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Runescape News

25/07/2016Runescape Old School Broken Armour Open Beta

This week we've got some big changes to the wilderness as well as the start of the Last Man Standing open beta! rs 07 accounts

Breaking Untradeables

Untradeable equipment in the wilderness can provide some impressive bonuses. Previously, untradeable equipment also came with little to no risk.

With today's update, most commonly used untradeable PKing equipment will be broken upon death in a PvP scenario.

If you die with untradeable equipment to another player within the wilderness, you will still be able to run back and pick back up your untradeable gear. However, when you pick it up it will be broken. Broken untradeables cannot be equipped.

Broken equipment has a repair option which can be used in order to make your equipment useable once more. Repairing an item requires coins in your inventory, and the amount of coins required to repair each item varies.

If you click the repair option, you will be given a confirmation box letting you know how much repairing your broken item will cost.

Once you confirm the repair cost, your item will return to its original state.

If you kill a player in the wilderness who is using untradeable equipment, you will receive 75% of the repair cost for their untradeable items. This makes killing players who are using untradeable gear much more rewarding, while also making using untradeable gear a bit more costly.


Untradeable equipment will still be converted to coins upon death past level 20 wilderness. Do not risk untradeable equipment you are not willing to lose past 20 Wilderness.

Last Man Standing: Open Beta

Much like with last week's update, world 317 is now a Last Man Standing beta world. However, this week all Old School members have been given access to the minigame!

Last week’s Last Man Standing beta provided us with the opportunity to test the game’s stability and get it working more smoothly in the live environment. We’re now ready to open the beta to all members, so you can all give feedback about how you’d you’re your minigame to work. We’ve also made some initial changes based on last week’s feedback

We also received a lot of useful feedback from last week's beta. Over the last week we have implemented a number of changes to the minigame based on this feedback.

Single combat

The biggest point of feedback we saw last week was that players don't want the entire Last Man Standing minigame to be multi-way combat. As a result, we have made the entire minigame single combat for this beta weekend.

While we still have our concerns about players potentially using boxing to win games, we want to see how the single combat minigame compares to the multi-way combat minigame. If the minigame is a more enjoyable experience overall, we'll do what we can to make it viable for the final release.

We've also implemented the PvP world PJ timer into the minigame as a part of this change.

Vending shrines

Throughout the Last Man Standing map you will now find vending shrines.

You can sell your gear and supplies to vending shrines in exchange for tokens. If you're able to get your hands on enough tokens, you can purchase various pieces of equipment from the vending shrine.

This addition should ensure that everything you loot in Last Man Standing is of some value to you. Whether it is loot from a kill or from a chest, you'll be progressing in some way.

Fairer looting & spawns

Looting chests now comes with a short delay. This means that being the first to a set of chests will not guarantee you walk away with all of the loot. A small one square advantage will no longer make or break the game. We've also added more lootable containers throughout the map.

Spawning into Last Man Standing will no longer place you in the same spot as everyone else. You and your competitors will be much more spread out at the start of the game.

Bloody key

When you kill another player in Last Man Standing you will now receive a bloody key. This key can be used to re-loot a container which has already been looted. You will have a higher likelihood of receiving food or potions when using a bloody key to loot a container.


Prayer is one of the most valuable resources in Last Man Standing. To help balance things out for everyone, and to prevent a few players who get prayer potion drops from completely dominating, everyone now starts with 10 prayer points.

We've also added the ability to use quick prayers to the minigame.

Monster spawns

At 4 minutes, 6 minutes and 8 minutes in a game of Last Man Standing, monsters will spawn at a random location. If you kill these monsters you will receive food as a drop.

Woodcutting guild shrine

You can now sacrifice your birds nest eggs to the shrine found in the Woodcutting guild in exchange for seed nests and a small amount of prayer experience.

When sacrificing eggs at this shrine, there is also a very slim chance of receiving a piece of the cosmetic evil chicken outfit! This outfit is tradeable.

