and we have thought about some of the changes we want to see in the game.

we feel that Jagex can go all with the bosses and have some bosses look bigger, more impressive and more threatening!

Looks like we love Jagex and think that the way they are too involved with the community is great. But it can be frustrating to notice something earlier (The Magister uses a recent example) just so it's delayed because it's not ready yet. It's better to delay something than release it when it's not ready, but sometimes we feel better if they announce something and then beat us up with style "and will be the week. next".

We like action bars, but think they can do with a little tweaking. Be it graying or blurring things you can not use. For example: if you do not have the right rune for a particular spell, go gray it out so you know before you try to use it. If you do not have a bullet for a particular weapon, gray it out so you know not to bother. It's just a small thing, but it can be a time saver and make things less annoying.

These are just a few of the little things that we like to see in Runescape, I like runescape so much,I would like to see the changes in runescape game,what about you?let me discuss at our facebook,ok?
11/07/2017global warming - mentioned back in 2008

Here in, we are offering the best deals and the safest place to buy Runescape Gold online. Also, we love to share you about random things in the game runescape and the best way to describe today's blog post topic.

global warming was mentioned that back in 2008 there was mention global warming in Runescape when risk Of The Mountain Quest, which is actually a large part of the order and it is pretty heavy and there is global warming that while the order. Some people say that it is pretty elaborate. Even now, in this area where the probe is now underwater and clearly, global warming has impacted the world of Runescape.

Some people have said that Jagex is big on educating people about global warming and whether by putting it in the game they are spreading the word. We found this very interesting and clearly, Jagex has been inspired by the words of global warming in the media and decided to put a scratch in the game. The big question though is this going to be something that happens again? We would be surprised if it was indeed as this order was the better part of ten years old. If it was going to happen it would have happened by now.

If you are interested in this very topic,you can discuss with me at our facebook. Let us know what your thoughts are on global warming in Runescape and if you think politics in any place in the video game!

07/07/2017Catch Minnow OSRS

From now on it is a new kind of fish in the Fishing Guild: Minnow OSRS, But, where you can catch them there are any problems while maintaining He has so many concerns when encountering new fishing Guild expansion And you can get all the answers below. at the same time it does not bother finding a site to buy RS 07 gold, is a right place.

There is a newly constructed platform along with new fishing methods, which you can reach by the northern-most platform Fishing Guild.
There are four spots minnow this platform, they move every fifteen seconds, which means you need to pay much more attention to the new fish, fishing compared with the other fishing methods.

Besides the new intensive methods, you also need to pay attention to the flying fish, which sometimes appears to gobble up the fish at a rate of 16-26 minnow with each jump to your market providing you keep fishing there . And this will compel it to head to another spot.

For the new fish is so hard to catch, games for handling them are very rich and you can get 26 XP for each fisherman Fishing minnow, which is 10-26 minnow That means ..:
If Fishing is at level 82, the XP will be about 40,000 XP per hour on average, and the average GP every hour is about 400k.
When the Fishing Level 99, the experience on average will be around 50,000 XP per hour, and GP will be around 650k per hour on average.

Thanks for reading and if you want to get the most gold for your money, look at our Old School Runescape Gold section and see why we are the best place to buy OSRS Gold.5% discount code:cheaprs5

04/07/2017Could Runescape Be Playing on Mobile?

We know that Jagex is trying to get into the world of mobile games before. But the big thing that a lot of people often ask is, can our Runescape to the mobile device? We know that many of you have already stock up on Runescape Gold and OSRS Gold, but would you be willing to support a mobile Runescape game?

Colonello in a YouTuber you make a video on this topic and to actually do a little bit of research and found that in Runescape 3 was launched there was talk about bringing Runescape on mobile devices and they have tinkered with it in recent times as well.

Here is your family, we think that a mobile version of Runescape will be awesome. we use mobile more and more,Old School Runescape or even modern. What would be exceptionally awesome though if instead of being its own unique, Jagex was able to port the actual PC version of the game and we play when we are on the go. Sure there are probably a million things wrong with this idea, but we think that will surely get a lot of Runescape players on board.

But will it play in a new fanbase? That's the dilemma Jagex are facing with this. They want to kill us Runescape fans happy, but at the same time, they will realize that there are a lot of people with Android devices and iPhones that have not played Runescape before and they want to hook them as well.

We really like the idea of ??Runescape play on mobile,and we are sure that once Jagex actually figures out all that they would do it. In the meantime though, we would love to know what you guys think about a potential mobile version of Runescape!cheaprs5  5% extra gold at ,remember to use!

30/06/2017Turn up the heat with up to 70% more XP

Turn up the heat with up to 70% more XP,until 23:59 UTC on 3rd July- only on Treasure Hunter!Summer Sizzler promotion, will replace all lamps and stars with bright lamps and stars!

bright lamps and stars will only give increased XP percentage according to the time they were won – even if you later pass more XP thresholds. There’s no benefit to holding onto them - feel free to use them straight away.

Stay focused on,we will share your new news to you at the first time,than you would have more time to enjoy the game greater,

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