Temple Trekking reward choices

Temple Trekking now gives you the ability to choose which reward you would like to receive. It is also now possible to claim your rewards direct from the token without having to hand them in.

If you're a fan of Temple Trekking, now is the time to stock up on XP tomes!

Elder chaos robes

The elder chaos druids found by the chaos altar in the wilderness now have a slim chance of dropping elder chaos robes. These robes require level 40 Magic to equip.

Elder chaos robes provide best-in-slot magic attack bonuses for players with 1 Defence. They are sure to be of great use to pures and will definitely make elder chaos druids worth a visit!

Bounty Hunter Features


The Bounty Hunter overlay displays a skull which shows how much your opponent is risking. Previously, this was based on the alchemy value of the items they had equipped. Following today's update, these skulls now use Grand Exchange value of both items found in your opponents inventory and those they have equipped.

These skulls should now be much more accurate, and will give you a much better idea of how much your opponent is risking.

Skipping targets

A small icon has been added to the Bounty Hunter overlay which can be used to skip a target.




22/07/2016Runescape Treasure Hunter Agility Hunter Dummies

Get your hands on two new types of elite skilling dummies – only available on Treasure Hunter! runescape accounts

Head to Treasure Hunter from 00:00 UTC on the 21st July until 23:59 UTC on 25th July to win the new Agility and Hunter elite skilling dummies. These placeable items can be dodged and captured for scaleable Agility and Hunter XP based on your current levels.

Agility and Hunter Dummies In Action!

When placed, these dummies can be knocked down five times giving you a hefty chunk of XP with each victory. On the 5th fall, the dummy is permanently destroyed.

Agility and Hunter Dummies In Action!

Why not grab your friends and train together? A friend who joins you in using a dummy that you have placed will receive 5% of the XP available to you.


Take these skilling dummies and put them to the test – have fun, and give us your feedback over on the forums.

The RuneScape Team

What is Treasure Hunter?

Treasure Hunter is playable from within RuneScape, allowing players to use Keys to claim in-game items as prizes. These range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear.

Playing Treasure Hunter is simple - click the treasure chest icon that pops up when you log in. If you've not played before, just follow the on-screen guide.

Everyone gets at least one Key per day, and RuneScape members get two. You can earn more Keys while playing the game, or stock up by redeeming Bonds.

If you'd like more, you can also buy Keys on the website, or by clicking 'Buy Keys' within the Treasure Hunter interface in-game.









19/07/2016Runescape Old School Raid Rewards 2

Since our last developer blog we have received a large amount of feedback on raids rewards. We've gone back to the drawing board and will be offering some brand new weapons in addition to some of the content offered in the previous blog. runescape accounts

The video found below shows off the two new weapons being offered in this developer blog: the elder maul and the elder wand. Please watch the video and give the blog a read to get an idea of what these weapons will be.

Elder maul

The elder maul is a powerful two-handed crush weapon which requires 75 attack and strength to equip. It is accurate, slow and hard hitting.

When designing the elder maul, our primary objective was to create an interesting, balanced and fun alternative to current top tier weapons. There are many scenarios where the maul is ideal, and many where it isn't.

The elder maul does not have a special attack.

The maul attacks at the same speed as a godsword, however it is more accurate and is capable of hitting harder than the godswords normal attacks. The godswords will still have higher max hits due to their special attacks, and will also be able to provide more utility.

We expect the primary use for the maul to be in PvP, however it will definitely have valuable PvM applications as well. Monsters which require you to deal hard hits as quickly as possible, such as the chaos elemental and tortured gorillas, will be perfect for the elder maul. It will, of course, also be very useful against monsters which are weak to crush attack, such as Cerberus, Vet'ion and waterfiends.

In PvP, we expect the elder maul to introduce a bit more variety. Currently, there are very few weapons to choose from which are viable in PvP. The elder maul will help mix things up a bit, offering a good option for both a primary weapon and a KO weapon.

Overall, the elder maul is a weapon which will help add a bit more variety and choice to Old School for high level players.

Elder wand

The elder wand is a high level magic weapon created from the master wand and an item dropped from raids. The elder wand requires level 75 Magic to equip.

In addition to the stats shown above, the elder wand both acts as a water staff and provides a 15% chance of negating rune costs when casting a spell. It can be used to autocast ancient magicks.

Kodai robes (updated)

Kodai robes are a new set of magic and prayer robes which provide best-in-slot magic attack.

Click to enlarge

The robes will require level 75 Magic & Prayer to equip. The robes provide magic attack slightly greater than Ahrim's robes, but lack the defences the set offers. Kodai robes also offer prayer bonus and do not degrade.

Your feedback

The biggest piece of feedback we received for Kodai robes was their potential impact on Ahrim's robes. As a result, we've stripped all of the defences of the robes except for magic defence. This leaves Ahrim's with some substantial stat advantages.

We've also given the Kodai robes some negative melee and ranged defence bonuses to give Ahrim's another slight advantage.

The additional prayer bonus should help the Kodai robes remain just as valuable, while leaving room for Ahrim's to play the role of a tankier of the two sets.

Dragon platebody (updated)

For some Old School players the dragon chainbody, however nostalgic it may be, just doesn't cut it. We see regular requests for the dragon platebody and we feel that raids will be a fitting piece of content to bring it into Old School.

The dragon platebody would require level 60 Defence and would provide the following stats:

The dragon platebody would be created using drops from raids with a dragon chainbody.

Dragon sword

For years we have seen request after request from Old School players asking us to bring the dragon sword into the game. The time has come, and we'd like to offer it as a reward from raids!

The dragon sword requires level 60 Attack to equip. It attacks at the same rate as a scimitar and provides the following bonuses:

Special attack

The special attack of the dragon sword has one of two effects. If your target is protecting from melee, the special attack ignores this for one attack. If they are not, it hits with 25% increased accuracy and damage.

The special attack costs 40% special attack energy.

Dragon throwing axes

Dragon throwing axes provide +32 Ranged attack and strength. The special attack of the axes freezes the target for 5 seconds if damage is dealt and costs 30% special attack energy.

Forgotten prayers

For some time we have discussed the possibility of additions to the Old School prayer book. Prayers such as Rigour and Augury have come up regularly in those discussions, and now we would like to offer a number of new prayers unlocked with raid rewards.

The forgotten prayers are unlocked with a tradeable scroll dropped as a reward from raids. When the scroll is read, you will be given a choice of learning one of six prayers. After one prayer is learnt, the scroll crumbles to dust.

The six prayers have the following requirements and effects:


Following a large amount of feedback from the community, we are no longer offering insignias as a reward from raids.

As always, we are eagar to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think about the above rewards!

12/07/2016Runescape doesn't accept bosses

The alone credibility i see inside bank of texts which you accept accounting is which the boodle we get is usually acceptable if we accept to go canal so abounding backbreaking aspects. rs gold

The caster is impaired since it creates an apparition that will u "almost" got any attenuate bead by arrangement the acceptable bead asphalt next to teh asphalt you acquired rs gold.

This should be modified; bigger boodle and get rid of the wheel.

Also, even you deceit alarm these mechanics spammy in addition to ammo hell. Even you, who play ammo hells (i accept that out of your name and column signatures), should see that Runescape will not accept administration with ammunition hell attacks. The alone bullets on my awning if upset telos is his abracadabra advance plus the golems.

These mechanics are able-bodied fabricated with this point and bang gamestyle and you can find able means to negative or abate as ample accident from these attacks as it can be. If you deceit cope with these attacks afresh GIT GUD.

Well, I don't see Touhou lag and it doesn't crave Internet so the aggregate of bullets there is certainly appropriate. Runescape on the added duke isn't ill-fitted to the bullets aka 'boss mechanics' currently as the beat arrangement just isn't ill-fitted to it.

That lag adeptness aswell be your internet affiliation bottomward out as well as getting bad. i accept lagged along with died at telos (largely a abounding abstract when compared to a delay) myself. if you are suffering from a adjournment or dont accept abundant the perfect time to acknowledge to his improve u could consistently obtain a bigger net (when i apperceive u shouldnt accept to soak up added money on more substantial net to annihilate any boss) but in which adeptness artlessly be that you dont accept a rapid abundant acknowledge time.

Telos sometimes throws me off aswell easily see his allegation advance and im too apathetic on the shield, and thats my obligation (this alone happens on p3 breadth i'm tasked with befitting a watch on telos, the agitable beck and his golems). if you do the aforementioned afresh its either you who definitely are too apathetic or r on p3 or the actual jagex servers acting upwards or your router fooling around.


05/07/2016Runescape Guiding the Scenes July 2016

Mod Osborne is here to see you all about your exciting, sea-faring month ahead, as the Eastern Lands content really begins to kick into gear. cheap runescape accounts

While you are considering the behind the views video, be sure to overcome to Sam's stall nearby the cooking guild, west of Varrock, for this year's 4th July event. The celebrations start about Saturday 2nd July on 00: 00 UTC and manage until Tuesday 5th July at 23: 59 UTC. There will be lots of Cooking XP and some festive items available - don't miss out there!

Pack your bags, salty sea dogs, as you're going towards Eastern Lands!

Yep, it's THAT month: an entirely new island chain inside Arc region, full of slayer dragons, top-tier resources and something new we're playing: billions of islands for you to explore and claim. Find one you just like, stick a flag inside it, and it's yours forever.

The ENTIRETY of July posseses an Eastern Lands theme, and that starts with this first update: The Invasion of Interface Sarim.

Preview Screenshot of Vent Sarim Invasion

Port Sarim Invasion

This is an attack that has been building since May's Meg Instances, when you uncovered any plot to pilfer people and take these to the Eastern Lands.

On the 15th involving July, these kidnappers will steal a ship over coast of Port Sarim and also send volleys of cannonballs into your town. No pirate, monk or seagull are going to be safe!

A ship fires its cannons!

Defend the town within the event similar to Attack of Falador. Fire, fight and fortify being rewarded with XP as well as swathes of cosmetic benefits, like this oar override.

Port Sarim Oar Override

The two-week event will probably be free-to-play and without virtually any level requirements, so there's every reason to acquire your whiskers wet. As you've probably known from these lovely images, the Invasion brings a new graphical rework of Slot Sarim. Getting a boat to Entrana has never been so sexy.

Gather a Crew | Miniquest

All of this is prior to an epic voyage eastern side, and there's no way to do that without a good crew. Pull together a rag-tag music group to accompany you in your journey, and earn a unique emote as long as you're at it.

Build a Ship | Group Event

Next up, it's time to produce a ship to the Asian Lands, and take the fight towards kidnappers. This is a community event inside same vein as The Lost Sword of Raddallin plus the God Wars Encampment.

Gain XP in unique skills and boost them with golden tools that you simply gain from Treasure Rogue.

Note that participation inside the Build a Ship event is just not a requirement for visiting the Arc

Explore the Arc Region

Now, the way is clear. It's time to see a Eastern Lands, and I have this pleasure of announcing that it is coming on the 25th connected with July.

What excites me most regarding the Eastern Lands is until this was an update made a decision by you. You came up with all the idea on Runelabs, you voted for it in a Player Power Poll, and you contributed many ideas. Now, YOU get to discover your creation.

And that's the focus on the Arc region: exploration. Explore billions of possible uncharted islands and discover one for you. See what treasure boxes, skilling resources or battle encounters are on that island and come to a decision: do you want to help keep this island forever?

If you do, you can stick a flag inside it and its yours. If you don't, then you can move on to the next one.

You will also get to explore three larger islands - not random, but stuffed with activities.

Waiko is the trade hub and offers some brand new skilling locations. Whale's Maw is a whole new Hunter and Fishing education area, while Aminishi is a grand temple specializing in spirit dragons: a slayer monster using a shady secret.

You'll also get four miniquests which will bring an end to the kidnappers that started that all.

Any RuneScape member might make the journey to the particular Eastern Lands, so make sure you pay a try.

Chartering a ship on the Uncharted Isles requires resources, however, and to get resources, you will need stage 90 in Fishing, Hunter, Slayer or Woodcutting. Make sure you get one of these if you want to claim your island.

This July is just the start, as we will travel further into the Eastern Lands in July, with Chapter Two in the Arc.

In Other News

We should note some more treats this month. On the 18th connected with July, the Invention Bonus XP amnesty elevates. What does that imply? Well, you will then be capable of use quest XP, lamps, stars, Tears of Guthix and much more things in Invention.

Vic the Trader Returns | Flower Outfits

Vic the Trader will probably be coming back in July, along with the opportunity to trade any unwanted bonus XP for skilling apparel, starfire gear, slayer masks and far more.

Meanwhile flower outfits will likely be kicking off a new fae collection, and you can expect recolourable costumes along with a unique teleport.

Solomon's Store | Weekly Deals - up to 60% off this few days!

Up to 60% away this weekend!

Be sure to head to the site Solomon's Store for this week's weekly deals including approximately 60% off things such as the Crystal Impling Resting animation and Blade Wings.

Reminder - Design a Christmas Jumper Competition

You have one few days left to submit a Christmas jumper design for the chance of winning the great prize of having it actually made!

All the info you may need is in the community thread, so get your inventive juices and flowing and show us that which you got!



01/07/2016Runescape Telos Hardest Boss Manticore Weapons Telos Sweepstakes

Once more unto the actual breach, boss fighters! Head into God Wars Dungeon 2 to battle a tough new boss which has a unique reward system the location where the more you risk, the richer the plunder!

Read on to uncover the fantastic manticore weapons in Solomon’s Store, an amazing competition for the greatest Telos slayers to be able to win some awesome awards (including 6 thirty days membership packages), and all the common patch notes, streaming info and some other news.

New Boss - Telos

It turns out that messing with the anima in the Heart of Gielinor was a bad idea at all. Telos has awoken. This towering new boss exists to purge the whole planet of life in the event the precious anima resource is usually threatened.

Take him on inside a new multi-phase fight the location where the more you risk, the greater your advantages.

Some of the highest-level gear that may be won includes: runescape accounts

Three tier 92 two-handed lord weapons with unique exclusive attacks - Seren Godbow, Staff of Sliske and the long-awaited Zaros Godsword.

Reprisal - a Zamorak-themed ability that's available to all combat variations, requires 85 Constitution and is tradeable if you don’t need to use it. It’s a threshold ability which causes you to store any damage you take for that next 6 seconds. You will still consider this damage, but will then deal it straight here we are at your target!

A new Boss Pet

How to start

In order to start the boss fight, you must obtain some sigil fragments by defeating each God Wars Dungeon two general, then combine them to make the complete sigil.

Use it on the newest door that has appeared within a great tree of crystal and anima at the dungeon’s entrance. Then, get ready for the fight of your life - be sure in the future skilled up and kitted out with your better gear.

Telos's Door in Goodness Wars Dungeon 2

Enrage and Reward Method

Prevail, and you’ll be assigned a reward wheel packed with your potential rewards. At this point you possibly can spin the wheel, take your hard-won benefits and leave. Alternatively, you can risk everything and face Telos again at a higher difficulty (enrage) level for that chance of even far better rewards.

Remember - if you die at any point within a Telos fight, or teleport away even though the fight is in improvement, you will lose your rewards and reset your own kill count.

You will be capable of bank and resupply immediately after each successful Telos eliminate. You will even have the ability to log out or play other RuneScape content as your Telos progress will likely be saved until you get back to his arena. However, you must eventually decide whether you've got the skill and assets for another run as well as whether you’re best off taking your level of prizes and shifting!

Telos in battle

You can collect your current rewards at any stage by time for the outside of Telos’s arena and interacting with the font. Additionally, the enrage level connected with Telos is yours to line as you see match, up to the highest level that you've got been able to get to.

We’ll be hosting intrepid adventurers signing up for Telos all of right now (Monday 27th June) via our Twitch account. Make sure you stay tuned for expert tips, advice, and (of study course) death.

Enjoy taking on Telos and immortalise yourself because the ultimate boss slayer!

The RuneScape Team

Patch Notes

For a full list of the latest fixes and features, check out the spot notes forum thread.

Solomon’s Store | Manticore Artillery Sets

Feel feral magic flowing through you when you take on your foes using the fiercest animalistic weapons. There’s a set for every combat discipline, so head over to help Solomon’s Store and verify them out!

Magic Manticore Weapons Melee Manticore Weapons Ranged Manticore Weapons

This week's live channels

Each week we livestream Q&As, in-game events and additional. Watch the streams and discover a full streaming schedule within the Twitch channel. Check the YouTube channel for videos maybe you have missed, including a chance so that you can see Telos, and a slection involving his rewards, in action.

Tuesday 28th June | 07: 00 Game Time | Common Q&A

After a hectic couple of weeks, we want to take stock and enable you to ask the team a lot more general questions in. We’ll also be having a protracted Ninja Quickfire section consequently ask away via the forums, Reddit, or by using #RSQA with Twitter.

Tuesday 28th June | seventeen: 00 Game Time | Your loot from 1, 000 Durzag kills

The latest in our ‘1, 000 drops from…’ series continues with all the first of our Raids bosses - the indomitable Beastmaster Durzag. Will we get just about any pet drops or Achto Equipment? Find out straight following your Q&A!

Friday 1st July | 20: 00 Game Time | Bring up to date Preview with Mod Shauny

Fancy a sneak-peek of a few of next week’s patch paperwork? Then tune into Mod Shauny’s Feb 5th stream.

Sunday, July 3rd | nineteen: 00 Game Time | PvM together with Mod Lee!

Mod Lee will be hosting the most common Community PvM goodness live on Twitch!

In other news

WIN Membership and Signed Concept Art by subtracting on Telos!

As you probably read from the news post above, Telos promises to be described as a mighty challenge - but for all of us with the skills in order to defeat our anima guardian, the rewards will be great.

As well as the awesome god weapons, five of you may also win 6 months associated with membership, a signed T-Shirt in addition to signed concept art in the development team, by taking on that new solo boss!

Starting today, and ending at reset on Sunday 10th Come july 1st, we’ll be tracking:

The player with the biggest number of Telos wipes out

The Telos kill with highest enrage

The player with the biggest killstreak

The three players who claim first put in place these categories will each obtain prize package as detailed above.

On top of this specific, anyone who defeats Telos on this time period will be entered into a draw to receive the same prizes and two lucky winners will be picked. The more kills you have, the more entries you’ll get into this sweepstake, so the more chances you’ll should win!

Happy hunting!

To find out more relating to this, please check out this forum thread, and the Competition Terms and conditions.

Design a Christmas Jumper Opposition - because it’s almost July!

July in the UK is commonly rainy with some sun in some places - standard British climate. So when better perhaps there is to launch a Xmas competition?

We need your creative minds to development a Christmas jumper which is to be developed, actually made and sold on the RuneScape merchandise store nearer to the season.

You’ll need to design a jumper towards following specifications:

A full jumper with up to 4 colours (you can forget)

Your design image has to be submitted by Monday 11th July at 00: 01 (Game Time period).

Alternatively, tweet the image at us when using the hashtag #MyRSXMasJumper with the entry.


Your Christmas jumper design are going to be posted to you in your chosen size.

It will be on the market on the RuneScape merchandise store!

You’ll also receive some sort of RuneScape goodie bag.

Usual competition Terms as well as Conditions apply, see the forum thread to learn more!

JMod Snapchat takeover - Mod Shauny - Thursday!

WARNING: May contain Goebies. Mod Shauny will be taking on the RuneScape Snapchat for starters day only! You don’t want to miss this place. Check out a day in his life (and maybe get some sneaky teasers) from ‘runescapegame’ on Snapchat, and share your favorite screenshots using #JModSnapchatTakeover with Twitter and Instagram.

Summer Sweepstake - GAIN a Gaming Laptop or perhaps life-sized Dragon Claws!

Entries close this Saturday, so make sure you have on it, and invite your friends on an increased chance of receiving! Details are in this contest news post.


29/06/2016Runescape 2007 Deadman Invitational II Now Open

The Deadman Invitational II has begun! Those who have been invited can log into world 317 and start building up their account.

You have until 6:30pm BST on Saturday 25th June to train your account on the invitational world! At that time the final hour will begin. Logging in will be disabled and the final Deadman alive will take home $10,000! rs gold

The event

Over the course of the next five days, the top 2,000 players from Deadman seasonal will build up accounts on a brand new Deadman world.

At 6:30pm BST this Saturday, fog will begin to descend on the world killing players in its path. Respawning will be disabled, every Deadman will be forced into a small area and, with $10,000 going to the last Deadman alive, they will be forced to fight.

The final hour of the tournament will be streamed live from the RuneScape Twitch channel from 6pm BST on Saturday 25th June. Do not miss it!

Full schedule

Below are the key times you will need to know as a viewer or participant of the Deadman Invitational.

Invitational livestream begins - 6pm BST 25th June

Deadman Invitational final hour begins - 6:30pm BST 25th June

Deadman Invitational reaches final stage - 7:30pm BST 25th June

Winner is declared

Deadman mode season 2 launches

Deadman Season 2

Immediately following the conclusion of the Deadman Invitational we will be launching Deadman Mode season 2 for all Old School members to play!

We've looked at what you had to say about last season and have implemented a number of changes into season 2:

The Grand Exchange

One of the biggest changes we are making is the introduction of the Grand Exchange. Season 2 of Deadman Mode will be more about building up your account and killing other players, and less about standing around looking for people to trade.

The Grand Exchange has been a highly requested update for Deadman Mode since the original release back in October last year. We are interested to see how it goes and how the game mode is impacted by such a big change.

Depending on the success of the Grand Exchange in seasonal Deadman Mode, we may also offer it as an addition to the permanent Deadman world.

Changes to un-noting items

In the early days of Deadman Mode we saw players using their game knowledge, creativity and skill in order to avoid death.

Over time, players got wise to the fact you can use noted food on bank booths, un-noting it and leaving you able to tank for a potentially endless amount of time. This caused more and more people to use this method above all others and took a way a lot of the intensity of skulling.

For Deadman season 2 we are removing the ability to un-note items by using them on bank booths and chests. This will get rid of these unlimited food tanking methods and will ensure that Deadman Mode rewards players who think ahead.

Changes to PJing

For Deadman Mode season 2 we are going to be changing PJing mechanics for player-vs-player combat. We will be changing PJing so it works the same way it does in PvP worlds.

Our aim with this change is to make life easier for solo PKers and to reduce the impact that teams are able to have in single combat areas. Having multiple people attack a single target will be much, much harder with the new PJ timer in place.

Alongside this change to combat we will be improving the content we have in place to prevent boxing. Since we implemented some anti-boxing changes late last year we have seen the impact it has had. We now know how much further we can push it and what changes we need to make to improve the system.

Change to the experience curve

In previous seasons we have seen players reaching high levels very quickly and, as a result, being able to dominate players just coming into the game. In order to help balance things out, we will be changing the experience curve for Deadman season II.

Experience will still be very quick at lower levels, but the more you train your stats the smaller your experience multiplier will get. We hope that this will help people race through the lower levels, without snowballing a high level player's advantage too much.

Good luck to all who are participating in the tournament. We are excited to see who comes out on top and will be keeping a close eye on the action over the next 5 days!





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